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“Difficult game to assess. They’re a far cry from the team that played at Oakwell but then again so are we.”

“Been reading that they had 11 first team players missing due to injury on Wednesday
One academy kid in their starting 11
Another 5 from their academy on the bench.
McBurnie Brewster McGoldrick all out leaving them just Billy Sharp as their only fit striker.
Rumour has it they have been blaming the state of their training pitches for their large number of injuries “

“I once went to an event as a scout at their training ground. It was appalling then and that was ten years ago.”

“They will still be able to put a good team out ,it ‘s all kidololgy.”

“This. We play our best and see what happens. I’d be delighted to scrape a draw, go into the break with that positive feeling of being unbeaten. “

“Just watched Blackpool v Sheffield.
And Sheffield have 11 out injured.
Plus those that played ran out of steam towards the end – especially Norwood.
They didn’t look as good as what they have done in recent weeks.”

“there nothing special we can beat them”

“They’re expecting McBurnie back on Saturday, and probably Fleck as well as one or two others.
Shame it’s not at Oakwell. Can’t be confident of us getting much away from home, given our record.”

“Saturday is tough playing one of the better sides in the league with our really poor away record”

“I can’t fancy us without Morris if he’s injured. The ball will keep coming back at us. We’ve no replacement who can hold it up and/or score goals”

“I dun’t buy into all this about them being under strength with loads of injuries etc. Because fatty Sharp often scores against us to begin with, and they are at home and they are still going for the play offs.
And if we don’t have Morris then Id be thinking a point will be decent for us.
But we obviously need wins.”

“If our away record wasn’t so abysmal then I’d be confident we’d be able to get something on Saturday based on our current form. A win would take us above Reading (albeit only temporarily if they win their game later in the day) and that could do wonders for confidence.
As it stands I think we’ll either do our usual trick of not showing up after a couple of decent performances, or we’ll play a defensive game and lose to a last minute wonder goal from Billy Sharp.”

“He’s bound to score!”

“I just hop4 Hecky remembers once a red always a red”

“Hope he starts Hourihane and McBurnie for us!”

“I’ll guess over 2k of us will go to there. Many people will avoid because of course our idiots will let us down “

“what’s been our lowest ever turnout at Bramall Lane? And which year was it they brought a few hundred over to us?”

“They brought 1100 to Oakwell around 2009, for a 2-2 draw. That being said, it was a Monday night on Sky Sports, and I believe it was one of our ‘cat A’ fixtures so £30+ a ticket.”

“they are poor travelers though. Can’t even crack 2k for a short evening trip to the seaside. Poor for a local city club that’s in a great league position. Much like I said about Fulham if we were in the same position as the Blunts we’d be taking more than that”

“Considering the number they get at home, their away numbers are pretty poor, and have been for several years.”

.”League one has 2 bigger clubs than blunts in it”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Barnsley”
  1. As usual,the inbreds talk garbage about support. 5000 at Coventry last Saturday. Ridiculous comment,1970 was all we were given from Blackpool. 2500 at millwall 2 weeks ago. Check the best supported home and away you morons

  2. Set of boring barstewards you Dingles, how can you t###s talk about attendenses…… Toytowns bigger than you…..

  3. No need for childish cat calling from both sets of supporters. Just grow up folks. In summary: a home win UTB

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