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“Very frustrating that but not a bad point in the grand scheme of things”

“fantastic game of football, MOM, thorniley maybe, big marv, husband, stewart, dougall, madine, bowler take your pick. all it needed was a goal. but probably a fair result. sheffield united are a very good side, but we went at them blow for blow.”

“One of the best nil nils I’ve seen. If we had Stewart fit and playing like that all season we’d be in the playoffs now. Ekpiteta, Connolly and Thornley excellent as a back 3 as well.
It’s a mark of how well we’re doing that they had Berge, a 22 million pound signing last year, Gibbs White who Wolves turned down a 30 million pound bid from Spurs last summer for and at least 6 players who will be on at least double what our highest earner makes….and we were the better side.”

“That was a bloody entertaining 0-0”

“That was like a cup tie”

“A good point against a tough team but I’m not sure one up front is enough so maybe we could have been braver with our team selection or used the subs earlier.
All that said, we’ve matched another decent Championship side, taking giant strides in the right direction”

“The Blades looked excellent on and off the ball first half”

“Once we’d woken up we were good, very good. We matched them for endeavour, we pressed well and we got in our chances. Two well matched sides.”

“There was only really one team on the up as the 2nd half wore on.
Really showed such great energy and pressing.”

“Only 2nd game this season I’ve had to sit out but the atmosphere was fantastic, so 1 sided , which is a bit unusual as usually you at least hear the away fans given the microphones are near the away end.
But it was all pool unsurprisingly, unbelievable effort, best fans around no doubt.”

“Cracking game, we didn’t actually have that many shots on target though. both teams can hold their heads up there, it was fast, frantic and breathtaking.
We are still in with a shout but could have done with all 3 points and to be fair we were lucky it wasn’t 0-1, nothing wrong with their goal.”

“Nothing wrong with that goal. Very lucky.”

“Our lads did a great job of appealing for that! Lino crumbled under the pressure.”

“We deserve a bit of luck, how many of those have gone against us?”

“I thought their goal hit a Sheff U player but he wasn’t in an offside position.”

“It hit the Sheff player and at least 3 of their players were offside as it deflected into the net “

“defo a sheff player, and three in offside positions at least one blocking gimmy’s view.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Blackpool”
  1. If you lot are happy with that God Help You!….
    You Were Playing Our Reserves & Our Bench Consisted of 5 players under 20 yr old

    1. Our starting 11 was still far far stronger than theirs on paper. Blackpool are over achieving atm with their resources and given where they have been over the last few years they should quite rightly be pleased with the performance they put in.

  2. So Sheff Utd are the only team who have injuries? We have key players out and two of our more creative players.

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