“Enjoyed the game, thought we held our own against a better team. Sheffield didn’t deserve to lose, we didn’t deserve to win. Reckon their manager would’ve been ok with a point. Got the impression our guys didn’t want to be shown up by the oppostion who put some nice moves together as did we on occassion.
Was great to see them play wide men on both sides hugging the touchline stretching the space – we seem so narrow in comparison”

“I thought we were unlucky not to get something from the game, went toe-to-toe against a team likely to be in the PL next season, just a bit of quality in the final third let us down.Good application last night, we won’t go far wrong against the rest of the division at home performing like that. Hopefully something similar against Millwall will mean we take at least something from the game.”

“I enjoyed the game tbh. One pass was the difference between the sides. However its got to the point were us having a shot on target is a good result these days so its not exactly a high bar.
Fair play the Sheff Utd – they pinged the ball about nicely looked very comfortable on the ball.”

“It was a very good game of football. Sheffield United are a decent side and we pushed them all the way, by the way their players reacted at the end showed it was a big win for them and that we were unfortunate not to have nicked a draw.”

“We actually played really well.”

“Thought that was a slightly harsh defeat as we played quite well.”

“Good performance to be fair”

“Enjoyable game. Thought we deserved a point”

“Thought we were decent tonight and deserved something from the game”.

“It was fine. If we’d snatched a lead we would have won. Not going to lose sleep over the traditional home defeat to the Blades. 7 in a row now.”

“7 home league defeats in a row. Haven’t even scored against them since 2018. Wonder what the record is for a club suffering successive home league defeats against the same club season after season”

“Played quite well without ever looking like scoring.”

“Not as bad as I was expecting but it’s another defeat”

“Thought Sheffield weren’t great but then you don’t need to be to win games in the Championship. We know that from memory back from 2012. Fan of Norwood but thought he was the worst player on the pitch yesterday. N’Diaye is the equivalent of our Ince, main spark in the team and I thought the game was always going to be decided by one of those two, unfortunately falling their way”

“We did ok. Played quite well in patches. Sheff utd weren’t great and their time wasting and diving was incredibly irritating”

“Depressing waste of time, managed 3 shots on target though and possibly yet another penalty that should have been given. Still much better performance overall and can move on to the Millwall game with a bit of hope.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Reading”
  1. Being a blade I was on tenterhooks. The game looked evenly balanced and could have gone either way. We are nowhere near earlier in the season with the freedom of no nerves. Best of luck for rest of season reading,x

  2. Great stadium, poor support from the home fans. Do you get your own seating section with every season ticket? And the Reading drumers are just embarrassing, there’s more atmosphere on the moon than the Webuyanycar-Select-Madjeski-guess my name stadium

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