“Sheff Utd will be nailing their hopes on a Brighton have 85% possession and 38 shots but fail to score type game”

“Can see a comfortable win despite only having half a fit 1st team”

“Has anyone else had an email from the club this morning? . . .
If you have a ticket for the game, please bring your boots and report to a Senor De Zerbi at 12pm sharp.”

“Just got to get through this one, lick our wounds and rest up for a couple of weeks and hopefully have one or two back after the internationals”

“definitely a test of whether we are “coping” with Europa League v League or not.”

“I’d love to see us go strong, I’d love to see Fati start for once. He could put Sheffield away in the first half and make it an easy afternoon for us. They will battle like anything and defend what they have, so let’s not help them by playing a lot of inexperienced kids.”

“The Blades have their own injury worries: Egan, Basham and potentially Ahmedhodzic all centre backs out, as well as Rhian Brewster and a couple of others.”

“Sheffield United don’t seem to have much pace in their team.”

“Please don’t play Buonanotte – Sheff Utd too physical for him.”

“Anyone think Oliver Norwood might come back to haunt us ?”

“Will be closer than it should be”

“Crazy to think that actually the game against Sheffield Utd will be more difficult than a trip to Ajax”

” No idea why so many are treating the Sheff Utd fixture so casually. They’ve been in most games, and have just got a first victory boost. They won’t be easy. “

“Take Sheffield lightly and we will pay for it”

” in our last 4 games against them, we’ve averaged 61% possession, had 56 shots, scored 2 goals, got two draws (1 where we had a man advantage for 55 minutes) and have never beaten them in the Premier League, plus we’re FAMOUSLY weak against low block, defensive teams like Sheffield United?”

“Why is everyone seemingly panicking so much over this match?
Sheffield United are plum bottom of the table, scored 9 goals and conceded 30 in 11 games and only got their first win of the season last week through a dodgy penalty which should not have been given, against Wolves-who-are-rubbish. Their other 10 games have produced 9 losses and 1 draw.”

“We are playing Sheffield Sh1ty ffs!”

“Injuries, worrying mentality where we think we always balls it up (as all fans do of their club tbf) and off the back of our European game. Also, we are so unpredictable at times. They nearly won at spurs who were top etc etc – no easy games and don’t want to underestimate anyone in this league. Wish I had your confidence of course!”

By Roy

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