“Sheffield United is a must win or Kompany has to go. It’s that simple this game is massive.
Sheff Utd are the worst team in the league(with us) if they beat us they will have a 4 point advantage over us. A draw isn’t good enough these are the teams we have to beat at home. 0 home wins is depressing we are a laughing stock and just not good enough.  “

“I don’t think Sheffield United are worse than us.
They have more battling qualities for starters.”

“Sheff Utd will bully us to death and our team will fold like a pack of cards. Spineless”

“Staying up is gone this season, it’s nailed on for the relegation in reality. I won’t shed a tear if Kompany goes now, he’s completely lost the plot.”

“Totally irrelevant Sheff utd game , this team will not win enough games this season. We will beat derbys record for lowest points and all time premier league losses which currently stands at 29 in one season.. we will not win 9 games this season. Just being realistic”

“The problem is that the current team is nowhere near as good as last years team.
Several key players have left and have no experienced leaders.
Of course the Championship is a much easier leagur than the Premier League as well
It was therefore going to be difficult to pick up enough points to stay up and I would imagine that the bottom 3 will not get more than 20 points .
If we go down then it won’t be as easy to bounce straight back with this team as we will no doubt have to sell certain players to recoup money .”

“Sheffield United picked up just 2 points from the first 17 games 3 years ago, which is the current record for worst start to a PL season. They still finished with over 20 points and didn’t get rid of Wilder until March, which shows a manager can turn around to some degree this kind of situation.”

“it is a game we need to win, but we’ve had other games we need to win
The problem is we’ve got a soft underbelly, no real grit in the team
If we’re going down then so be it, but he’s earned the chance to bring us back up”

“We have spent £140 million ish on players to play the way VK wants. No manager is going to keep us up. Back the club, back VK. We will smash the championship and come back stronger. VK will be wiser.”

“I am more than content as a Burnley fan to bounce between the Premier League and Championship. At least that means I will enjoy one in two seasons because I take almost no joy watching us at this level anymore. It’s an absolute farce and circus.”

“The Championship is garbage and with likely 2 of Leicester, Leeds and Southampton coming up this season (and us, Sheff Utd and Luton – for me – going down) we would be easily in the frame for a top two place in that league, even with another turnover of players.”

“Last year we were in a very poor Championship. Our impressive feat was franked on some worldies and last minute winners. Even against poor opposition we’d give chances, in short we were drunk on the success without necessarily realising that the style of play he advocated was going to be scrutinised at a level we hadn’t been close to experiencing. A Prem team at semi strength or bang out of form has been able to check us. “

“Luckily for us next season, Leicester and hopefully Leeds & Saints will go straight back up, meaning the Champ becomes worse again with us, Sheff and Luton back.”

“if we don’t win next Saturday then I’m resigned to relegation so. I can enjoy the rest of the season with no expectation and look forward to a season in the best league.
To say you want Kompany out is absolutely ridiculous and a perfect example of the hideous fans that expect us to be a premier league power house.Anything over mid championship is over achieving for Burnley- just enjoy the ride”

“It’s certainly a must win game. But if we do lose Kompany should still be here.”

“A win on Saturday would transform the team. Some of them have only experienced failure and must be pretty low. Three points will lift the players, the club, our fans and our prospects but it needs to start now.
Defeat after defeat is pretty demoralising for anybody.”

“Bit of a pub side, Sheff United. They’ll try and rough us up a wee bit because they are not very good.
The points they acquired recently were from a dodgy last minute pen and, somehow, surviving a fearful battering at Brighton.
We should play slick, attacking football with the side that started v WHU if possible and hope officials do their fricking job.”

“We will beat Derby’s record low but I still think Sheff Utd will somehow finish below us”

“Sander Berge outstanding again against West Ham – no wonder Sheffield United didn’t want to lose him”

“comfortably our best player.  Shame we didn’t get a few more like him that were ready made.”

“One of the few positives so far this season. A real class act. He makes everything look so effortless with his reading of the game and how easily he protects the ball. His game management is also a cut above anyone else, he knows when to slow the game down and when to time his runs to join the attack.”

“Berge appears to have all the time in the world in holding midfield and that is the sign of a class player. We need to find another like him so he can play as a ball carrier. I’ve written before he reminds me of YaYa Toure in the way he lopes around, looking lazy but isn’t.
The fact that he wanted to come speaks volumes to the team we have and what Berge believes is possible with it.
I do believe we are miles away from Sheff Utd – regardless of what happens next week. We are playing teams off the pitch and losing, often due to dubious VAR or very minor mistakes, worrying and we may go down but that is better than what they are doing despite the points tally.”

“He will dominate midfield against SU.”

“Rubbish there’s a reason Sheff Utd didn’t fight to keep him.
Never seen such a big lad as soft and scared to tackle.
What does he offer ?? Nothing is the answer”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Burnley”
  1. The majority of the posts from Burnley fans regarding their team reflect my views on Sheffield United. I fear a victory tomorrow for either side will be a short lived diversion from reality. Unless either team find a good run of form soon we will both be relegated. As for Sander Berge, he can either be the best player on the pitch (at times) during the match or completely invisible. I find the comment that SUFC are a bullying pub team as insulting and disrespectful. Hopefully we will see a competitive and entertaining game tomorrow.

  2. 🤣🤣🤣berde wanted to come to us 🤣🤣🤣 he was absolutely gutted that his greed got him fcked off from the lane and most blades fans where glad to see the back of the so called “saviour of our club ” hes a lazy gutless player who will never put his foot or head into a challenge that he might not wi and believe me he was nowhere near our best player .EVER

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