“No shame in losing to Sheffield United, everybody does. We’ve got bigger problems than that.”

“There’s no doubt we’re miles away from their quality. “

“Tbf the difference in player quality and ability is massive”

“They are miles better than us, almost feel sorry for our players. “

“They are just better than us at everything”

“So they should be, not saying we shouldn’t compete, nor that we shouldn’t be better we should. But they have players like Berger who cost them £20mill, if they aren’t better there’s something wrong.”

“I didn’t realise Berge cost them £20m

N’diaye looks to be worth more than that.”

“They knock the ball around so much better and work it well in tight spaces.We are too slow for their movements”.

“You look at the physique of the Sheff Utd players and agree it’s men against boys – we need some strength in that midfield desperately!!”

“Could have been 4 or 5 behind at half time”

“Sheffield United are streets ahead and toying with us yet we will still somehow in it. “

“Appleton’s future won’t be decided on not beating the Champions elect.”

“Beat them last year… “

“Look at the table and tell me what you notice?”

“Get real Sheff Utd had a player which cost more than our squad. Thought we battled well in 2nd half. Didn’t expect much tonight we now need to beat Sunderland.”

“The 2nd was one of the worst goals conceded I have ever seen in my life. I’ve been watching football for 50 years”

“We’ve huffed and puffed second half without causing them too many problems we just lack that bit of quality sadly in every department.”

“Actually think that 2nd half is as good as we can be which, unfortunately, tells its own story.”

“The kind of win you get when you’re going up
The kind of loss you have when you’re [not]”

“Better second half. Looked better when Kenny came on, and then even better with CJ, although that was maybe them sitting back protecting. “

“two very soft goals, defence switched off for the first one, fuck knows what we were doing for the second. the slip – there isnt a great deal you can do about it. nobody got across and we had time, not sure what grimmy was doing either.
played better second half after we scored but its just rare for us to build up a head of steam. we misplace so many passes. no-one seems to know where any other player is. first half we come out on the front foot and take it to them and got them flustered, but as always we sit back very deep and let them come at us.”

“56% possession and more shots on goal. Our best performance for a couple of months. Sadly not good enough.”

“You can’t keep only turning up for half a game. That gets you relegated.”

“Sheff Utd were shit. This league is shit. A draw would’ve been harsh yet we lost. Staying up is within our capability. What do I know. Not much.”

“Madine has been great tonight, we need more experienced players like him throughout the team”

“Commentator just said “blackpool full of grit, credit to Michael Appleton.” We are bottom of the fucking league you WANKER”

“Shit ref again”

“Bent ref … let them have the time they wasted”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Blackpool”
  1. Good Result for the Blades considering we had Egan, Mc Burnie, Fleck, Brewster etc still out through suspension and injury.

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