A look at how fans of the other 23 Championship clubs are feeling about the upcoming 22/23 season

Birmingham Fans

“I’m resigned to relegation, so I’d rather play the kids and clear the decks of the rubbish we have left … just renewed my season ticket aswell….”

“were going down faster than a tramp on a chip! Still least we sold 2k season tickets”

“We are not going to score enough goals to be competitive with what we currently have in forward areas especially as recent seasons indicate we will need to score at least twice to even get a point.”

“Unfortunately this squad with a couple of long injuries which we always have goes down.”

“Our keeper can’t kick it where he wants it to go. Our defence are poor on the ball, Our midfield go sideways or backwards”

“Out of interest what is earliest anyone has been relegated??”

“I think 4 more good squad players and he’ll have us safe. “

Blackburn Fans

“impressed with jdt so far, refreshing to see a man on the sidelines in action and engaging how a proper manager/coach should instead of the negative loser show we e had to put up with over the last 5 years cause even coyle had more enthusiasm but Mowbray and going back further bowyer we’re just depressing.”

“We will finish 11th. Periods of excitement, periods of frustration, ultimately with a solid showing for a side in rebuild”

“9th – a slightly stuttering start but some cunning January signings and a compared to recent years amazing second half of the season”

“If we sign the right players, Jon Dahl Tomasson settle quickly into this league then 5th and playoff place. If not around 9th for me”

“With our current squad, we’ll finish around 14th. With 4/5 quality signings I could see us pushing for the play offs again.”

“I think this season championship will be very interesting, exciting to watch and competitive.
Here are my predictions for who I think will be champions, top 6 and who the bottom 3 will be
Champions: Norwich
Top 6: – Norwich, Sheffield United, Watford, Luton, Stoke, Blackburn Rovers
Relegated: Wigan, Rotherham, Reading”

Blackpool Fans

“Our success last season was mainly built around not conceding too many.
Lose too much of that and I think we will go down.”

“look at how we ended last season, lost our manager and our recruitment has been a shambles”

“I’ve said since the fixtures came out that the Reading game is a 6 pointer.”

“that first fixture is massive for us and I have never felt so pessimistic and under prepared”

“It will be a huge setback if we went down”

“Promoted Norwich 100 %
Relegated Rotherham 95%
The rest is a lottery
We will finish 16 -21st but will survive which is all that matters . I will take 21st now .
All about staying in the championship.
Couldn’t care less about the rest”

“The only prediction i am making is that we will have a season of floundering around achieving diddly squat.”

“We will do better than last season”

Bristol City Fans

“We’ve only added a few free transfers to the squad that struggled for most of last season. As it stands I’d think 14-15th would be a good finish.”

“No relegation fight required. . To quote the album Phil Colins never wrote. “

“a pretty bullish upper mid-table for me, with a good start we could even seriously threaten the play-off places. “

“Honestly think we can make top 10 and even the back of my mind says play offs. We proved in some games last season we can play well, we can grind our performances and even excel. Good recruitment this summer and a manager who has spent time in this league languishing only to turn things round eventually. Have the faith.”

“I think we’ll be in the top 10 on results but may be lower due to a points deduction which we may get if we don’t manage to sell one of our big players. There is the potential to get in the play-offs if we have luck with injuries and don’t get penalised by the EFL.”

“I think finishing 12th or above would be progress. Hardly revelatory but think Boro, Sheff U, Watford & Norwich will do well.”

“Sheff Utd are in transition again. Poor manager, coming to end of cycle. There are a lot of “transitional” teams and we have a lot of players, who if we weren’t City fans, would look at and want them. I’d argue most teams in this division (to varying degrees) would want Bents, Wilson, Scott, Kalas, Williams (when fit), Weimann, Naismith and Semenyo. And Tbf Atkinson, DaSilva etc aren’t far behind.
If I look at a championship side and would be happy with 8/11 in my team, I’d see them as contenders. And I believe we have a boss who knows how to use them. ”

“I got 14/1 promotion by any means. I really think we have a manager who knows how to do this. It’s a matter of whether we the finances and avoid a deduction without selling! “

”Ahhh the “got to be someone so why not us?” argument. Such a convincing one. “

“Glass half empty maybe but, and I apologise, I reckon we’re in for another season of struggle. “

Burnley Fans

“Of course, I hope for promotion, but I will settle for building firm foundations for the following season when anything less than promotion will see us well and truly in the poo.”

“Nothing whatsoever to fear in this league if we get our sh1t together.”

“Luton got the playoffs with Lansbury, Snodgrass and Jerome in their team. That league is bad it’s just about finding ways to win. We’re a goalscorer and a keeper away from being in very good shape. “

“People talk about this league like it’s something incredible – 34 year old Billy Sharp was Sheffield United’s top scorer last season with 16 and Cameron Jerome was starting games for play off Luton. “

“Teams will see us as a scalp this season. Normally I’d put us around mid table but I’d have us in the top 3 for the upcoming season along with Norwich and possibly West Brom.
If we are basing it of teams in general. We would be mid table as we are no bigger than them lot down the road or Preston, I’d say Sunderland are the biggest, followed by Sheffield United and Norwich”

“I’d like to think Burnley will be in and amongst it all, but I fully expect Boro, Sheff U, Watford and WBA to be among the fore-runners “

“Optimism with a dose of realism for me. I believe that World Cup break could be the blessing in disguise for us allowing the squad to gel even further in that break and smash the second half of the season. Time will tell. “

“It’s a year of transition. Suspect a slow start and then begin to put a few results together after World Cup. We may make play offs, we may not.”

“I don’t think we have sold the quality of players to get us promoted this time. Not that I’m begin pessimistic, but we are starting the foundations to get promoted maybe in two years time. “

“I don’t think it’s pessimistic to think we’ll struggle to win promotion this season. I think we’ll have some entertainment though and hopefully that reinvigorates the fans. “

“I think we’re less likely to bounce back at the first time of asking then we are to get promoted.
For every Fulham or Norwich there’s a Sheffield United or Huddersfield or even Swansea who are mid table also rans “

“think with the sheer turnover of players it will be hard to hit the ground running this season and we may fall short come the end of the season. Genuinely believe it is an exciting time to be a claret but – it may be too early for this year to be our season.”

“virtually a re-build from the manager throughout most of the team/squad. Fully expecting a season of transistion – neither optimistic nor pessimistic here, just a dose of realism”

“I’ll be happy if we stay clear of relegation and show signs of the new team moulding together. “

Cardiff Fans

“The team will take time to gel but I’m genuinely excited to go to games now. “

“I’m not saying we’re going to win the league we’re still lacking that real quality in certain areas but it’ll definitely be more enjoyable to watch us this season.”

“All I will say is we have a better squad than last season BUT that was not difficult to achieve.
I’ll give it the first 12 games to decide how we are doing. I’m expecting us to do ok but we will in these 12 games see holes that need filling. If these holes appear then hopefully they will get filled the next summer. I am not a fan of the January window to do that. this is why i will be happy with a mid table finish and anything above that is a bonus. “

“Im not saying we are necessarily going to be challenging, but For the first time in a long while, last pre season included, I dont think we will struggle.
The squad is better and bigger, time will tell if its good enough.”

“I think we will surprise both ourselves, and a lot of teams in the championship too!
I think we finish mid-table without an out and out goal scorer. If we have a goal scorer, I don’t see why we couldn’t finish top 6! “

“I’m still not convinced unless we get a proven striker in. Until then I still say mid table would be a very good season. I’m sure we will get one before the window closes mind!”

“We won’t be battling relegation.
Whether we end up mid table or competing for the top six depends what strikers Morison brings in”

“If we stay above the relegation zone I’ll be happy eitherway. Anything else is a bonus in my eyes as its more or less a new squad so im not
expecting miracles or nore will i be calling for the manager out after 10 games if we aint in the top six considering we have spend very little but some will no doubt”

Coventry Fans

“To be fair if we can keep OHare i think we will piss the play offs “

“Top 6 has to be the aim. This team will surprise many again and not run out of steam two thirds in. “

“We have another season with our best players still here, a few very good additions and a fit ready to Godden. We will finish top 6.”

“If we finish above Swansea or Luton, I’ll be happy, as they are two of the lesser lights that I fancy to be strong (outside of the parachute mob)”

“I think we will do relatively well . “

“Ive said 12th to 16th which is a step back but I’d still consider that doing relatively well”

“We have 3 very good championship players, we also have Godden who is good when fit, and Sheaf who I think will develop into a very good player this season.
The rest are average at best, and would struggle to get game time in any top championship side.
MR got the best out of his squad with decent tactics and by getting his players fit enough to get goals late on in games when the opposition tired”

“Get to 45 points and then see – I think we will struggle – hope I am wrong of course”

Huddersfield Fans

“Is anybody still optimistic, I feel like the life has been sucked out of the club ever since those penalties weren’t given. Manager gone two best players gone, plus colwill. Chairman spending next to nothing to get his money back. Academy manager put in charge never managed any first team in his life. “

“I think we will be okay.
I don’t think we will replicate last season”

“I don’t expect us to be anywhere near playoffs this season but it could be a case of one step backwards to progress two steps forward.”

“I cant get excited. Can’t explain it…maybe is after effects of Wembley (the dullest game of football I have seen in 5 years) or the appointment of Danny S”

“Automatic promotion would be brilliant but kidding ourselves if we are getting near that this time.
Just a nice settled season is what I’m hoping for. Give Schofield a year as head coach, enable some more youth players game time and to develop. Stay away from relegation worries and I’ll be content. “

“Cannot wait.
Stats, Forecasts, Predictions- they mean nothing.
But it would help the cause if the fan base was just a tad less negative”

“The doubters will soon be proved wrong once the season gets going….I was so proud of their achievements last season and want to see the same team go again!! “

“We have a young coach with great connections to the club, and a group of players who have proved they can work as a team and over achieve.
We have a great foundation to build on, instead everything is negative and depressing. “

“I think what pisses me off the most is seeing clubs like Luton and Millwall absolutely destroy us in the transfer market. No disrespect to either of those clubs, but we should not be in a position where we are getting outdone by either of them.
Unfortunately, until Shylock Hoyle gets his full pound of flesh we’ll just have to keep putting up with it.”

Hull Fans

“Don’t know if it’s just me being biased, but I genuinely can’t see why we can’t fight for top 6 with that team”

“Playoffs. I think it will be a stuttering start, but we’ll figure out the problems early on. Start getting the ball to the strikers more etc. Sayyadmanesh will be pivotal, not only in footballing terms, but also getting the crowd behind us at home.
By second half of the season, we will be the team to be feared.”

“I think mid table, although I think we’ll be off to a disastrous start & then pick up enough to finish bottom half, but near the middle.”

“Cautious mid table. My heart says top 6, but my head keeps saying we’ve made an awful lot of changes. So, mid table – delighted of course to be wrong.”

“8th. An inconsistent start followed by a much improved autumn,an iffy winter that precedes an heroic,but ultimately unfulfilled springtime playoff pursuit. “

“A very respectable 8th – launching pad for a serious promotion bid the following season”

“Ive always thought it will take us 3 windows to get to where we went to be, I think next season will be our promotion season….. Very happy to be wrong though”

“There’ll be 12 better than us, in alpha order only:
Blackburn, Burnley, Coventry, Middlesboro, Millwall, Norwich, Preston, Sheff Utd, Stoke, Swansea, Watford, West Brom.
6 worse: Birmingham, Blackpool, QPR, Reading, Roverum, Wigan.
Finish 13th to 18th inclusive. Probably 15th or 16th or in that ballpark.”

Luton Fans

“Personally I think we’ll finish top six for sure but will have a rollercoaster ride in how we’ll reach top two and throw it away when it matters.
So 4th from me.
Though I hope 2nd.”

“I’m usually a half empty fan but I agree, we have a real chance this season.
We have the momentum from last season and seem to have added some real quality to the squad.
Most Championship clubs have reined their spending and the relegated teams from the Premiership all seem to have issues.
Notwithstanding that though, we will still have one of the lowest budgets in the division, so even a mid table position could be seen as success.”

“I am looking for top 8 finish. anything below will be seen as a massive failure”

“Sheffield United, Middlesbrough and Norwich to go up. Us in the play offs”

“the increased number of parachute teams in the league makes me think it will be much harder to finish as high as we did last season”.

“think midtable”

“The quality in the championship last season was average apart from Fulham, we had a good season considering our budget , crowds etc, top half of the league were all of a similar quality ,we will see what the quality is like this season, teams coming up will probably have momentum”

“Corbyn had Momentum – look where it got him.”

Middlesbrough Fans

“bit baffled why fourfourtwo magazine have us to finish 1st!”

“ They must know who we are signing, because at the moment we are a top half side.”

“Not a chance we go up”

“It’s wilder factor but if you actually look at our squad, we wouldn’t make play offs.”

“The squad is a million miles off a promotion squad. the club and wilder has known since a long time before the end of last season that wholsesale changes were happening, but yet again we seem to be floundering and cant get people through the door. “

“In or around the playoffs I suppose. I’ll give a precision prediction of somewhere between 4th and 8th”

“Better than last year so in the play offs, then who knows”

“Potentially top 2 for me if, he gets the required strikers in, though, apart from the top teams everyone is after that one striker
If CW brings in strikers on a par with the ones he brought in last season we’ll finish in a similar pisition that we finished last season”

“I can’t be 100% sure we will get promoted.
But at the minute, I’m 99% sure.”

Millwall Fans

“We’ve been threatening to get into the play-offs for years. This time, I actually think we will”

“On paper this division doesn’t look as strong and competitive as previous ones but it’s still a tough league all the same. As long as we can keep in the top half we’ll have a chance come the run in.
We arguably have a better side, should be less reliant on one player and also less predictable. Those things could give us an advantage should we hit the ground running. The opposite will see doom and goom on social media, there was hints of that during and afters Saturdays monetized training match.
I’ve heard and seen plenty of talk about promotiom, automatic promotion, lots of things have to click for that to happen plus a large dose of something we don’t have, lady luck. That mindset for me personally is more than likely to end in disappointment. I’ll remain optimistic by hoping for a top six finish, the realist in me will just want us to stay in the league.”

“The whole preseason has seen a Millwall that plays with no pattern, no flow. By now we should be showing strong signs of our style of play. Just look at Ipswich for example, they had purpose and cohesion. This is very worrying. Fat Dan on Lions TV gave a spot on review.”

“My gut feeling is we will set up not to lose most games this season and try and nick a goal. Without a big threat going forward, this is no 87-88 squad. We’ve invested for too long in Bradshaw and should have gone with a striker with pace instead. “

“Last season I really thought we had the players for the playoffs. This season I think the same but if it’s the same safety first defensive approach I think it will be a similar outcome. 8th – 10th. “

“For what it’s worth, I’m well pleased with how the club is being run and with the investment this summer. GR has done a great job with limited resources.
My only concern is that GR is so concerned with not conceding that we create nothing. We have the players to be more creative now and I hope he works out a way to attack. We’ll be safe either way, but be good to see us create more than 2 or 3 chances a game which was largely the story last season “

“I’m not worried about next season. We finished within 2 results of a playoff position last year. We’ve lost two players, Jed and Ballard but have brought in more. At the very least, we’ve as strong a squad this year as last and time may tell that we’ve got an even stronger one, depending on how the new boys work out. So if we had a decent season last year and we’re at least as strong as last year, I don’t think there’s cause for worry.”

“Same as last year will do me, anything else is a bonus ,this is wall after all”

“a frustrating tenth i am afraid. still very billy basic aren’t we”

Norwich Fans

“It seems to be a much stronger league than two years ago in terms of the number of potential banana skins.
At this stage, my top 6 is Burnley, Watford, Norwich, Luton, Middlesbro and Sheffield Utd.”

“I’d say us, Watford, Boro, Sheff Utd and West Brom competing at the top, with Sunderland, Hull, Cardiff and Burnley pushing for the playoffs.  But you never know what’s going to happen in the Championship, as you often end up with a team who everybody expected to be in a relegation battle finishing in the playoffs. “

“For me, it’s even harder than usual to call the Championship this coming season. All three relegated clubs obviously have squads which should put them up near the top, but all three of them have issues and could have disastrous seasons. West Brom ought to be there or thereabouts but there is the issue of Bruce. A bad start might help them in the long run because they get rid of him. Sheffield United look to be close, as do Middlesbrough. Hull and Sunderland are my dark horses. “

“Top six will be City, Sheff U, Boro, Swansea, Watford, Luton.”

“Sheff Utd and Sunderland the ones to watch out for, and the clubs with parachute payments. I don’t think any Championship club has bought sufficiently to have a squad better than ours.”

“Sheff Utd will be better than they were last season and wont suffer from the same relegation hangover at the start of the season”

“ITS going to be a difficult season all round-  we struggle badly in the prem and we got the same players this new up and coming season”

“I think the fact that teams like Luton and Huddersfield were up there last season shows how weak the Championship has become. If we don’t go up it will be because of something we get wrong whether it be mentality, consistency or new signings not working out. I’m well aware we could very easily get done away at a Luton or Millwall and on their day teams like West Brom/Sheff Utd/Boro could easily beat us, but I think over the stretch if we stay consistent, find a first 11 that gels together and all players are up for the fight we should be able to pick up results regularly and finish top 2.   “

“We still mainly have the same disfuncional team we had last season and I expect them to still be disfunctional sadly, 9th place for us. Watford and Huddersfield would be my punt for top 2 in that order. “

“The most interesting point to notice from the comments above is the fact that so many teams are fancied. Compare this to last season and this, in the Premiership, where as per usual for six or seven teams finishing fifth is failure and for the rest finishing 17th is success. The Championship is far better as a competitive league where all teams and matches can have such a marked impact on each other. Gone are the so many matches in the Premiership that almost need not be played because the results are foregone conclusions. The Championship is a good competitive league but, unfortunately the reward for success is to rejoin the Premiership to make up the numbers again. “

Preston Fans

“I predict is that we will finish 3rd or 4th and be beaten in the play off semi final.”

“Under Lowe last season, our points per average would’ve had us finish 7th over a whole season. People can’t see how good Lowe did and with these new signings, I can see us finish 5th.”

“I think we have enough to be near top 6 by Jan”

“I think we’re much more likely to be in the bottom 6 by January.”
“As it stands we are a long term injury (riis) away from the bottom 3 let alone top 6. If we do not bring in extra in the next few weeks we are in serious doo doo “

“Our squad at present will be absolutely nowhere near the top 6. “

“Think people are getting way too carried away with our squad.
Parrott and Fernandez have decent pedigree but unknown if they’ll be able to perform at this level.
As things stand, I don’t think we’ll be any better than last season.”

“As long as this Risdale is at the club, and the current ownership, we will continue to tick along in midtable without really having a real go. Nothing more. I will copy and paste this for next summer, again!”


QPR Fans

“Worried about next season”

“Another season ruined. “

“the squad as it stands considerably weaker than last season’s which finished mid-table.”

“Hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think we carry enough threat. “

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this season.
I know people are generally enthusiastic about Beale, but I just don’t get it. To me, he looks and sounds like a complete plonker. Hope I’m wrong, of course.”

“Beale in interviews down plays our ambitions this season which is good to hear. Keeps everyone’s feet firmly on the ground, but a betting man could make us dark horses.”

“Talented, progressive, ambitious manager with fresh methods.
Outside bet for playoffs. Imagine you’d get decent odds at this stage, give it’s his first head coach job.
Fair amount of hopium currently doing the rounds but not all of it unfounded.”

Reading Fans

“I am positive for next season, not expecting a monster turnaround but think we have turned a corner behind the scenes with a better structure and things will get better”

“It’s a new season. New players. New staff. Always the time to be hopeful.
We’ve seen a lot of false dawns though. So will need 18 months to two seasons of progress before I really believe We’ve turned it around and learnt.”

“I can fully understand why someone would have us down for relegation next season as our current situation doesn’t exactly stand us in good stead. “

“A club with no money, with their two best players about to leave, who only just avoided relegation last time, with very few players contracted for the new season, relying on a scouting network that doesn’t yet exist to bring in new players… it would be quite a brave pundit to tip us not to go down.”

“We will not be relegated next season”

“just want to add Sheff U will win the playoff final.”

“Hope not as we’ll have the most embarrassing playoff record in English football instead of them”

Rotherham Fans

“This team is gonna take one hell of a building for next season. Whether we have money or not it’s gonna be tough. I have faith in Warne and Co though. “

“We don’t help ourselves, never bring in any statement signings”

“There’s no reason to suggest we’ll finish anything other than bottom 3, we always get relegated. We’ve signed 5/6 players, two of which are already injured. When are we gonna sign/find anyone else?
Who’s gonna get the goals? I think nobody”

“Listening to warne he knows it’s a farce . We’ve a worse squad than last year “

“At the moment we will get relegated not negative thoughts just realistic We promise so much but never deliver”

“If anyone thinks there are comfortably 3 worse teams I would like them pointing out”

“Losing Smith might force a style change which could be a positive, we’ve had him upfront last two times we’ve been relegated from Champ – key from here is the recruitment. I heard pigs had choice of Haaland or Smith”

Stoke Fans

“I think Norwich will be yo-yoing back up, probably as favourites. Then there’s a gaggle of teams, West Brom, Boro, Sheff Utd, Watford, and maybe Burnley who will be slugging it out for the other 2 places.
Sadly I can’t see us anywhere near that lot.”

“Hopefully we can do a forest, lose the first few games so o Neil gets sacked, bring somebody in to re ignite the club just as cooper did”

“We’re not good enough to go up, I don’t think we’re bad enough to go down.”

“Another boring mid table fest.”

“IMO we’re in for the same old dire, toothless, slow, boring rubbish as in the previous 2 seasons, ending around 14th to 16th but with a slightly lower points total.”

“I can see Boro in a top 2 place with probably Sheff utd being strong contenders as for us the way things look at the moment we will do well to stay away from the bottom 3.”

“I think we’re a sneaky bet for relegation. We’re gradually drifting backwards, the squad seems weaker than last year with FFP seemingly seriously hampering our recruitment. Our manager seems stuck in a rut and everything just feels very stale. It wouldn’t be a big surprise to me if we struggle.”

“Look at the teams that were relegated, we’re as bad if not worse, honestly I can see a long hard season and us being relegated, the signs are 100% here with idiots in charge.”

“its looking like bottom 3 at the moment.”

“I think we will just about escape bottom spot. Can’t see us breaking into the top 20 though.”

Sunderland Fans

“We’re gonna go close aren’t we?
There’s a togetherness, team spirit, resolve and a return to professionalism we’ve not seen for years.
I think we’ll make the playoffs comfortably.”

“play offs minimum”

“I think with these signings we aren’t looking towards midtable mediocrity. The level of signings we are getting in are ones that teams towards the top of the league will have been happy making. It all depends on if the new signings gel in really quickly but if they do then I have an extremely good feeling about this season. ”

“I think we could well push for the top 6 aye, but things need to happen between now and September, 2 more strikers/wide forwards an absolute must and more experience in full back and midfield, with experienced goalie also needed. I have faith we will do all that. Almost every club in the league would like Ross Stewart leading the line, and that’s half the battle having someone to put the ball in the back of the net.”

“I reckon we will be pushing for the play offs”

“I keep swaying from thinking we’ll just narrowly miss out on the last playoff spot to thinking we’ll sneak in and then our experience of last seasons play off final will give us the edge in that situation.
We’re still short of quality atm to push into promotion/playoff chasers yet like.”

“Mid table for me but a couple of decent new additions and the top 6 really isn’t out of reach”

“Finished 5th in League 1, sign two CB’s and now we’re going up into the PL apparently. No one can predict what’s going to happen but top 6 is extremely unlikely”

“Anywhere between 8th and 12th would be my prediction. Would be happy with that for first season tbh.”

“solid midtable i reckon”

“mid table at best.”

“I think a lot of people on here are going to be very disappointed.”

“teams in the champ will be sick we are back. biggest pull in the league”

Swansea Fans

“Top 6…no particular order…Norwich/Watford/QPR/Sheff Utd/WBA and as long we sort s**t…us.”

“Championship top 6.
Sheffield Utd

“No way we’ll get top six with our defence.”

“Stoke Sheffield united Watford qpr west brom Sunderland for top 6”

“As much as I’d like to see us in the playoffs, an improvement on last season will probably be Russell’s target. Top ten I’d be fairly happy with, if we can flirt with the playoffs throughout the season that would be lovely.”

“We’re gonna finish an improved 7th and just miss out on play offs on goals conceded !!”

“I see a little though not a lot of progress
Plan A has been worked out and we are already wobbling defensively.We have not signed a RWB.Acres of space for our opponents to run into.Look pretty and finish 10th is what I see so far.Hope I’m wrong”

“Top 10 playing good stuff is my initial target for this season, so I’d be ‘reasonably’ content with that.Keep Piroe, I think we could be challenging for the play off positions.Sell Piroe (particularly if late on) then I would expect halfway at best to be honest.Deep down I think he’ll be sold unfortunately, and I just don’t trust us to replace him adequately”

“With one or two additions in key positions, top half is very achievable.If Piroe goes, or we don’t, then it may be a struggle.”

“Swans will finish 11th”

Watford Fans

“No chance of us being close to the top 2 as it stands unless the league really is that poor which is isn’t.
Play off push /mid table maybe.”

“We will not gain promotion.
We are closer to administration than promotion.
Two seasons to get back into the Premier league or we may fall into the abyss.
I have also read that it is Promotion or the sack for Edwards. Team building is not the Pozzo Family business model.”

“As **** as we are in the PL, we’re still good enough for a top 6 finish.
However… we are a mess on and off the pitch. Poor start could snowball into a Sunderland double-relegation with ease. “
“66/1 for relegation was just too tempting not to stick a couple of quid on. Far bigger clubs with better retained PL players than ours have managed to do the double-drop.”

“The only double dropping to happen this season is when Elton opens up his personal ecstasy stash to the fans when we celebrate a record 138 point season”

“First season in my whole life I’ve not gone full clap, but not too sure about this new guy.Am going to go for play offs but not promoted after a mediocre start and a new manager in Jan , late run into playoffs but lose in the semis”

“Top half, maybe sneak into the Playoffs and crumble like an empty crisp packet. “

“I think we will finish below Burnley & WBA and battle Norwich/Sheff Utd for 3rd-5th with the squad we have today.”

“Drink it in. We are currently in the most successful era in our 140 yr history (apart from GTs first era). I think we will good for 2nd place, or comfortably make the playoffs.”

West Brom Fans

“We have added to midfield well but I think we need a solid leader the back and a new full back /s and we could compete for automatic . This is unlikely now I think.
I think with this defense play offs is the best we should be hoping for ”

“Judge Bruce when the thing starts for real. I am much more concerned about our ability to ship out some dead wood than anything else at this stage. Clearly the big wages are hampering our ability to move some out and, unless we can solve that issue, further incoming players are unlikely to happen. He clearly thought the squad was better than it actually is and, I am guessing, the facts have now dawned on him.”

“Bruce looks to be stockpiling good quality Championship players, without knowing anything about formations or best XI.  It is reminiscent of what he had at Villa, when he laboured badly with a squad who should have walked the top 2.
Hopefully we will beat teams with infividuap quality, which will offset any tactical shortcomings.
There are no excuses this season.”

“Steve Bruce cannot afford to fail with this squad.
To be fair to Ron Gourlay he has delivered this Summer with signings, after being hammered last season.
Failure this season will mean we haven’t been good enough tactically IMO. Let’s just hope Bruce learns from his disaster managing AV in the Championship”

“If we do sign yokuslu then a core team of o Shea,ajayi,Townsend, okay,swift,Wallace,dike is the core of a very good team at this level.
No excuses now. Hopefully we get a young striker in as an alternative to cover dike 
It’s now up to Steve to get us playing and mould a team with a playing style to utilise these players.
I hope he does for everyone’s sake but I fear the worst”

“Sorry but I have no faith in Bruce. He doesn’t trust the youngsters. He’s plays percentage football and lacks any attacking imagination. I know the season hasn’t even started but he has a lot to do to change my opinion”

Wigan Fans

“With the players we have I reckon we could survive relegation, with a few additions I would hope for mid table.”

“Come the end of the season anywhere in the middle third of the table would make it a good campaign, then we should strengthen again and kick on in season two.”

“Anything above the drop zone for a newly promoted side can be considered a success. Rotherham have repeatedly failed to do that after their last 3 promotions, and it wouldnt surprise me if they go back down.
For a benchmark in terms of infrastructure, support, wages etc look at Luton. They almost certainly were ahead of schedule when winning L1 in 2019, having come up from L2 in 2018, yet managed to beat the drop in 2020 and how they have kicked on two years’ later to finish 6th.
Norwich will win the championship – and then swap places with Fulham again the season after.”

“Comfy mid table. But if Liam is as shrewd again with his signings could be another exciting season.”

“We are Little Wigan and do things our way, always have done and always will. Against all the odds we will again surprise everyone. Champions, Runners up, Play Offs are all within our reach. We are not Believers for nothing”

“Sheff Utd will win the league”

By Roy

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