“Two clubs whose one clear aim is to get promotion back to the Premier League in search of money.
One club has a plan so it would seem. The other hoping some of the quality in the squad will shine enough to bring it across the finishing line in May or is it June ? “

“Ahh it’s been a great summer, shame it’s got to end.”

“Really couldn’t care less. To be honest, totally forgot season started this weekend.”

“Got a bad feeling about this one…”

“Bought a ticket this evening.
Only going so I can kick off when we inevitably lose miserably.”

“Think this particular fixture has come too early for us. 0-2. Not necessarily a guide to our long term prospects but I think they have more first XI positions established.”

“Sheffield Utd with the narrow win I think.”

“The masters of 3 at the back in recent seasons have been Sheffield United. Should be a good yardstick to judge our formation but I think they’ll teach us a lesson in that regard so I’m going for an away win.”

“We’ve looked well drilled, hard working, energetic, organised and surprisingly solid(ish) at the back preseason, but with all the firepower of a nerf gun that’s been in the attic for a decade, that some kids put a bit of plasticine in it and bullets where the end has fallen off.”

“Dennis and Sarr play, I think we win.
One of them plays, I think we draw.
Neither play? Nothing but a sweet sweet one-sided defeat.”

“I do not think we are ready yet, despite having a mixed pre season we have to hope Edwards had long enough to get his ideals across, even at the most basic level. Sarr and Dennis staying or leaving is going to be a massive swing in how we do this season as a whole, but we all know that. Very tough opening three fixtures and before we play everyone else has, so the game of catchup begins already.
It’s going to be a bit of a mashup of a squad, but hey we get to see Sema under the lights on the opening night of our season so it’s not all bad. If Dennis and Sarr both play we might win, but Sheff Utd have a good squad and are going to be tough opponents. Despite how rancid we played last season, we are (along with Norwich and Burnley) going to be the “scalps” of this division for other teams. Our woeful and long withstanding home form has a chance to either end or continue on Monday – throw a coin and guess how that will”

“With Sarr and Dennis in full flow this will be the most devastating attack on Sheffield since Threads.”

“Sheff Utd looked like a very limited side in the play offs last season. I’m confident of a result.”

“Can’t wait to be back in the stadium, agree with comments above that we’re probably not fully ready. Expect Sheff Utd to be up there so would take a positive performance, and a draw.”

“Despite how bad we were last season and the game being on Sky/Monday night, there’s less than 200 tickets left on sale. “

“Sheff Utd bringing 16,000 ??”

“I’ve never forgiven these ****s for the way they celebrated when they drew with us on the final day of the 14/15 season and we blew the title.
Into them early please so we don’t have to hear that * of theirs band droning on all game. “

“Sigh…Sheffield Utd doesn’t feel the same without Colin”

“Who cares? Men’s football is so last year”

By Roy

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