“New manager bounce is real. Sheffield were up for it. “

“Old school from Sheffield, long throws and all! Just made it ugly and had the boost of a new manager.”

“Wasn’t a great performance but pleased with the points”

“Was a horrible game to watch . That was one of our worst performances of the season so far”

“Less said about the performance the better.”

“Kelleher was rarely troubled as we were pretty much on top without being at our best.”

“thought we were very professional and matched them physically, won our challenges, protected Kelleher and on another night could have won 4-0. It was never going to be a night where we were allowed to play our normal game. Wilder had them wound up and we stood our ground and I thought we always looked completely in control.”

“to be honest SU never looked like scoring. “

“I actually expected a harder game, I underestimated how ***** Sheffield are and if we played anywhere near our B game, we’d have won about 4-0.”

“We were solid
They were crap
Kelleher had a good game and was solid
All their players were crap
Our throw ins were crap
Their throw ins were crap
Gritty performance from us
Their performance was crap
Our Manager is cool
Their manager looks like a character off Corrie
And is crap “

“Sheff Utd were very defensive.
Luton are far more dangerous going forward. I rate their coach. “

“They are a Championship side”

“Excellent battle against a team who came to kick us off the park.”

“that wasn’t a foul by Darwin.
Sheffield did come to kick though, poor Alexis.”

“Can’t believe (well, maybe I can) that MOTD spent zero time talking about us and only concentrated on the supposed decisions that went against Sheff Utd. Sorry but the ‘tackle’ on Mac Allister was a red card; not mentioned. “

“You could see the Wilder impact on them to be very physical and kick anything that moved all game, thankfully we saw it out.”

“Have a look at our set pieces and they got away with 2 pens.”

“Bearhugging and shirt pulling. It’s obvious Wilder just told them to kick lumps out of us. Very satisfying that we withstood, kept our heads and won. “

“Simon Hooper needs removing, after Sunday he was too scared to make a call when they were kicking and stamping. Booked our players first.”

“Should have been a red for stamp on Mac, if Jones was that was too, missed 3 pens, including blatant shirt pull on virg, Archer the forward for them, dived at least 3 times and got free kicks for all yet wilder will incist they were robbed.”

“I suspect a large part of why Kloopp decided to respond like he did in the interview was he had already had to face the assertion ‘for entertainments sake’ that the VVD goal should have been disallowed and having the amazon guy tee up the ex sheff utd clogger to say it was a snide gameplan to foul him. as we all know, we’re usually the fairest team in the league and there’s no way we’re trying to commit a sly bit of gamesmanship for the goal (the gamesmanship was their guy rolling around faking injury while watching the play and looking for the ref).”

“My favourite moment was definitely towards the end when one of their defenders rolled around as if he had been shot in the balls after Darwin’s clean tackle. When are they going to start booking  for playacting..”

“I’m glad these are going straight back down. A disgrace to the Premier League”

“Their crowd was full on mongrel last night, complaining about literally everything. Will be good to see them go down with the worst goal difference the league has ever seen”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Liverpool”
  1. I sometimes wonder if liverpool fans watch a match from an independent view , they seem to moan about everything. The other team turned up , that has to be an offence.
    They wouldnt let us score all our shots.

  2. Same old, shame old from the opposition. Slating us,, because we are crap & all that business. We haven’t got the money, like you big boys & yes we are struggling. But Sheff Utd are a great club with fantastic supporters & don’t forget our first season back in Premiership under Wilder the first time round, we finished 8th. If the club was run in the proper way, with a billionaire owner. We would be a top of the table side in Premier League, any day! UTB

  3. Same old Liverpool it wasn’t use we don’t dive (Gerrard) we don’t cheat only way. You don’t need to when the officials do it for you. Plus side got a brand new air fryer off one of their fans for a tenner. UTB

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