“Chris Wilder is back.
Are his overlapping CBS firing already. Could the PL basement side shock us at the Bridge? Would it even be a shock? Another side in red and white stripes beat us at the Bridge last season when they were rock bottom”

“Chris Wilder is indeed back and they mean business again, it’s not going to be pretty this”

“It’s gonna be tough, with Wilder in charge now. I can see us drawing. “

“Facing Sheffield United under Wilder we should expect a physical contest so we need players (especially in mid) who will be prepared to scrap it out. “

“Uh oh! These may have tall players. “

“Must win game, simple as that.”

“A classic must win, will lose game. There is no reason to suppose, given the fact that we are, on form, the worst team in the division, that we will win this. “

“They just beat Brentford , albeit at home and Brentford are miles better coached than us , away win incoming “

“Usually have a strict 2 pints maximum rule before heading into the Bridge, can see that being relaxed for a while.
This will not be pleasant.”

“Despite what the media, the Board (apparently) and the extent of the injuries Potch’s head will be on the block if we don’t win this. “

“Sums up the state of the club currently that I’m not even confident of beating Sheffield United at home this weekend
You sent
Worst sort of fixture for us, they’ll play deep and look for set piece goals!”

“They will come and sit back, we all know how we suffer when this happens.
Expect a 1-0 loss with a breakaway goal”

“Always struggle against this sort of opponent”

“It will be the upset of the round if we beat the mighty blades.”

“It’s one thing struggling at Everton, United and Newcastle. It is another failing to beat Sheff United at home. Can just imagine the panic setting in if it’s 0-0 after an hour.”

“What a state of affairs is the prospect of getting beat by one of the worst newly promoted teams in many seasons. Worst thing of all is it’s probably going to happen
Seriously lose this and the club have to have a good long hard look in the mirror. “

“If we can’t win this than I’m afraid the omens are very bad. “

“I can’t see us not struggling here. Expecting a 1-1 draw or maybe scrape 2-1 “

“We’ve taken 39 points from from our last 39 matches, if I recall correctly.
I’m not convinced we’ll take 3, here”

“Fail to win here the home fans will demand blood at full time.”

“If we don’t put a few past and use this as a much needed confidence booster then the writing is on the wall.
At this point, ridiculously, due to no leadership and lack of any kind of substance, I would honestly take Jose back, shameful.”

“There is every chance that we actually could win this match”

“We will win the game. The situation is not good, but it is not as bad as being made out.”

“I think this will be an easy fixture”

“I really , really want to win this one and win well , firstly , as a club we really need it and secondly , if you ever met a more chippy Northern Ape than the berk in charge of this club I’d call you a liar , he’s eminently dislikeable “.

“Oh yeah the Sheffield game…I’m pass caring. “

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Chelsea”
  1. Flippin eck lads . Your lot are more pessimistic than our lot 🤣. Try going to Bramall Lane for sixty years like me. Then you’ll have something to moan about 😀😀😀

  2. Like Pete Frost, having been on a roller coaster for 60 years at Bramall Lane, nothing surprises me anymore.
    I’d love to be in Chelsea’s shoes financially and league position wise. Their fans do seem unnecessarily pessimistic. The difference between the Blades and Chelsea fans is that they consider it a failure if not winning trophies, whereas we are thrilled just to be sitting at the top table whenever we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.
    I think a draw tomorrow would be an excellent, but perhaps unlikely, result for us.

    It does disappoint me that their fans seem to think they are in for a physical game – perhaps they think that ‘the dislikable Northern ape’ should just tell his players to lie down and let entitled Chelsea walk all over us?

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