“Spirited effort from Latics but gave themselves too much to do after shipping two goals they will feel were more than avoidable.”

“These lot are the best I’ve seen since Burnley and will be going up automatically with them. “

“A million miles better the second half. Had them on ropes the future is looking bright under kolo. Can’t wait till he brings in a few players as well to help the team.”

“Well played on a spirited performance, but bloody lost again, even with our zero experienced new manager, what motivation”

“Quite a few sloppy mistakes, but much more encouraging football. They are a top 2 side so absolutely no shame in defeat. “

“Second half was actually quite an impressive performance given the opposition. Games against teams like Sheffield United won’t be the ones that define our season.”

“seen enough already after 2 games no long balls actually trying play football back toure in January we will be reet….. seasons are not defined losing at home to Sheff u at home”

“I enjoyed watching us tonight. We looked like we were trying to play some football and I think the players gave it everything. In a couple of weeks the new staff have completely changed the way we play. Sadly a few of the players just aren’t good enough for this level. “

“Nice play from Wigan, it’s Darikwa and Sheff Utd have it back. Every time tonight”

“On the up side, we can play better football than that and we gave one of the best teams in the league a bloody good game.”

“Play like that in the first half – relegation
Play like that in the 2nd half. Nothing to fear – upper mid Championship.
Almost there … but not quite.”

“Going to be issues whilst this squad learn to play how Kolo wants, and the best sides in the league, like Sheff Utd will capitalise on them errors.”

“Sheffield United are a good side, but we’re giving them the win. “

“Liam’s Tics v the Blades, cos nothing much changed, waited till going down a goal / 2 goals before playing, “

“Nowhere near good enough tonight and we are capable of much better than this with a bit of bravery”

“Much better second half. First half we were diabolical.”

“Billy Sharp has been a thorn in our side over the years.”

“Sheff Utd goalkeeper is absolutely terrible btw”

“Sheffield United brought a striker on that cost more than our squad and club combined.”

“If the club doesn’t put in an official complaint about that referee then there’s something seriously wrong with the club.

The worst officiating I’ve ever seen in the championship!
Who’s got that handball on video?
Who’s got that Lang tackle in the corner?”

“would have much preferred the pen and red over the goal a minute later, still wouldn’t want var tho which shows how wank of a system that is”

“Tbf our goal was offside”

By Roy

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