“Three a little thing on sufc fans forum , run by a bloke called Roy, ( view from Coventry) he only puts , on comments from here he thinks will wind there supporters up like A real little man with a real little life who probably live under a real little bridge. Saddest thing is most of them bite!”

“I really hate Sheff Utd.
They always go in for the extra foot in or little tug or something and get away with it. As soon as you do it back to them they throw themselves to the floor and the ref buys it.
No matter the manager or playing style this has always been the case.
Fans are pricks too.”

“I’m baffled as to how SU are 2nd in the league – we’ve been poor all game and apart from the odd bit of quality from them I don’t see that they are any better.”

“Been very poor today, against a team who are not that good. Disappointing.”

“At the end of the day we were poor and didn’t make Sheffield United work for the 3 points. That said even though we were poor we were still the better side which I think says more about Sheffield United then it does ourselves”

“They’re a solid side to be fair but thought we made them look like world beaters! I actually though they had an off day and if it’s not for a brilliant last ditch tackle or a penalty miss could be a different game
Nice to see they’re still dirty bastards as they always have been going in hard on COH after about 12 seconds though”

“Absolutely battered them last 15.”

“It’s fine margins make it 1-1 straight after half-time it’s a different game.”

” We could/should have been 1-1 a couple of minutes before their 2nd. Can’t call it gutless and pathetic. They are 2nd / top of the league, we ‘re not going to win them all.”

“Fine margins, if we score then pen its a different game, that’s the championship, we move on and go again.”

“Personally think Norwood slows them right down.”

“didn’t deserve to win that.
Glad we beat them at the cbs.”

“Came with the mentality we couldn’t win, and let them take the 3 points without putting up any kind of fight.”

“Beaten by the better team. To win a game like that you have to have the opposition underperform & everyone on our side at their best. We didn’t have that & their quality told.”

“Better team Won today , we’ve simply several players not at the races and when you’ve a squad this small that can’t happen ..”

“Better team won, never mind.”

“Sheff Utd been much better than us, ndiaye and mcatee running us ragged”

“Sheff Utd did enough. Ndiaye another level”

“Their set pieces were very good, probably what they do best.”

“Don’t let that last 15 minutes take away from the fact we were well and truly beaten by the better team.”

“we’ve been totally outclassed in all honesty”

” it’s no shame for us to lose to one of the teams who expect to get promoted. Part of the reason we looked poor was because we were poor, but part of the reason was they made us look poor. Got to give them some credit too!”

“a well drilled team with a bit of flair and punch which turns on when needed.”

“I was impressed with how organised they were .. hard to play against”

” Sheff Utd are a class above us on the pitch tbh “

“Sheff Utd are a good side and they’ll probably go up. Defensively, we made it easy for them. “

“We lost to a very good Sheff Utd side. “

“Sheffield United a very good and well organised side, class shown today”

“I guess you can add Sheffield United to the list of top teams who are impervious to all tactics except one – playing it in behind to a quick guy who used to play for Rochdale.”

“Remember Wednesday when people were talking about top 2? Lol “

“Some of the Sheffield United fans on the way back to the car were very impressed with us . Which I found strange I suppose you see your own team differently”

“Expected nothing, got nothing, move on for 2 home wins”

“Before the idiots start with the ‘Robins out’ and ‘that’s the end of the season’ nonsense, let’s just consider how close we came against a team who are well clear in second place and look very good. Who knows if we had scored the pen and we hadn’t lost Cal?”

“Swansea, West Brom and now Sheff Utd all had benched players that would arguably compete for starting places with us.
We are 5 players away from being a top championship team. So frustrating.”

“Can’t think of a quieter ground at 3-0 in 20 years. Awful atmosphere everytime I come here. Away end is dreadful too.”


By Roy

8 thoughts on “View From Coventry”
  1. The difference today was due to selling Aron Ramsdale and the parachute money from we can afford that little bit of class that wins games . Don’t think you were bad at all tbh. As said earlier, if the pen had gone in it could have been a different game . Hope the lad who got injured is ok and I hope you get your ground sorted . Happy New year 🎉

    1. Very well put.
      We had another 2/3 great chances Sharp hit the bar could have been out of site ?
      Anel made a goal saving tackle ( Thats why we bought him) Coventry had a penalty and no other clear chance IMO
      I thought they were a neat tidy well organised side looked better when the subs came on Waghorn always a threat., They were never going to sore gain against 10 men job done.
      They beat us at theirs 1-0 no sour grapes from us move on. Good luck with the ground issue .

  2. Coventry fans singing football in library at BDTBL today, don’t you just wish you owned the library 🤣🤣🤣

  3. First few comments from deluded fans
    We are 8 points clear of 3rd for a reason
    Most of the remaining fans comments are pretty much spot on
    You guys are decent and played some pretty good football BUT Ndiaye is the best player in the division
    Anel is the best defender in the division and that bit of extra quality makes the difference

  4. Coventry fans talk about SUFC players playing for a foul, the leagues leading scorer and worst penalty taken ever, dived whilst Anel stood there with his arms in the air.
    Jok the Coch should make the olympic diving team.

  5. Thought Coventry were a decent side, unlike some of their bitter fans. Some fair comments from their sensible fans. Hope the injured lad wasn’t as bad as it looked. I think they will make the play offs

  6. Amazing comments from some. We aren’t kickers! The best footballing side in the division. Some stuff I read about the game at Coventry had me in stitches,we battered you for 90 minutes and you got a penalty. This hatred you have for us is ridiculous,stems back to an idiot abusing Billy’s late son. There’s no rivalry,no hate from us. We were just better,even against 10 men.

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