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  • Some of the following quotes may be made up due to the sudden lack of Russians on social media

“Will fit in well with their over aggressive hoof ball”

“Good luck to him at Bramhall Lane”

“Sheffield is a right dive. Always cold. And I’m from Russia!”

“No surprise he signed on a sunny day. Obviously doesnt know about the leaky roof at the training ground”

“Have they finally sorted the fax machine then?”

“Aren’t these the guys who were supposed to be in Europe in 5 years?”

“None of their players would get into our team IMHO”

“Billy Sharp always scores against us”

“McBurnie doesn’t”

“That idiot Roy on Bladespod will probably just call him “Croatia Man””

“”Captain Croatia” is what I’ve heard he’s going for”

“Is something going on in Russia? All our players seem to be leaving?”

“Can’t believe he’s gone there, Wednesday are much the bigger club”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “Rubin Kazan Fans Views On Filip Uremovic”
  1. well these russians havent a clue but then again never heard of this player..wait till he plays and hears the fans gonna see how we really are..

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