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“That was WBA…done but not dusted.. we move on… another huge club Sheffield Utd..where we might also quake and cower…from the nasty big crowd..
..this time not bigger famous boy Carroll…but bigger boy Sharp…:eek:….oh yes we do this stuff…instead of strutting and swaggering with our own !”

“West Brom did a job on us tonight and could see sheff Utd and Boro doing similar. Suddenly that’s a 3 game cushion gone. Alternatively, we step up at Sheffield like we did at Huddersfield. Who knows! “

“West Brom even when awful are difficult to play against given their tactics. Sheffield Utd likewise on Saturday.”

“WBA started as favourites to win last night as will Sheffield United on Saturday, so defeat in either shouldn’t be seen as a shock.”

“key game vs Sheffield but got to get there and play on the front foot from 1st minute or it will be a mirror image of yesterday”

“key game vs sheffield united. A win and we almost there, if we approach it like yesterday we get spanked again”

“I think we will lose at Sheff Utd, so its going to get more anxious. The turnaround time from last night always concerned me and now I suspect we will finally have to play without Solanke now.
That said we are well capable of winning the required games, just as likely we’ll go and win at Sheffield now!”

“Sheff U is actually one of the more winnable ones for us because they are a bit more open, it makes Saturday absolutely vital.”

“Sheffield giittin closer..cripes ..shitpants on steroids…if your gonna quake..quake now or else you gonna stay all night. “

“It is really important now that we don’t lose the 6 pointers to Forest, Sheffield Utd and Middlesbrough.”

“If it were not for Sheffield United’s injury crisis they would be in pole position right now but unfortunately for them injuries have greatly hurt them.”

“Ref will definitely have to be on his mettle on Saturday, at home they are a no holds barred, constantly in your face team, I fear that if we are not up for it we will get swamped, however, I am sure that we will be.”

“Reset, refresh the line up from some of the options and take the game to Sheff Utd at the weekend. No major harm done. Yet.”

“We just need to breath, regroup Saturday and get something at Sheffield utd.”

“Forest have Birmingham at home on Sat, forget that one, automatic three points for them. That would put them 5 behind us if we lose at Sheff U (one of the best home sides in the league) with a far easier run in. People mocked me when I said this was far from done”

“Sheff Utd home form is impressive at present so tough game – shame we aren’t home as their away form is poor.”

“Look at our main challengers, Forest, Boro and Sheff U, they virtually always all routinely win the games you would expect them to win. The table is massively misleading at the moment due to the fact we have still to play the majority of our tougher 2nd half of season fixtures.”

“Is that the sheff utd who lost to Coventry and Stoke in the last few weeks? “

“All the teams in this league are bang average tbh. They could all beat us, that’s the nature of this league, but it would be a hell of a turn up if we lost the most of the remaining games.”

By Roy

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