“We need to beat The Blades and Sunderland. The team needs to go flat out for two wins which will made all the difference to the fans and the league table”

“On current form as likely as Stevie Wonder getting a driving license.”

“6 points would be brilliant
4 very acceptable
3 I’d settle for that
Less than 3 a disaster”

“Can’t see anything other than 2 heavy defeats.
Two teams in great form and us on a nightmare run.
Let’s hope I’am wrong.”

“Winning one of the two will be a minor miracle. Both teams are in form and will be far too strong.”

“Crunch game for Appleton. A positive result will lift the mood and then you never know. Will it happen? Will it f**k. Sheff Utd and Sunderland will both win comfortably with atmosphere becoming even more toxic.
People will say that’s being negative. I say it’s just being realistic and using form and confidence levels as a guide.”

“We’ve drawn with them both away in games we should have won.”

“That was earlier on the season. They are in great form whilst we are struggling. There is too much we should have done this, should have done that.
The mood and atmosphere has changed since those results. Will do well to get 1 point from 6.”

“They were having a form wobble when we played them at their place. 7 wins in 8 since and the best away record in the league. But when they have lost it’s been against teams who have packed midfield and matched them in numbers (and kept all 11 on the pitch).
We’ve not played them when they’ve had Sander Berge in midfield yet. Giant version of Seri for Hull. Doesn’t get any smaller the further up the pitch he goes and covers a lot of ground very quickly. Expecting him to be a noticeable difference.”

“They have another player whose name has slipped my mind, but he has skills that I can only describe as mind boggling. It doesn’t matter how many of the opposition are around him , he always seems to escape their attention. He also has pace to burn”

“Given the fact that we’ve taken 3 points from the last 21 available, we need at least 3 as a bare minimum. Anything less would just not be enough. We need a win in the next two home games, it’s as simple as that.”

“Can’t see how we win either – but Sunderland is the one where we have an outside chance”

“Billy sharp and Ellis Simms will have a say in both games no doubt.”

“Too much pressure to expect to beat Sheff Utd.”

“Sheff Utd are a very physical squad with a lot of pace and trickery up top. The same formation as used against Hull could get overrun in the middle and I’m not sure 4 at the back could contain them either. I’d probably ditch the wingers and go with 5 at the back and look to hit them on the break. It means setting up negatively but we need points on the board.”

“Sheffield United we already went toe to toe with, but at home we must improve as we’ve been mostly shite.”

“we do perform better against the better teams in the league!”

“Same formation we used at sheff Utd away. Worked very well up until the two red cards and the awful ref”

“These are just the sort of games when we pull something extra out of the bag, coupled with a lacklustre display from the opposition, whose fans will accept nothing less than an easy win. Could be one (or two) of those games”

“We could also be just one defeat away from being bottom. BOTTOM!”

By Roy

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