“Take a point all day long here, but would love all 3 as I absolutely hate them.”

“Would take a draw.
Unless we go 3-0 up, in which case I wouldn’t.”

“Take a draw then 6 from the 2 home games”

“We have outplayed Sheffield United the last three matches including last seasons 0-0 at their place last season, we can win this one, think we might.”

“how we didn’t win at Bramall Lane last time I’ll never know, good game to win. “

“Our goal was under siege for good parts of the second half I recall. Would take a point”

“Was just thinking that I’d take a repeat of last seasons 0-0…”

“They’ve only won 2 out of 7 home games since the beginning of October so no reason we can’t get a result there.
Bar a 5-2 thumping of Burnley, they’ve had quite a few draws. Were also beaten at home by Rotherham.
I reckon we’ll nick it”

“I’ve got a feeling we’ll do them over. I love Boxing Day games”

“Feeling confident again, our form is excellent, absolutely no reason we can’t come away with 3 points.”

“I think we’ll win, they’re no better than us.”

“Apart from Burnley, and possibly Swansea, I haven’t seen any team on a par with us this season. Add to that the close-knit squad and Robins management, no reason why we can’t push for 2nd place. I said it a few weeks ago, we’ll go up, ending 2nd place and pipping Sheff Utd to the automatic spot.”

“Best 11 can beat any team in this league, however our subs are useless when it comes to quality, I think currently we will finish outside playoffs but add a few players into the team”

“We never win when we’re confident!!”

“should be a really good game. sheff united play some nice stuff. think they’ll win the league.”

“The one team in our league I genuinely dislike”

“A team I particularly hate losing to, so I hope so. Fans comfortably equal to Sunderland fans for cuntyness.”

“I’ve come across an argument where a Sheffield United fan seems to think McBurnie is better than Gyokeres and a better complete striker than any other in Britain outside of the PL. No Sky Blue tinted specs what is everyone elses thoughts, because with and without mine I have the same opinion”

“McBurnie is very good, the narrative around him not being good enough the last few seasons was always misguided. Completely different skillset to Gyok but the difference is McBurnie needs a team playing a certain way to get the best out of him more than Gyok does. No other striker at this level can do what Gyok does.”

“They will certainly go for Vik and try and wind up Hamer, they will see us as a serious threat to their ambitions.”

“They’ll do their best to wind us up with lots of pushes, pulls, leaving a foot in, general shithousery like they always do. Gus should be able to rise above it and I think we can get a win. 2-0 for me, I also fucking hate them, mostly that Jay McEverly assault on Lamieres”

“I’m still not over it. Convinced not winning that game derailed the whole season.”

“I don’t really like their fans gave it loads to us when just under 400 went up after the checkatrade , said nothing when we took 2800 last season”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Coventry”
  1. Let’s face it we’ve been lucky to get any points out of a very poor Coventry side over the past 4 games. BD is a different scenario, they are a better side now than in the past few games. We will lay better against better teams. Potentially a slip up, reality we are the best squad in the league. 2-1

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