“Literally a perfect storm. Awful conditions that suited a side buoyed by a new manager bounce, our injury crisis, a worldy goal resulting from our clearance blocked by VJ to one of their players. Blades deserved the win, they played the conditions better than us.”

“Have to say the Sheffield Utd board absolutely saw us coming there.”

“McAtee the best player on the pitch.”

“Lucky to get nil”

“Better team first half.. Very very poor second half”

“Could see that result coming from a mile off for all sorts of reasons.
Was a 0-0 game all over really but they had that bit of luck/magic whatever you want to call it and we didn’t.”

“End to end game by two equal sides on the day separated by what I thought (standing right behind the goal) was a bit of a freak goal from an intended cross. £

“today was always going to be an awkward game with the circumstances of the reinvigoration of the opponent having a new manager and coming off a decent game against Liverpool. the state of the playing conditions and against a Championship-style team where not much football was played on the ground”

“It was a game short of quality more akin with two mid table Championship sides. We lacked pace & invention and were poor in our ball use & retention. We unfortunately played their game not ours.”

“for the first 40 minutes we were clearly better, but created nothing of note.
for the last 50 minutes, sadly they were the better team and we still created little of note
creativity is the key. very little on show, so got what we deserved.”

“cannot understand the people on trains saying we were good and that we should have got the three points . How do you stay that positive; would love to know”

“Injuries or no injuries that was filth from us. A unacceptable performance. For anyone not there, Sheffield United weren’t the up and at them, ultra physical side that you’d associate with Wilder teams. They don’t have the personnel for it. They are proper fodder.
What we played today was a championship team. A team bottom of the table, low on confidence, who average 18 shots against them every match for the last 5mths and have a goal difference of -29 before today.
We managed 4 shots on target. None of which were threatening the goal. It was their first clean sheet of the season.”

“we’ve just lost to the worst side in the league. Really didn’t trouble them at all.
And they’ve got their share of injuries too. “

“They had us in their back pocket. “

“They fluked a goal and held on grimly. Credit to them but that is not having someone on their pocket.”

“I hate losing and especially watching wilder act like he is the conquering hero and no doubt having his usual unpleasant “world is against me” interview later. But we didn’t deserve anything, but it’s one game out of a host of amazing results, so get over it. “

“four games to go to the end of the year and we will still be infinitely better off than Sheffield United.”

“Just imagine onyeka had been sent off, and he should have, we could have ended up in position they were to burnley last week”

“Referee had a good view of it in real time and deemed it a yellow got it spot on imo..var missed pinnock being thrownto the ground at a corner was missed..”

“Robbed by VAR.”

“Only fans that should be moaning at VAR are the Sheff U fans for not sending off Onyeka “

“Struggling to remember if I’ve actually seen us beating Sheff U. over the last 30 or so years going back to a 1-4 thrashing they gave us at Griffin park in 87 or 88, driving through Sheffield before the game as the weather worsened I had a feeling of doom, yes we’re down to the bare bones etc, but Sheff U, have been cruelly hit as well but they were/are bottom for a reason – they’ve been abysmal until we come calling.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Brentford”
  1. Wow some real sour grapes , saying we were rubbish and the worst team ever, which rather says a lot about there team . Mcatees goal was NOT a fluke and we could have had three more but for there decent goalie.

  2. Fluke goal?? Deluded fans
    Definitely a straight red, awful tsckle,but as usual,not given unless you are a top 6 team. Should have been about 4 nil. We battered them ⚔️⚔️

  3. Always had a bit of a soft spot for Brentford and enjoyed watching them in the past. I think we deserved the win and believe McAtees goal was a worldly and on the whole some honest assessments from the fans.

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