“I have to say, Burnley are a very good footballing side and easy on the eye, but for my money, Sheff Utd are the best team in the division. Physical, strong, solid, very good on set-pieces and the two best players in the division in Ndiaye and Berge. Norwood is also top drawer.
However, Rowett has got to go.”

“Agree they controlled the game from start to finish.”

“We were controlled by Sheffield from start to finish.”

“The Blades controlled the match from the start”

“Zero complaints from me. Sheff Utd pissed all over us.
To be fair I’m not that bothered anyway”

“A really poor first half performance where we were second best in every department.
They were at the races from the start and it was clear to see that they are a team with confidence. They move the ball around really well and we were running around with our tongues hanging out whereas they strolled around like Barcelona. hey were slicker and fluent and even with some of their big guns rested still showed they are one level up from us. Now we can concentrate on the league!…lol.”

“We were not short of our full strength team and got brushed aside very easily.”

“Class above us”

“They played better than us, but it’s hard to do much with the ball when you keep losing/getting dispossessed of it!”

“Well taken goal their first”

“What was the point of today got soaking wet we might has well made 11 changes and played the u21s.little interest from the team and substituting key players from half time”

“I wanted to leave at 60 minutes but it was pissing down…”

“utter disgrace from spectators to line up and ultra’s. If you rather not play in this cup just tell FA at the beginning. A joke!”

“rowett has zero interest in the cup – his attitude since at the den has been a piss take in all cups
he secretly wanted millwall to lose
no passion no quality “

“not reading too much into this game. Gives other players a chance to get some game time.”

“Ah well, concentrate on the play offs now.”

“I do love a cup run myself but not the worst year to be out early. Let’s focus on the league now. “

“can’t say I mind too much to be fair. Would much rather focus on the league and strengthening the squad rather than a mediocre cup run and tired/injured players.”

“Closing the South stand makes no sense to me. Especially as we are now chasing the game. Madness.”

“A dreadful decision by the club.
They have done a lot of positive things this last few years, this was not one of them.
Sheffield United kick towards their fans, we kick towards an empty stand.
The atmosphere was like a friendly. “

“Everyone ready for Sheffield United to get drawn West Ham (A) in the fourth round?”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Millwall”
  1. Isn’t this exactly what every Millwall fan expected? (I know I did)dull and boring football with Rowett thinking about the league game in a few weeks time instead of the bonus a good cup run could produce .

  2. well what next for the blades after outplaying millwall. we will get liverpool after there cheating. or west ham as already said. or it could be man city because 2 of yesterday`s best players cant play agaist home club. up the blades

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