“What chance – with the run we’re on currently in the league, after beating two of the best teams in the country, on a 15 game winning run at home – we lose to bottom of the bloody table? Wilder’s had our number a bit in past meetings, though none of those involved Emery. Fingers crossed we don’t just turn up and think we’ve won before a ball’s kicked because it won’t be that easy. “

“Absolutely this – potential banana skin and Sheffield will make it difficult for us and fight for everything. We need to be as professional and switched on and up for it as we were against Man City for example”

“Due to our recent record against them (pre Unai) I instinctively feel apprehensive about this fixture. “

“I have a bad feeling about this game. Everyone’s too confident. I’d take a point now.”

“The experienced Villa fan in me says this will be a classic Villa 0-0. “

“Think it will be a much closer game than some might be expecting and Cameron Archer will have a point to prove too.”

“They will put all 11 men behind the ball and go route one to Archer when they can. Need to get an early goal to force them out”

“they have been a very different team under WIlder. If we take this for granted we will get what we deserve. “

“They still went to a very average Chelsea, barely had a shot and lost comfortably in the end. If this was at Bramall Lane then it would be different prospect as saw first half of them v Liverpool before our game started and they played really well in that. We’re experts at getting goals in first 20 minutes at VP against this type of opponent so we’ll have no problem whatsoever if we do that”

“No game is particularly easy in the league but Sheffield’s threats are very predictable and I’m sure Wilder will have them set up deep and try to hit us with McBurnie and Archer. But they really are a poor side and Unai has a pretty strong record against the relegation teams at home.”

“Is Wilder still unleashing his tactical genius in overlapping centre backs or did he give up on that? Whatever he’s got, I trust Emery to be six moves ahead.”

“Early goal and we cruise this just like all the other home games we’ve won very convincingly in 2023. Sheffield will be harder to break down with Wilder back but they are very very limited going forward, think they’ve been playing Cam as a LW recently so his main role will be tracking back and trying to nullify Bailey and probably Cash back at RB. Feels a solid 2-0 to me, maybe more. “

“Have to stay humble and work hard to make sure that we get 2/3 goals early and then see the game out.”

“No worries here . I know we tend to bottle things sometimes but can only see a Villa win even if it’s by hook or crook.”

“I hope we score eight goals for the first time in a Premier League game, I have a feeling we’re due a big win.
But after having been on the run we’ve been on at Villa Park, it would feel like one of those ‘typical’ things, not just for us, but in football in general, if a team like Sheffield United of all teams were the ones to end our run, a team you would least expect to, we can’t be complacement like Omar was in the Korean owned convience store before tragically having his life ended by Kenard of all people.
As long as we go into the game with the same attitude as we did against Arsenal and Man City we should be okay, anything less, and we could make things difficult for ourselves, and risk being our own worst enemy”

“I don’t think this is a game where we over exert ourselves. And that’s not disrespectful to Sheff U, that’s just the way they’ll come and set up. It’ll be a more patient, probing game, like Luton at home was. “

“To be fair, we are gonna lose our home run soon. But I cannot see these mugs taking it.”

“Us winning: 1/5, draw: 11/2 and SheffieldU winning: 12/1 I don’t think I have seen odds that are so in favour of us winning before, at least not for a premier league match. “

“I want to see us smash these into the Villa Park turf.”

“Kamara a big miss but if we can’t beat these at home with the form we’re in then we don’t deserve top 4, never mind the title.”

“If we are on form, we will hammer them“

“As a long suffering fan these are the type of games you usually dread. Playing at home with a lot at stake against a very poor team who will be happy to try to defend a 0-0. However with Emery I couldn’t be more confident (and it helps that Sheffield United are so bad). “

“One of the biggest fattest W’s in Premier League history. Christmas cancelled for one half of Sheffield. “

“They ‘re so shite that even just 3 points would be poor. “

“Hopefully Goal Line tech is switched off just for the laughs. “

“I’d be happy with a 1-0 win, as long as the goal is awarded by Hawkeye.”

By Roy

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