“Sheffield United next how many will they get against us”

“Four home defeats in a row (without scoring) and Sheffield United on Monday.”

“Sheffield utd will muller us.”

“First time ever I’m thinking about not attending a match….I don’t think I can sit through that again against one of the best teams in the league Sheffield utd. “

“First thing I said to my dad was I’m not bothering with the Sheffield game add that to the fact it’s another poxy kick off time and on sky.
I can see Sheffield beating us by 3 or 4. “

“I’ve just checked the whether for Monday as I have a 200 mile round trip drive, at present it says dry for Monday both in H&F and down here. So I’m in but if it changes, the thought of driving home down the M3 from an 8pm kick off after another defeat is not enticing.”

“the thought of watching Sheffield Utd ripping us to pieces, which they did last home game of last season and getting an even later train back from Euston is too much to take at the moment.”

“I won’t be watching us lose to Sheffield Utd. Even if it was a game we might win I would not watch the second half if we are kicking towards the Loft as we won’t score. I keep saying everyone should go home or to the pub at half time as we play the second half at home as though there is a force field in the Loft end. This is the worst Rangers team I have ever seen in terms of scoring in front of the home fans. “

“We have won just one of our last nine fixtures home and away, and scored only two goals across those 800+ minutes of football. Promotion certainties Sheffield United are in W12 next, and four of the five games after that are away from home including three long slogs back up north. Any hope of a new manager bounce, or that last week’s surprise win at Preston might jump-start a team temporarily stalled by mid-season upheaval, has now largely drained away through 180 desperately poor minutes against Cardiff and Luton. This team, top of the table as recently as October, is now cratering, with an attack I wouldn’t back for a goal against an U8s team, a defence conceding goals that would shame a pub side, and a midfield that’s doing nothing to help solve either problem.”

“Sheffield Utd bullied us last time they visited and will be looking to pay us back for winning up there.”

“0-0 on Monday 2nd January at home against Sheffield United sadly would be a huge result for me, I say sadly purely because we are conceding goals far too easily.
Ridiculous thing to say but a 0-0 result at home would be progress under the current circumstances.
We don’t seem to have a ‘home’ advantage anymore. “

“I know everything points towards us getting royally turned over on Monday, but I will still be there (and the Conn) – there’s always a chance we could pull out a ‘backs to the wall’ draw”

“We’ll probably beat Sheffield United on Monday.”

“The result against Sheff Utd is almost irrelevant, it will be the performance I will be concentrating on. If we let them walk off with the points as easily as we did on Thursday…then he will have learned nothing “

“Sander Berge is the best player in the division in my opinion, don’t know how our boys are going to stop him tomorrow, we look very powder puff in the midfield other than Sam Field. He destroyed us at LR last home game of last season and in our current state he may well do it again.”

“Same as we did at their earlier in the season & didn’t do much against us”

“Half-heartedly dangle a leg as he surges past them?
I see he cost £22m. I get that we can’t compete with the Premier League money, but it’s worth remembering that Sheffield United finished 11th in League One in 2015-16, our first year back in the Championship. Since then, they’ve been promoted twice (three times surely this year) and spent a couple of seasons in the Premier League. Similarly, Luton finished 11th in League Two that season, having only recently been promoted back from the Conference. It just shows how we have stood still, while other teams accelerate past us (Brentford were 9th in the Championship that season :)).”

“It is probably fair to say that we wasted our money when we came up in 2011 and 2014, also not well served by managers like Hughes and Redknapp. Sheffield United had a solid progression, think initially with Nigel Clough and then Chris Wilder, who I think is a super manager. Obviously the Prem parachute money is a big play and they need to go up soon, but have not so far as I can see done a Notts Forest who are blowing it big time with a massive set of liabilities a bit like us but we were on a slightly smaller scale.”

“If they had scouts at the Luton game they will in all probability rest Berge.
Happy New Year everyone. “

By Roy

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