“I was dreading this match, coming as it did after the break and with Sheffield perhaps turning a corner of their own. Well done to everyone for continuing momentum from Newcastle without missing a beat. I don’t think that’s an easy feat, no matter the opposition.”

“Great performance this afternoon. They’ve been beaten by the odd goal in the majority of their games so far this season. They’ve been thrashed twice by Arsenal and Newcastle and on Newcastle, that line up that turned Chelsea over today wasn’t far off the side that we played off the park apart from Isak.
The game plan today worked a treat and we certainly put their supporters on mute.”

“To be fair to them, Brooks coming on was the most they had to cheer all night.”

“23 shots, 11 on target. This is what beating the teams around you looks like and hopefully remains so. Great result.”

“SU have been losing by the odd goal, we go there and smash them, looking good for the future.”

“The first thought I had was when was the last time i relaxed at an away game in the top flight. Been awhile.”

“Very comfortable”

“can we also talk about the amount of times sheff players were sent for their tea.
We were an absolute joy to watch today”

“It’s hard to see beyond a pretty bad Sheffield United performance, but the first ten minutes of this game we made them perform badly. Can’t remember us being this dominant!”

“Could have been 6 or 7, honestly. Sheffield Utd are awful at this level and we didn’t really put them away, but did enough.”

“Sheff Utd were poor, there’s no denying that but you can only beat what’s put in front of you”

“Sheff Utd were hilarious.”

“Sheff U terrible”

“I will give their fans credit , I haven’t seen the usual comments we see after being beaten by us .”

By Roy

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