“Very frustrating game – and it was looking so good in the first ten minutes. I think everyone neutral would say it’s the effect of the European games and the extra games (and inevitable injuries) our players have had. But it we could just have been two or three up by minutes, then it would have been different.”

“So bloody frustrating to watch. There for the taking in the first 20 mins or so..getting through them almost at will through the middle and out wide. Should have been 2 or 3 up. Then for some reason slowed things right down and let a very very limited SU back into it”

“First 15 minutes we were fantastic Sheffield United back four were so high up the pitch Fati and Adringa could attack at will with balls over the top or cutting through with some great balls from Grob and Lallarna which ultimately resulted in a great goal, like everyone else I thought we would go on to win by a good number of goals instead we sat back slowed the pace allowing Sheffield to work out that even though we were cruising to a victory stopping Adingra was the answer to reducing our attack that was until the Dahood sending off they scored and THEN only then we decided to wake up to the fact we should have put this game to bed long before then.”

“We got what we deserved. Dominating the game, great team goal to be a goal up but yet again we lack the incisiveness to press home that advantage. Stupid red that definitely cost us 2pts as it spurred Sheffield on. Our inability to press home an advantage when we are ahead is worrying.”

“It’s a bit pointless getting 2 points from Fulham and Sheffield United but breaking a leg to beat one of the top 6 isn’t it. Bloody Villa just streamroll the teams they should. Another 3 points thank you very much. Oh and Sheffield United have an absolute crippling injury list like us.”

“a draw at home to this Sheff Utd side is not good enough.”

“Sheffield United posed no real threat. Dreadful team who are going down with a bullet”

“Simply not good enough against a poor team.”

“we should be beating teams like Sheffield United. “

“The blades are awful., atrocious and we gave them a point in a weak performnce totally lacking (ironically) any steel. Fuming after having to endure that second half horror show and their fu*king cringey songs about not being bottom anymore. Should have buried them deeper than wednesday.”

“They are the worst team in the league yet we couldn’t beat them despite numerous chances. Was like a return to the dark days of early Potter ball conspiring to throw games for fun.”

“1 point at home to one of the worst teams in PL history and 3 points from Fulham, Everton and Sheff Utd is just crap.”

“Sheffield were hopeless, playing with 10 should have just evened it up, but we went to pieces.”

“I am embarrassed that we could not put the game to bed against the worst team in this league and,yet again, failed to keep a clean sheet in the league. “

“Utd are dross. Hands down the worst side in the division. They too suffer from a crippling injury list. If we can’t pick up 3 points against this shower, where are we suppoaed to get them? Forest? Behave. We’ll be lucky to come away with a point ourselves at this rate.”

“Sheffield United parked the bus and literally did nothing in first 45 except cling on and hoof it away.
Not 1 point on the road before today, and you can see why Newcastle put 8 past them.
But turn up at the Amex against a team allegedly fighting for Europe again and it was just entirely predictable.
As we’ve seen this pattern so many times. Totally dominate, don’t take chances or over complicate in final 1/3 to be hit with sucker punch.
Sheffield United 1 shot on target 1 goal.
We’ve come a long way, and playing well against top teams is great, but there can be no excuses for this consistent pattern of failing to beat shit teams at home in games we absolutely dominate.”

” playing a team who has only won one match all season , and that was lucky , plus being the worse side to play down here this season I think our fans can feel a bit disappointed”

“It dont matter how many games they have won this season or that they are the worst side to play here. Im as dissapointed as alot on here that we only drew. We did not take our chances. Its the way some expected us to just turn up and Automatically get the 3 points. Alot of our fans seem to think that. Im sure Liverpool and Man Utd fans think the same just turn up. Football is played on the pitch 11v11 at tge start of the game to make it fair, what happens in the next 90 minutes decide the outcome.”

“We held out for a draw with a player less, yes we should have had the game finished by half time but we didn’t.
Our fan base since last season is Embarrassing. So many entitled idiots who think we should be a consistant team challenging for P L title”

“Actually think we did quite well not to lose it at the end”

“If I’m SU I’m thinking we were up a man for over 10 minutes and couldn’t score a 2nd goal.”

“I don’t think it is wrong to expect my team that is superior to S.Utd both on paper and in practise to beat them, the lowest ranking and poorest performing team in the division, regardless of injuries (a circumstance heavily mitigated by their own injury worries). Everyone bar fans of the worst teams will expect their team to beat the worst teams, as they should. Its ok to make apologies on behalf of the club but if you feel embarassed by that, thats on you, no one else.”

“I’ll have to lower my expectations I guess. Hoping for a draw when we go up to Sheffield. Fingers crossed, hope thats not entitled.”

“On the plus side – Sheffield didn’t annoy me like Fulham, and to a degree Everton. No head injuries or messing around. Just not all that good.”

“I find it interesting that SUFC was wearing yellow & red & we got both kinds of cards today. Coincidence, maybe, maybe not.”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Brighton”
  1. Mostly poor comments from fans who think they are better than they actually are. With a massive injury list we are fighting for anything we can get. If you weren’t good enough to beat us slag your own team accept your own shortcomings. I had a lot of respect for your club’s achievements. I think you should remember what it’s like in that dog fight at the bottom.

  2. A lucky point for us. However, Brighton fans need to realise that Premier league status is fragile. Next season it might be them that are scrapping for points.

  3. I think some of the Brighton fans must have been watching a different game in the second half. Even before the sending off, which could have been a leg breaker, we were on top. They were brilliant the first 20-25 mins, nothing special after that and we could and should have won it second half.

  4. we have 9 players out injured our bench isso young we have to have a nanny on it

    we lost 2 key players 3 days before season started
    we have lost egan and basham for the season and have 9 squad members injured

    newcastle beat us 8-0 , have 6 out injured now and lost badly at bournemouth
    you need your best players in the prem , weve got a couple back now but they are not match fit
    that point away was outstanding with us having more people on gurneys than a Gaza hospital

  5. We dont play great football because we have a patched up side with our injury list. The international break will be good for us and will need a good 2-3 players in the January window most likely will be loans.
    Brighton are sour grape fans mostly but I think the record of them never beating us in the Premier League was not going to be broken today.

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