“Freckleton is showing no signs of being a shoe in deputy for Grimes. “

“I’m not confident about Freckleton being adequate cover for Grimes”

“he was making mistake after mistake. His passing out of defence was worrying for a start. I want him to do well,but he needs a lot of work if he’s going to be a regular, and as for deputising for Grimes, not yet. “

“Freckleton is a major concern. Totally lacking in confidence, no urgency and body language is negative – he was so poor I expected him costing us the game after one mistake after another. “

“Freckleton looks like a rabbit in the headlights”

“Doesn’t look overly comfortable”

“Freckleton, in his cameo, gave everyone kittens. “

“He’s got the chance to shine on loan at a very decent club,but at this rate I can’t see him playing higher up the leagues. I want him to succeed along with all the squad, but at present he seems to, not know his position, he’s not comfortable on the ball, and on today’s showing he can’t pass to save his life. “

“Grimes was trying to calm Freckleton down when he was spraying the ball about like a demented Elmer Fudd,trying to shoot poor old Bugs. I’ve seen Jones giving him what for in other games too. He has all the assets to become a decent centre back/full back, but he needs to listen to those around him. He may become a decent player, I hope he does anyway. “


“With Russell Martin watching, should we not be worried about any of our other players he could have been scouting? Could he be looking to take over Boyes loan deal?”

“Boyes very good “

“I would say Harry Boyes has been increasingly impressive.”

“Has a great delivery on him”

“He should start every game”

“Boyes was the top loanee for the first few games. Seems to be struggling defensively now.”

“He’s not really a full back”

“he’s come through at Sheffield United, where they’ve favoured a wing-back system for years under successive managers, but the roles should be largely interchangeable for capable players.”

“Potts, Phillips and Taylor are clearly the three standout loan players so far.”


“The best squad business we could do in January is in-house.
Highlight that we can offer Arblaster stability, playing time and development and emphasise he enjoys playing here – to ensure he stays.”

“he’s our stellar player and main ball player. “

“once again a pleasure to watch Oli Arblaster play football. Savouring the games we’ve got him.”

“superb player”

“Arblaster is quality. Class above.”

“Arblaster looks like he could play and may well play at Championship level next season.”

“he’s a Championship player. Runs the show. Untouchable and unplayable.”

“There’s just a little bit of quality and composure on the ball which both Arblaster and Devine have which mark them out as elite; rather than merely good players”

“Arblaster is the best english midfielder at his age in the country”

“If Arblaster was the best central midfielder in the country at his age (which he isn’t) he would not be playing in division 1.”

“absurd to suggest that Arblaster is the best english midfielder at his age in the country. By saying he is the best English midfielder, the original poster is also saying that Arblaster is better than Jude Bellingham.”

“With all this talk about how good Arblaster is from what I have seen of Rhys Walter’s so far at 17 in my opinion I think he’s got the potential to be as good if not better than Ollie.”

“Arblaster has obvious quality but should have a few more goals/assists to his name.”

“As good as Arblaster can be, ultimately he has barely any goals or assists in all of his games for the club this season and needs to be providing more.”


” I wonder if we can justify keeping Potter as a bench player given we have good cover there”

“I get a feeling the manager is running out of patience with Potter tbh & think the loan may come to an end fairly soon.”

“not sure why Potter is not playing, he has been way short of his form from last season though”

“has had far from a wizard start to the season”

“Potter just cannot do the physical side of it very well, he stinks of academy football.”

“Potter, looks like a school kid playing against his dads mates”

“don’t think he’s performed as well this season as he did last season. Maybe that’s because he’s in/out”

“He is nowhere near the standard required”

“Potter had a much better game than recently”

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