“It’s not going to be an easy game….we need to create but also be very much up for the fight”

“They put in a great shift tonight against Liverpool according to their fans, they will see us as prime candidates to take three points off, have we got enough leaders to stand up to them”

“Sheffield will be more up for this match than the Liverpool one, asthat game was a free hit for them. They’ll be expecting to beat us. And our record up there isn’t too good, from what I recall.”

“Brilliant game for Sheff Utd at the moment given our injury and suspension problems.”

“Currently, I don’t think we can match them physically, so we need to out-football them. High temp, quick running and passing. “

“Feel we need to control the game in the middle. Sheff United aren’t the physical team they once were. We don’t want to be chasing the game with a severe lack of options going forward. At least midfield look a little bit healthier now.
Have a bad feeling about the game though “

“Tough game bad time to play them imo so a point would be good .”

“It’s a great time to play them
It won’t get a lot better than playing a team with 5pts from 15 games”

“well it’s not particularly true, a great time to play them was last week under Heckingbottom. Wilder will at least get them fighting”

“They have 5 points from 15 games.
We have to fancy our chances
Let’s not talk them up too much. They have been sh*t so far.
Prepare well and we should be too good”

“Well they seem more positive than some of us
1 win in 15 and expecting to beat us. Tell ’em to f  off.
I’m sure that they will be up for it  BUT so should we
I’m expecting us to be up for it, ready for it, prepared for it and to smash the f out of them”

“We need to start very positive. Make sure we don’t concede early on and put SU under pressure. Togetherness & being right up for it will be key!”

“Play it like home to Luton – pen them in until they’re all in a mess, work out where the gaps are appearing and then go for it.
If Wilder and his coaches set up for us based on watching the Brighton game, we’ll be OK!”

“If you lot want crazy pubs go to the hen and chickens. That is scrubber pub number 1. Last time I went in there somebody collapsed. 2 then got into an arguement, then fight over how to put him in the recovery position, 1 said side, other back. There are some good pubs near the train station but ive been in nearly every one near their ground is full of idiots who think they’re either bbc or sean beans vest. Ive almost forgotten we have a game tonight but this one is very important personall”

“bbc ? Brentford Buffet Crew that’s the proper original bbc too. The Sheff lot came years after”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Brentford”
  1. What a non aggressive and balanced assessment from the Brentford fans. I hope the best team on the day wins. My main worry is what goes on in the inconstant brain of some referees and the anonymous and unaccountable VAR decisions we have to endure.

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