“Sheffield Utd is massive IMHO, as our second game against a promoted club. Winning it puts us back on par course for survival and negates all the doom and gloom we’ve had so far. A defeat would be a significant set back and pile back on the pressure.”

“Watched a bit of the Brighton v. Sheffield match, and I hope it serves as a warning/reminder to our boys. As bad as they have been, they may have turned a corner of their own. They are still a Premier League side, and a moment or two of inattention there could cost us points that we desperately need.”

“Away from home and Sheff Utd will see this as a good game to snatch something after a draw against Brighton”

“So, this one, coming after a good upturn in form, represents a bit of a banana skin, in my view. I feel I always tend to say the same thing these days, but it’s my honest feeling. I would take a draw and a good performance. Just feel the performances are still more important at the moment. We must maintain momentum and not drop back. Think we could (and probably should) win it, but these away days at struggling teams are our nemeses. Must not lose !!”

“The Sheffield crowd will be quite hostile..they sense this is a chance for their team to dominate a game for once ..now then will our boys have the bottle to endure a football town crowd( the oldest and most typical of the genus) for 95 minutes ?…we have floundered there in the past for that reason I believe…so .so I have my doubts.
I’ve predicted a 3-1 Cherries win purely on what I think our potential warrants….but that doesn’t always count for much in this type of contest !”

“Fortunately that win against Newcastle makes this more of a “must not lose” than a “must win” game. A point helps us more than them, so would be ok at a pinch.
But a win for us would be massive in terms of finally starting to gain some momentum which could see us start to pull clear of the relegation scrap.
If we play to our best, I think we should be optimistic of returning with three more points.
So for any players reading this, this is a “must win game”

“I would love a win but will take a draw. Their point against Brighton will have given them hope and confidence. Their next two games are us and Burnley and they they know that if they don’t pickup points in these games then it is likely that it is curtains for them and Heckingbottom.”

“If we take the the game to them we win, if ‘feel our way into the game’ we lose.”

“Pressure is on Sheffield Utd, it’s getting towards a must win for them. It’s must not lose for us I think. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out, as I could see a cagey start with them having to come out and play sooner or later.”

“I feel that Sheffield Utd will need to go for it, which should suit us.”

“We have better players than Sheffield United, if we play to our maximum levels then we win the game. They didn’t have a shot on target until Brighton went down to ten men. If we don’t play to our best levels they could easily scrape a win against us though.”

“They operate a 5-2-3, which we can match and man for man we have so much more quality.”

“Got a good feeling about this one.
2 wins on the trot under Andoni.
Christie and Solanke hitting form.
Tavernier reeling he hasn’t scored lately. Probably a good any time scorer bet.
Kelly in the transfer window, but playing solidly.
It’s written in the stars.
This is a dead set AFCB win.”

“With the next seven of our games actually being okay compared to our start there should be some more memorable wins soon like the 5-0 vs Sheffield United incoming”

“20 points would be survival based on the fact Sheffield Utd, Luton and Burnley are all only picking up 0.5 or less ppg.”

“Looking forward to this, first away since Brentford.
Great away end and good beer.”

By Roy

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