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A look at how fans of The Blades’ play off rivals are feeling ahead of the final run in


“I’m beginning to think that a play-off place is now ours to lose.”

“we have to win three of our last eight games, plus a handful of draws.
Or win four of them. Mind you, if we lose the other four, confidence might be iffy going into the play-off matches.”

“Making the play-offs are not an end in itself.
The goal needs to be promotion now.
If we continue as we are and how we have performed in previous seasons we should make the play-offs, but although it would be a great achievement making the play offs is just the next step in the promotion process.
Sheff Weds made them in 2016 and 2017 now in league one, Barnsley made them last year and now looking like league one, Derby made them 2019 and now looking league one.
The players need to be ready for the demands of the play offs, the work down now will come to fruition at the playoffs. “

“Play-offs were likely a target and automatic promotion is a current target.
However, we cant accept making the play-offs as a good enough goal achieved if we do make them.
The emphasis has to be either making automatic promotion or if we dont and we only make the play-offs that we win them and get promotion.”

“To be honest until Stoke away thought we had an outside chance of the play offs, but this team is growing in front of our eyes. Happy Days! “

“Has any team ever been promoted witthout any central defenders? “


“If we don’t make the play offs now it will feel like a big disappointment after being in the hunt for some considerable time.”

“We have to make the play offs. We are not playing catch up We are already there with a few games to go.
Not making them now HAS to be a huge disappointment.
There has to be belief at the club.
We were not favourites last time and certainly not at the start of the season.
Nothings changed.
This would be a big miss and after 17 games unbeaten it certainly should be.
2 very poor performances can’t be allowed to break the season.
We now have to win probably 4 games at least. 3 games are against teams that will also have to win the game, it will come down to desire. “

“Even if the season did taper away it’s still been very encouraging. That said we have an opportunity, let’s stop griping and get behind the team for 8 games and have the post mortem when we are done.”

“I personally feel the heads are down and it will take a huge effort to get them back up again.”

“The season isn’t over if the team and management don’t believe we have been ‘found out’ and that our tactics and style can be easily beaten.
Two games where our style of play disappeared in favour of playing the opposition might be the wake up call?
It’s really just very hard work with the occasional break or corner bringing the goal or goals we need.
Once you remove the really hard work and ‘game management’ we don’t have too much else.
Let’s just hope we got it badly wrong twice in a row and it does not happen again?”

“We will win & lose some of the remaining games & if we fall short then so be it. We don’t want to go out with a whimper though. What we’ve got back is a team / club to be proud of again. Stability & build on what we’ve started.
Everyone barring us will expect us to fall away & better to have a dip in form now than later.”

“We’re still in the driving seat with 7 games to go it’s nowhere near over yet. 2 game blip against the form side and the russian billionaire’s side. We weren’t even relegated yet by this stage in 2018-19, imagine thinking the season’s over at this point and thinking we can look back on it”

“Its going to be tighter than a nuns chuff – wouldn’t be surprised if the 5th and 6th playoff spots are decided on the final day, maybe in the final 10 mins of those games as well.
Next three games are crucial (not to state the bleeding obvious) – 9 points on offer. We get 5 and thats a good return. Somehow manage to get 9 and that would be dreamland. End up with 0 and the dream could be over.
Forest and Middlesbrough and Sheff U are all coming into form. Just that final push from Town and we could be in for some chewed fingernails come May”


“At the moment I am still hopeful of finishing in the premiership.”

“Let’s be real, it’s one of us, QPR, Luton and Hudds to join Boro Forest and Sheff Utd in there. And it’s not going to be us now. Think we’ll come bottom of that lot.”

“IMO it’ll be one of Sheff Utd, Boro or Forest who go up. Us, QPR and to a lesser extent, Hudds are hitting the buffers when it matters.”

“Unless we can start scoring, the play offs are completely gone. It could be argued they’re gone already tbh, with all the other teams around and below us with their games in hand.
Incredibly frustrating from being second to nearly completely blowing it in the space of a few months.
It’s not over yet obviously and there’s time to correct it, but we couldn’t bag our shopping at the minute and it’s a massive concern.”

“The teams below us have games in hand and they also actually want to get promoted.”

“After todays additional injury news we wont have a central defender at our disposal – PVH now out for at least a week according to reports.”

“The mounting injuries are helping to line up the perfect excuse.
In 18 months time this season will become “the time we were dead certs for automatic promotion until the unfortunate injury crisis” The toothless performances, stupid tactics and managers stubbornness that have led to complete capitulation will all be forgotten in favour of the Mowbray/Venky friendly narrative. “

“Not excuse making but surely we’ve had the worst luck with injuries in the bloody league this season, not to mention having to get to this stage without probably our best player till his recent sub appearances “

“Finger on the pulse from Sheff Utd signing a defender from the Russian league. They must be a bit short and have something to play for… ! “

“It’s a pivotal day Saturday. I don’t fancy our chances at Coventry, especially after the latest injury news. If the 7 away games without scoring turns to 8 and the 2 or 3 of the other games go against us, the fat lady will be in fine voice.”

“3 massive 6 pointers coming up against Coventry, Blackpool and Preston. All 3 have us in their sights and we have 12th place in our sights.”


“Table really does show what an opportunity we have and we have plenty of home games left. Get injured players back, give players a rest and let’s go into the Peterborough and Fulham games firing!”

“Our last four games of the season will be against sides with nothing to play for”

“Hopefully the Birmingham was a turning point in our season away from home but like some have said its quite a nice run in for us and really I would be disappointed if they fail to make the playoffs with it.”

“think it is too early to right off QPR, Huddersfield, Coventry and even Blackburn form can easily change either way, but still think we will finish at least 5th but reckon QPR will scrape in also”

“Top 6- Fulham, Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Huddersfield, Middlesbrough, Nottingham Forest”

“1. Fulham 2. Bournemouth 3. Sheff Utd 4. Forest 5. Boro 6. Blackburn”

“Luton, Us, Sheff Utd & Forest to finish in the play offs, however the last one I’d want to face is Sheff Utd.
Give me Forest any day, and I’d fancy our chances against Luton over 2 legs.”

“I worry about either of Forest or Sheff Utd in the playoffs. I know we have beaten Forest twice but we beat Norwich twice too. I feel ok about facing anyone else but those two I get an bad feeling about. “

“Sheff Utd would be the one to avoid in the play offs for me, you want somewhere where Boro fans are the dominant noise in the away leg”

“I reckon any team would prefer to avoid us in the semis and potentially face us at Wembley given our track record there?”

“I think Wilder is the man to break the Wembley hoo-doo. “

“Doesn’t seem fair. Sheff United have got Filip Uremovic-Rubin Kazan-captain and international and another big hard knock to go with the rest of ’em”

“Players are available and they’ve brought one in.
Can’t see the problem tbh.. if we have areas we can improve on for the last 9/11/12 games then why not go for it? We’ve got the all singing all dancing recruitment team, we’ve got the progressive switched on manager.”


“It’s too tight to call atm and we are in with as much of a chance as the 6 /8 teams that surround us.
Still with a game in hand – admittedly it is away to Sheffield utd but you never know! A draw up there might be a good result.
Blackburn look the most in trouble.
it’s still there for us if we can push on…our run in is pretty tough
but we are still in the mix and the games and weeks running out !”

“Put it this way, if we were in this position last season we’d be very excited and full of belief. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings and all that pony.”

“We can still make it”

“not given up but we’ve made it hard for ourselves. “

“It’s still in our hands with Shef U to play twice and Huddersfield away but I think it’s gone.”

“The killer thing is we will probably beat Fulham and Sheffield United twice and somehow lose out with the play-offs on goal difference… to Luton! That would be so us.
I personally think we will pick up form, which is currently relegation let’s face it but I think the wholesale injury losses over the last few months to key positions has really done us in.”

“Think It’s beyond us now. “

“its over. Even top half is looking iffy now. “

“I think it’s unlikely given recent form, let be honest we haven’t put 2 good performances together all season but have managed to keep picking up results.
I think the last 2 home games have finished us off”

“We’ve had so many chances against so called struggling teams to consolidate our position in the PO places and shagged everyone of them.
How can anyone seriously think we can still make the PO’s?
I make no apologies for being so bloody negative either. “

“I have lost hope we’ll make the playoffs.
No doubt there are more twists and turns to come but with 8 games to go, a good 15/16 points needed to make 6th, very tough games coming up and our present dreadful form, I simply can’t see it happening.”

“Final play off teams will be Boro , forest , sheff utd … Not sure about the last one “

“it’s embarrassing how bad a team we have become, when a short while ago the aspirations were so high from manager, team and fans alike”


“We’re on fire. We’ll finish on 88 points and go up second to Flum. Wembley can wait till next year’s FA cup.”

“Assuming we beat Bournemouth away, the gap is 5 points. They have a horrible run in including teams in and around the playoffs.

Clearly those teams beating Bournemouth will improve their own points tallies…
But he reckons we’re not out of it yet. Beating Blackpool and Luton would put us right up their chuff.
I’m getting tingles of the Calderwood run in. Zero pressure, playing amazingly well. Momentum building, teams around us faltering….”

“Should Bournemouth lose to us, Fulham, Boro and the blunts, which is quite possible, and we win all our remaining games, we finish second.”

“We aren’t finishing second without a miracle that would eclipse our run in when we were last promoted.”

“Even if we win every game it won’t be enough for second.
But we’re going to roar into the playoffs and every team will be afraid of us. “

“Play like we did against Liverpool and there is no reason why we can’t win every single game until the end of the season.
That is obviously an ideal scenario, but the main point is that every game is winnable now, not that we will win every game. Confident of Forest giving this a bloody good go until the end.”

“Confident that we’ll finish 4th or 5th”

“We’re going to win at Wembley.
It’s absolutely written for us.”

“Let’s see how we are when the international break is over.
We’re carrying injuries and several exhausted players in key positions, not to mention that we’re playing every 3 days for two months without any break.
I’m expecting a dip in our form, but reckon we’ll squeeze 5th or 6th place.”

“If we maintain our form since we changed manager(virtually 2 points a game),then we will easily make the
However,I think a slight dip in form is possible(given injuries and the gruelling run in).
My prediction is a photo finish with us squeezing in or missing out by a whisker. “

“Millwall certainly a contender, also the last 3 matches of Fulham and Bournemouth might be vs team who have secured promotion already, so less competitive.
Assuming that we continue to perform @ 2ppg. QPR and Boro have a mighty uphill run -in, Blackburn, Millwall, Shef utd, Luton and Huddersfield probably the main contenders to Forest for the 4 playoff places.”

“I just pray we don’t face Boro again this season.”

“Over two legs we will beat em.”

“I just hope we’re in and by some miracle Sheff Utd and Boro miss out.”

“I just want us to make it and Boro to miss out.”

“Sheffield United have had a similar season to us.
It’s been such a weird one, hasn’t it?
Change of manager has seen such a dramatic change in form.”


“There’s now a two week break before the first of eight games. Who knows, it’s not beyond us to go on an eight match unbeaten run and sneak into the play-offs.”

“Had to come to an end but what a run, pick ourselves up for the last run of games after the international break, it can still be done.”

“We looked unsurprisingly tired from what I saw against Stoke, the international break might be doing us a big favour here.
Heads up regroup and go again”

“The international break should do is a favour for once, hopefully an opportunity to regroup and focus on the remaining games and the impossible dream of a top six play of place.”

“The international break has come just at the right time to help us rest, recuperate and recharge for an exciting end to the season.”

“Assuming everyone else will continue to get the same number of points per game as they have been doing so far this season, I’ve calculated that about 72 points will be the threshold for the play-offs. For us that means 15 points from 8 games.”

“Which ever way you look at it this is a very tough ask. We have two very strong plus points. The first is that we have momentum with six wins two draws and one defeat from our last nine games. The second is that we have some of our best players coming back into the team after a spell out injured. Bennett will be a loss but the likes of Bradshaw, Ojo, Burke, Leonard and Dutch can make a big difference. The big question is whether they can come back with all guns firing or whether they will take time to find their form.
The toughest game will be the next one at Luton. They are playing well and will fancy their chances against us. However, we do tend to be at our best when playing top sides with recent wins over Huddersfield and QPR. The minimum requirement will be five wins and a draw and even that might not be any guarantee of a play off place. This could be a very exciting end to the season.”

“the top six is open to an in form team. With plenty of the top 8 to play each other the Lions fixture at Luton is certainly a key fixture for the Millwall.”

“The Luton game is a must win now. Lose that, and I think we can forget about the play offs. Win it, and it’s game on again!”

“win at luton and we are a huge chance with our run, lose and we thats season done for me. 6/7 pts will be impossible to catch with 7 games to go”

“Up til now it has been an immense effort by GR & the squad available to him to amass the points we have and still be in with a shout.”

“If we make the playoffs will be a miracle in my eyes. “

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