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“Well that was bloody awful”

“We were so far off it tonight, something has to be very wrong.
We hardly won a second ball all game.”

“It’s just so dull. Among the many things I don’t get is how we’ve gone from front foot, play to win, to this dire, dreary, boring team. Six minutes added tonight, we spent the first three of those fannying about in our own half. I bet they were delighted.”

“They could have added 66mins on and we wouldn’t have scored. Fact is we have a team with no goal scorers. Pathetic. “

“Shockingly toothless display. We will be lucky to get another point all season and even finish in the top half of the table at this rate! “

“Their goalie had not one shot to save, which summed us up.”

“We wouldn’t score from a free kick even without a wall”

“We wouldn’t score with no wall and no keeper”

“to be fair its not exactly like Sheff U worked Westwood that much more. “

“The game had 0-0 written all over if bar one silly switch off. Neither team laid a glove on each other 2nd half.”

“Poor game we offered little them not much more.”

“they looked so much better than us”

“it’s so frustrating – wasn’t a million miles between the teams tonight but my god it’s such a downer to end the season like this…”

“Watched a different game to me if you thought there wasn’t much between the teams.”

“Sheff utd did’nt look all that , although they did seem to take their foot off the pedal and try to preserve their lead . To be honest this is probably the weakest championship ever , with only Fulham looking a decent side and maybe Forest.”

“Sheffield is bang average, and will not be a promoted team.”

“I am very disappointed with last night. Not because of the loss, but the manner of the loss.
Sheff Utd, weren’t better than us…and probably not a lot more interested than we were either.
They were there for the taking by any team that wanted to.”

“Our second half performance was so much better against not the greatest of opponents. “

“Reasons to be cheerful; we play Sheff U again in six hundred hours. “

“Going by their performance last night, we have a chance! “

“Just saw another typical little Rs nugget. That was Norwood’s first goal for TWO years… we do love helping players and clubs out of their horrendous dismal runs don’t we!?”

“Morgan Gibbs-White could/should have had a hatful tonight.”

“Some player that Morgan Gibbs-White. “

“One day we’ll look back at this game wistfully, with a wry smile and chuckle. Turn towards the setting sun, descending slowly beyond the wide open vista, pick up our sack and slowly move onto without looking back.
This page in our Odyssey is over.”

By Roy

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