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“Thing is Sheff U didn’t play that well but have run out comfortable winner’s we just haven’t got many goals in us especially away from home”

“Awful second half ran out of both steam and ideas but competed well enough until just after half time. Overall got what we deserved and lost to the better team. No complaints from me. “

“Lacked quality throughout best way to describe that, didn’t think Sheff U were miles better than us they just had that bit of quality but I did also think they could have upped a gear where as we ran out of ideas early in second half. “

“Not terrible but not brilliant. I thought Sheffield United controlled the game well after going ahead but we missed some decent chance”

“Goals change games. That Wolfe chance should have been buried before half time “

“We got battered second half tbf”

“no complaints they were the better side 2nd half and looked like scoring”

“We thoroughly deserve that”

“Sheffield United won every tackle. “

“After a decent first 55 minutes once they score it’s been game over and the team have played like they knew that aswell.”

“The effort after the first goal is absolutely utterly disgusting. They aren’t payed to just walk around doing god awful. They all should have a long look at their self”

“We looked ok first half imho…but look at their subs compared to ours!! “

“In both games against the Blunts this season, we’ve more than matched them in the first half and possibly even outplayed them.
However, with both games on the edge and still winnable at 0-0, we throw it all away in both second half’s.”

“Dreadful second half. More fight in roadkill”

“Decent first heyf.
Poor second heyf.”

“Disappointing but beaten by the better team in their home ground. The first half gave us hope but in the end it could have been a cricket score. I do think the sun did Barnsley a favour in the first half and then they paid for it in the second. Well, that and having no bench.”

“Up to the first goal, I thought we’d played okay and were well in the match. Some decent football and causing United a few problems. However, after giving away yet another needless free kick, we conceded and the game was up. If we don’t score first, there appears to be little fight to get back in a game, or tactical awareness to adopt a different approach.
Following this defeat and Reading’s win, it’ll be extremely difficult to avoid relegation.”

“Although we lost some of our football first half was brilliant. “

“Just seen their first goal back. Looks possibly offside to me – thought so at the time”

“That wasn’t clever by Hourihane, it was blatant cheating.”

“He always cheated but we didn’t mind. Loved him when he played for us but gone down in my estimation.”

“To be fair we should have had 2 penalties today for blatant shirt pulling. As for some of the referee’s decisions today, the mind boggles.”

“We know which shirt the ref would get if we swapped at the end. I counted 6 blatant fouls we should have had “

“Ok Sheffield u were better than us but once again the ref was crap. Even he joined in in time wasting.”

“Does anyone find it “soul destroying” not having a same town/ city rival?! I’m not sure how I’ve coped with something so traumatic.
Wednesday and Blades fans seem to want a medal just for being in the same city! Same old stuff about us not being their rival. I couldn’t care less. I just support my local team. Unlike my daughters – who support Barnsley having been born in Sheffield. 😉
I dislike Wednesday more than Blades, but in my lifetime i have always considered Wednesday to be the bigger club with more fans.”

By Roy

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