“Peak Villa.”

“Poor performance and result. I guess we had a game like this coming. Just annoying that its happened after beating two of the best sides in the league.
No need to overreact though and important not to lose after conceding so late.”

“Two points dropped. Slow and ponderous very poor against the worst team in the league”.

“At least we stopped those awful pricks winning but **** me what a waste of an opportunity. “

“Heist in broad daylight. “

“We were nowhere near good enough but that was genuinely the worst refereeing performance I’ve ever seen at a Villa game. “

“Have to admit it feels like a loss. But, with competent refereeing, we would have won this even if it wasn’t a brilliant performance. We were robbed by VAR and the worst ref in the league. “

“Nothing but rage against that robbery. VAR needs to die forever.”

“awful ref – struggled to break down 11 men behind the ball. “

“Good point against the 15 men “

“Just entirely sickening”

“VAR rigged against us multiple times”

“This game needs investigating.
I’ve not seen such blatan robbery for a long time.”

“The worst refs in the world continue to get worse and worse. 
Two stolen points!! “

“Premier league don’t want us top. 
VAR to the rescue. I dread to think whats coming on boxing day from the corrupt words removed.”

“VAR has robbed us tonight of a comfortable win against probably the most negative side I’ve ever seen come to Villa Park. “

“Struggled against an anti footballing side. Ref was diabolical. Where do they find these clowns? The blind school? “

“Hilarious that our goal came from their player faking a head injury instead of playing on. They spent the last 20 minutes falling over with the lightest of touches. Utterly deserve to go down. “

“If Sheffield United get that referee every week, they might stay up. “

“Say what you want but when you are playing against another team, the ref and VAR to get a point is a small miracle. 
Said it all at the end when Wilder shook Taylor’s hand. That smile said everything. Prick. “

“Can’t wait for these wasters to get relegated
Wilder such an unlikable bloke”

“Sheffield were shit scared of us”

“At least Sheffield (yes I’ll call them that) can stop going on about a technology failure now”

“Sheffield United are a stupid, stupid club who don’t belong in the top flight. “

“Burley and Luton have these down as likely wins, that’s how bad they are.”

“Did I forget to mention that I hate Sheffield United? “

“Now we have to go and beat the real Utd”

“Foderingham claiming that they deserved a win in post-match interview and also that he felt both of Ramsey’s hands holding him for the disallowed goal. The Pinocchio nose on him! “

“It felt like we got the rough end of a fair few VAR decisions, but I wasn’t really close enough to most of them to have a strong view and I suspect that the big VAR karma in the sky probably suggested that we had our turn with the luck last time the Blades visited. “

“Some of our fans are embarrassing and pathetic with their “corrupt” and “everyone’s out to get us” rhetoric.
We had just won 15 home games in a row. If the powers that be were conspiring to screw us over, they’ve obviously done a terrible job of it. Grow the **** up.”

“Thought there were some disrespectful comments about Sheffield United pre-match which don’t look so clever now.
We weren’t at our best today and it looked like it would be one of those days but we’ve managed to get a point which could be important.”

“Sheffield are bottom of the league, but not because of Wilder. For all the hate, he knows how to set up a team not to lose, not many big boys would have broke through that defence,”

“I predicted Archer would come back to haunt us. I wish we still had him on the bench. A mistake to let him go “

“I sat right next to the Sheffield United fans tonight and to be fair they were alright. I had my 9 year old with me and she enjoyed to it. Good bit of banter. But one prick through a vape at one of our fans and I think he didn’t get thrown out. Hope they have a good look at who did that because that could have hurt someone. “

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Villa”
  1. If we were so bad,crap,waste of space , then what the hell were they , along with there fans a set of moaning whingers that blamed everybody but themselves.

  2. All that nasty negativity and insults about our team and the officials and how we shouldn’t be in the prem. Let’s remember how you stayed in the league at the expense of Bournemouth Bad sportsmanship you took a goal back when it happened to you. Short memories and a total lack of class.

  3. If Blades were crap look at yourselves and ask why you were beaten. When VAR for once showed your player holding Our keeper you still moan about it. Plus Robbia elbow in the face and no red card. At least he didn’t do the high dive and stayed on his feet. You’ve no class and never will have.

  4. some very childish remarks , yes we did defend but didnt villa 2 years ago when they first arrived back
    just enjoy being in a good place and realise how lucky you are to have stayed up due to a goal line malfunction v us
    you just failed to find that moment of creativity till the 98th minute, it happens
    your manager was happy to get a draw in the end so should you lot

    we all think we should have won games , and feel robbed , we had that feeling when you equalised in the 8th minute of added time
    try getting results with 13 of your squad out injured

  5. Don’t like Villa fans, always moaning about something. Every time one their players went down, they were crying out for a free kick. We went with a game plan & it worked. Yes it wasn’t pretty, but for the last 25 mins are so, Villa were panicking when we went for the win. Set of whingers the lot of ya! UTB

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