“This is it, the ultimate footballing test – a cold Wednesday night at Bramall Lane”

“A trip to Bramall Lane now to face bottom of the league Sheffield United.
There will probably be wholesale changes here by the Reds, who have added Joel Matip to an injury list that contains Alisson, Robertson, Thiago, Bajcetic and Diogo Jota.”

“Might have to rotate the midfield a bit. A few of them looked tired or just not at the races. Same could be said of the front 3 to be fair.”

“Big big game. We got lucky on Sunday, this is kind of game where we really see where this squad is at.”

“I’d take any win, preferably a comfortable one.”

“They shouldn’t be able to compete with us, but with our track record on the road, cold mid-week match, new manager bump… A lot seems to be going against us. All we have is more talent. “

“Of course Sheff UTD sack their manager before they play us.
Right on queue as always”
“Sheffield United, why couldnt you wait till after the game with Liverpool to sack your manager…
Cant wait to watch them have the game of their lives now…”

“Sheffield United sacked their manager, couldn’t they wait until after Liverpool game. Now watch how suddenly they play like Barcelona on Wed!!”

“Just know Sheffield United turn up against us don’t you”

“New manager will come in, the atmosphere will be great and they’ll suddenly become a top team. Match is against Liverpool, against whom all relegation battlers become a top team (remember Luton away?)”

“that 1-0 Sheffield United is becoming more and more likely”

“either ending 6-0 LFC or 1-0 Sheffield United, there’s no inbetween”

“Going to be hard and horrible. Not exactly brimming with confidence in our defence after Fulham. Hope we get a bit of luck, but it’s going to be a hard one.”

“Struggling team, likely sacked manager just before we play them, this never ends up well for us.”

“Not sure if it is just me, but it always feels like those bottom table team have extra motivations and played like peak Madrid when playing against us.
But they tend to bend over when playing against other top 4 or top 6 teams”

“Managers going back always feels like the law of diminishing returns. Didn’t Howard Kendall get progressively shitter at Everton?”

“A lot of Liverpool fans on here seem concerned about Sheffield united having that so called “new manager bounce”.. New manager or not, we should be wiping the floor with them on Wednesday night, they’re shit.”

“this manager no manager new manager they are rubbish and should be 3 points. Luton should have been 3 points too though.”

“2nd in the league but worried about going to Sheffield United who are on course to be the worst team in Premier League history. Being a football fan is mad.”

“they’ve conceded something like 60 goals already this season. The new manager won’t change that before Weds…unless he plays in goal himself as a double pivot keeper with the actual keeper.
We’ll concede a few as well…from our right flank most probably.
I’m going for 3-8. “

“Will Stuart McCall and his hairdo that makes him look like an extra from The Full Monty be in charge for this one?”

“At least Ollie McBurnie is out so can’t go around injuring players”

“On the flip side, he can’t get himself sent off half an hour into the game at 0-0 which then leads us to go on to smashing them 5-0. “

“Haven’t seen anything of SU, but I’m assuming, maybe wrongly, that they’re a physical side?”

“Nope. They try to play with players who lack quality. Comfortable victory. “

By Roy

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