“Choked , feels like a loss . “

“Would of snapped your hand off for a point but that was cruel “

“Football can be a cruel game, Rangers had fought like warriors to protect their lead, then in the 96th minute United equalised, we went too deep last 15 minutes and invited them on to us, would not have brought on Adomah for Roberts, Armstrong maybe, but Roberts was doing ok.
Tonight was so different to the last few games, everyone giving a 100%, it was like watching a new team, cannot fault anyone but thought Dunne and Kakay were outstanding.
Feels a bit like a defeat, however tonight showed we can compete with the top teams.”

“Shame to concede so late, but before game was expecting a thumping and we just ran out of steam. Better performance all round against a top team. “

“Sheff Utd are a very good team, who will be vying for promotion at the end of the season. A point is a good result against them, it just feels like a defeat at the moment. “

“We deserved more than that, credit to the team though because I had no confidence in getting anything from this match, just a shame we couldn’t hang on for all 3 points! “

“We deserved a victory & gave a very disciplined performance.”

“Gutted but well happy with that performance. “

“Unbelievable painful to take and a more confident team would have put them to bed by getting a second.
That must have been one helluva off day for them because they were really poor. “

“Can’t say we didn’t ask for that, we settled for one goal 20 minutes out, sat deep and invited them on despite having been successful taking the game to them before. “

“Well……looking back on the game there wont be many teams who could live with the way we played tonight.
Almost all of us thought we would get smashed so a draw with the form team who have won 9 of their last 10 games is pretty good.
uRss “

“Wrong subs. Amos touched the ball once. Terrible sub to bring on. We had one player on the bench who has pace and power yet we brought on an old man and a guy who won’t put a tackle in and has no physical attributes needed against a side like sheff utd. Poor management. Should have been sinclair on..keep them pinned back and chase them down. Instead we retreated and gave them the impetus to attack us and yet again we couldn’t see it out. Gutted. “

“We-simply-can`t-defend. “

“Thought we were magnificent tonight – where has that performance been the last few months?
Ref was clearly playing on till they scored. No doubt he’ll get to suck them off if they go up.
Jack Robinson is still a prick. “

“That ref was a #### , near the end Sharp elbowed Kakay in the face and he gave Sheff utd the free kick . Also why the #### play the extra minute.”

“I’d have taken a point before the game – and been grateful for it – but I have to admit I feel a bit cheated. “

“Fergie time, 2 extra minutes on top of the five, ####ing joke. “

“I don’t farkin believe that. How much extra time? FFS “

“Why always us? Farking sickening. “

“Another Sh1t ref let them get away with murders and then added another minute from no where “

“Ref played till Sheff Utd scored”

“I think the Ref was a bit to blame there.
Wrong call on the foul on Kakay and then isn’t consistent in calling the end of the half.
First half they called it before the two minutes is up, second half they let it run long.
No constant in that approach and should be raised by the EFL.”

” there was no football for the first minute after the 90. so at 95 mins ref had only played 4 mins injury time.
unfortunate, but ref absolutely correct (in that respect!) “

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From QPR”
  1. Last comment is correct. QPR players went down gor a fair bit twice after the 90 mins. That is where the added time came. If your players don’t try and shithouse it by staying down with nothing wrong with them there is no extra minute. Only have yourselves to blame.

  2. QPR fans blaming ref for the long extra time, can’t stop laughing, maybe if you didn’t try and waste time sitting down and fake rolling over there wouldn’t be extra time QPR pussies

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