“We are fourth. We have won three and only lost two games against teams that are above us. Reading played out of their skin after no doubt getting the bollocking of their lives and Sheff Utd by rights should be in the premier league.”

“Well done Sheffield United. Fully deserved. Now I’m fully pissed off. Cheers “

“Sheffield United not even got out of 2nd gear and on easy Street “

“Well that was awful, 2nd best in every way possible”

“United bossed the game “

“They cut us open easily so many times “

“We were much better second half and still much worse than SFU”

“Comprehensively beaten by a better team. These guys had several £20m players and a huge budget and it really showed today.”

“WBA and Sheff U got the strongest squads…….they will be up there this season.. “

“Look at Sheff U bench…compare to ours.. “

“Their bench makes me cry. “

“Looked like children playing against grown men. “

“score line flattering to us. “

“should been hammered !”

“How did Sheff U not score more?”

“Lucky it wasn’t a similar scoreline to Fulham.”

“Lots of chickens coming home to roost these last two games. That was 3 and could easily have been be 6”

“Thanks god it’s not 7-0”

“Ah well. It could have been worse.
We could have lost by 6,7 or 8.”

“that could and should have been more like 10 nil.”

“Kaminski clearly the man of the match. When you lose 3-0, that’s damning. “

“They deserved 5 goals today. “

“Kaminski has just stopped us losing by 5, 6 or 7. “

“Hard to believe but Kamenski has had a fantastic game while conceding 3”

“Second best all over the pitch”

“Well that was appalling. Out fought, disorganised losing by only 3 is flattering. “

“Take nothing away from their free kick though. Great strike.
We don’t have a player in our squad who could hit a free kick like that.”

“What a quality finish from Ndiaiye”

” Against powerhouse teams like today just conceding space to then is utterly pointless and counter productive that’s the easiest home game they’ll have all season. “

” dreadful. The only times we were in their half either BBD or Gallagher were offside”

“Tubbed by Paul Ince and Heckingbottom, one shocking manager and one bang average one. “

“Technically their second goal was illegal and Anel Whatever should have been sent off at 1-0. That’s just football – they deserve nothing. “

“We looked like a L1 team today. We’re in big trouble. “

“You see, being proactive in transfers helped United become a better TEAM after using just some of the Ramsdale sale. Seems y’all never learn, that is on your lazy recruitment.”

“Anel looks a player though, shame we missed out on him.”

“Ahmedovic should have been sent off “

“The Sheffield United pundits were laughing at how we’ve someone won 3 games this season. “

“I’m laughing at how they’ve won fuck all in 80 odd years “

“Sheff Utd really aren’t all that. Their fans were getting frustrated at 0-0, it’s just that we have been so weak and haven’t laid a glove on them.”

“I don’t think the performance was bad, especially second half. We were just much weaker.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Blackburn”
  1. Don’t you just love it, one shocking manager and one bang average, just stuffed you in inbreds 6-0 in 4 days, suggest you forget football and stick to abusing teenage girls.

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