“It’s amazing what Sheffield United can do for your confidence”

“Good all round performance but against a shockingly bad team.”

“Even before then sending off we were an absolute class above Sheffield”

“I think it’s safe to say Sheffield United will be 1 of the 3 teams relegated this season”

“We are 100% better than Sheff Utd and Luton”

“Sheff Utd were terrible”

“it was only against Sheffield United so lets not get carried away”

“let’s not forget sheff utd may well be the worst team to grace the prem in 10+ yrs , simply awful side.”

“They said they were bad but bloody hell”

“That was a **** poor Sheffield United team, they will finish bottom quite comfortably. They made us look like Man City. That was our easiest game of the season.”

“I don’t think today tells us too much about ourselves tbh, it’s hard to judge us on that game, as well as we played at times as Sheffield were beyond dire today, that’s a team that’s given up playing for the manager big time”

“Sheffield United are crap, and the sending off helped us “

“helped by some terrible defending by Sheffield United “

“They were so poor”

“I’ve been quick to mention how poor our fans have been this season but they away fans were awful today.
Any noise from the away team was purely negative to their own players.
Screaming at their keeper that he isn’t fit or wear the shirt
Abusing the only player to come and thank them after the game
Joining in with “sacked in the morning”
And various scuffles outside the ground.
Did they expect top 6?”

“Can you blame them? That was a shocking performance. Borderline downed tools. Think I’d be livid too.”

“I thought their gallows humour “how **** must you be. It’s only one nil” was pretty funny.”

“I quite like the Blades to be honest, very similar club to us and I’d love us both to stay up at the expense of some “bigger clubs”.”

“I’d be disgusted with McBurnie as a Sheff United fan.”

“remember Sheff Utd fans telling us Berge was crap?”

By Roy

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