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“Saturday is upon us again, I actually fancy us as I think Utd will come at us which I always think suits us.”

” it will be a tough game against the Blades”

“Meh, tesco have some good offers on, get yourselves to the shops instead”

“It’ll be ace.
That was my April fool joke. It’ll be shit really. “

“Who actually cares?”

“I’m washing my Hare. The Rabbits could do with some quality time as well”

“Genuinely can’t wait”

“I can’t be bothered to renew will just attend a select of home and away games next season.
Just the sheer boredom at the game has been soul destroying this season!”

“Its been painful to watch the players this season, a disgrace and now some of them are bucking up their ideas for their livelihood for next season.
Thankfully a lot of them will be gone either end of contract or surplus to requirements.”

“the only thing to look forward to now is the new home and away top for next season and the training gear”

“your not getting out of this league passing out from the back.. too many teams will press and force mistakes like the Coventry game.. pressing like Fulham.. Norwich.. Leeds.. etc.. gets you out of this division.. god knows where mons gets this passing out from the back is successful in the championship”

“I’d say in recent years Wolves and Sheff Utd had good success and were promoted whilst playing out from the back but you really need to have the right players to do that!”

By Roy

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