“A complete disgrace. They were a dreadful team, and of course only Wolves can give them 3 points.
I hate football sometimes.”

“That’s an appalling result.”

“Sheffield are a championship team but when you don’t do the basics you’re asking for a result like that.”

“There is a mentality issue going on for me. We go toe to toe against a very good Newcastle team last week who beat this shower of **** 0-8 yet we barley get a shot on target when we play them. Do we just turn up when we have a perceived difficult fixture. It’s happened so many times over the years”

“Make no mistake, Sheffield United is a terrible team. We should have been up at half time, comfortably better than them. That second half was just awful. Misplaced passes, getting out battled for 50/50 balls, bad decision-making, no mental toughness…the players should hang their head in shame. One point would have been fair.”

“Sheff U are genuinely horrendous. Don’t expect them to win more than 5 games this season.”

“Sheffield United are awful. It is a coin toss between them and Huddersfield for the worst team I’ve seen since our last promotion to the Prem.”

“Got exactly what we deserved. Second 45 as bad as anything we’ve served up since being back in the PL under FOSUN, against possibly the worst side I’ve seen us play. It’s a close call with Huddersfield, which obviously ended the same way”

“Game management was atrocious second half. Got what we deserved in the end.”

“Awful second half and got what we deserved.”

“We were terrible second half, so got what we deserved. “

“They started strong second half and probably deserved it.”

“Well done to Sheffield. I thought they deserved it.”

“Sheff Utd may be shit, but they’ve hardly been steam rollered by everyone.”

“Sheff Utd were up for it, and our players wilted into the turf as if being compressed by the heavy rain.”

“Disgraceful second half performance, half of them didn’t look bothered. A hugely soft penalty decision against us second half but they probably deserved the win to be honest. “

“We were absolutely awful today no defending that but the penalty was debatable, it wasn’t a corner, and Baldock should’ve walked for his deliberate trip of Sasa.
I’m not defending the performance it was awful but so was the ref.”

“That Baldock is an angry man. He looked and played angry all match.”

“Looked to me like an fa cup tie against a minnow, terrible conditions, one side were up for it, 1st to every ball, 2nd half we were woeful going forward. I didn’t think we deserved a point but that was never a penalty, twice now players pulling out of challenges have been kicked and had a penalty given against them, he was clearly on the way down looking for it. Just heard mike dean say his foot landed on the sheff Utd player, *s. “

“The cheat who dived for the penalty was also comfortably offside from the header following the corner*. VAR decided to overlook both of these blatantly obvious facts.”

“Yes we were dire second half but cheated again! They were desperate to give them a penalty….they checked everything to try and give them one! Joke!! Soooo poor second half though!”

“What we ‘deserved’ is largely irrelevant. We have been full blown cheated yet again for the 4th time already this season.”

“Offer to quit the Premier League, we’re clearly not wanted. “

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Wolves”
  1. Some deluded people on here. Calling us rubbish. Need to look at your set of bottlers and divers. Your No 18 is a disgrace. Worked hard for the points and got em. UTB.

  2. “Disgraceful second half performance, half of them didn’t look bothered. A hugely soft penalty decision against us second half but they probably deserved the win to be honest
    . “spot on , was a penalty harsh as it was accidental but dems the rules he just caught his foot , Baldock never looked for the penalty and got up to play on but the ref had seen it,,
    we are bottom mainly due to horrendous decisions like spurs getting an extra quarter of an hour injury time
    but thats the prem

  3. The pre match comments from the Wolves fans were very evenly weighted and showed respect for the Blades. Mainly, I suspect, because they thought they would blow us away. The post match comments are a stark contrast. As we Blades have seen many times, if you do not capitalise when you are well on top you may well live to regret it. Wolves could have been 2 to 3 up at half time, but messed it up. In the second half we were well worth a draw but got the rub of the green to get a victory. My overall assessment of Wolves is that they were the worst team we have played this season. However, that does not fill me with any degree of optimism as we have also not performed too well at times so far. But, as ever, we will give our best at every game this season. UTB.

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