“As someone was merrily singing on my way out of the ground “We won a game, we won a game, we wona game!””

“Another one for the end of season DVD”

“That’s a rout by our standards. We were just toying with them first half. “

“We won comfortably and never particularly looked threatened at any point”

“I will take a dull routine home win where my heart rate stays vaguely human for injury time, thanks. “

“The only upside of us now being rubbish is the delight in which I now receive beating the bottom placed team!”

“Poor first half but in the end we looked pretty comfortable and could have won by more. Clean sheet and 3 points is very welcome.”

“Today showcased why we will not be relegated (poorer teams like Luton, Sheffield etc below us) but also why will not come close to 5th ( can’t finish our dinner even when utterly outplaying the opposition) . Safe midtable finish will be the new norm for the club with Boehly “

“not great but a win and a clean sheet”

 “I will take any win at this point.”

“Boring but a win nonetheless, onwards and upwards.”

“Lack of intensity against a very poor opponent”

“Sheffield United really are sh*te”

“The blades are bad .”

“Thought Shef U were absolute turd – they are going down!”

“Good thing we were playing Sheff United, because if that was anybody else, we would have struggled to take anything from that. “

“if they weren’t the worst team in the league we could have regretted that… as we have done so many times recently. “

“they’re 2nd from bottom for a good reason. “

“You can see why Sheffield are bottom and shipping goals left, right and centre. We should have won this game by 4 or 5 to nil.”

“Sheffield has to be the worst opponent SB has seen in years. “

“Sheffield Untd must be one of the worst sides I have seen at SB for a long time…my question is how have they any points on the board?
Watching Burnley …another “lost” side…add Luton and even the next sides above them must be taking heart”

By Roy

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