Pre-Match View From Swindon

“i noticed in their local paper Clough seems to be trying to play mind games around the fact we were ‘celebrating as if we were already at Wembley.
I didn’t think that was the case at all personally, even given the euphoria of a last minute winner in front of the away fans.
He does come over a bit desperate.”

“Sounds like a manager (with a stupid budget) and a team under real pressure to me. Lovely stuff.”

“Yes, because if the boot had been on the other foot and they’d won 2-1 at the CG with a stoppage time winner the Sheffield Utd players wouldn’t have celebrated at all would they??
Fuck off you bitter northern cunts.”

“Ok we rode our luck at times and may have been a bit smash and grab; however Freeman’s comments would suggest he was playing in a different game to the one I was watching. Don’t think we overcelebrated at all, after the final whistle there was a line of stewards facing us lined up across the 18 yard line and at one point I didn’t think our players would come any nearer than that. Anyway a few of them did but for no extended length of time, don’t recall Cooper coming across at all. The only person who lingered was Yas but he’d (a) just been given MoM and (b) saw a couple of guys with an Iraqi flag in our end – if he’d found a couple of his countrymen 1000s of miles from home, can’t blame him really. Compare all this with Juventus players running arms linked from the halfway line to their fans the previous night (ok it was Real Madrid!) – that’s overcelebrating at the end of a first leg. Reaction from Clough and Freeman – it’s sour grapes, that’s all.”

“Monday’s game is set up to be a cracker. We’ve got a couple of hundred tickets left – most single seats.”

“Home end pretty much sold out for this the atmosphere is going to be rocking on Monday. The games come around so quickly I have only just got over coming out of Brammal Lane on Thursday night after witnessing us win their for the first time in god knows how long. I hope the Blades come out of the blocks and have a go at us as this will play right into our hands. I cant see Cooper changing much to be honest we just have to be patient and counter attack quickly which has brought us success in so many games this season.
Fingers crossed for a good entertaining game and of course a Swindon win”

“Preston fans celebrating like they have beaten us already….hang on…we’re not there yet…”

“Reading the Sheff Utd article you’d think they were some small minnows who put in a David vs. Goliath effort against the footballing might of Swindon.
For the first 20 mins we need to play possession football and tease them until they crack by the sounds of it.”

“Listening to Sky Sports you’d have thought it was Manchester United vs Chippenham Town, basically making it out we’re minnows who have never done fuck all and Sheffield are a world footballing powerhouse who are down on their luck.”

“Those of us who were fortunate enough to see the utter destruction and new arsehole tearing of SU at SN1 won’t forget that display in a hurry. Interestingly enough, neither will Clough. Clearly that does not guarentee anything tomorrow (OMG, tomorrow), however, in whose shoes would you rather be, Cooperman or Clough?”

“It will be vitally important to score first on Monday. Conceding first will obviously hand the momentum to SU.”

“The Play-Off pendulum probably has a few more swings in it yet, we’ve seen some heavy defeats at the CG this season. This isn’t over.”

“The way that Nigel Clough lost his composure in the latter part, and after the game; coupled with the calls for his head on Greasy Chip Butty fan forums really shows the amount of chaos around this Sheffield United team, in stark contrast to the always calm and collected (When he’s not jumping around the technical area) Cooper. I think if we get an early goal and get Clough all red faced and whiney again, we can take them apart.”

“Clough knows he’s in the shit and is just trying to distract from the fact he is a useless cunt of a manager.
With a big club with a big budget and fantastic fan base, he’s a total cock”

“Clough and Sheff Utd are just trying to generate a sense of injustice and something to ‘kick’ against on Monday night. Fair enough if he thinks that will help his team. I doubt it will.”

“Clough has got the dickhead gene”

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View From Swindon

Blades 1-2 Swindon

“Super result. Was more than happy with the 1-1 but what a fantastic strike at the death to give us a great advantage going into the second leg. Thought we were poor for the first 20 minutes and when we missed the penalty I feared the worst but we carried on and probably edged the tie by the end of the match.
I should know better but never, ever underestimate this Swindon team.”

“Fuck me, we played them off the park. OK they had a chance or 2 but you’ve got to give Cooper credit for resting all those players and coming up with a fantastic 70 minute performance.
We’ll fuck it up on Monday”

“I think you are getting a bit excited with that… We dominated 20 mins either side of halftime, but were under the cosh for the rest of the game.
Was grabbing a 1-1 with both hands with 15 mins to go, very happy with a 1 goal advantage. Still lots to do though.”

“Under the cosh? What game were you watching?”

“Emotionally drained what a result”

“Not sure how I’m going to cope with the second leg, my nerves are shot to pieces.”

“That will do”

“This isn’t over”

“We have a very good side but we’ve had a few “unusual” results this season to make me think this is far from over.”

“Far from over but that goal was a massive boost. We don’t do parking the bus so the advantage could be priceless come Monday.
One worry for us is our patchy home form. We have been sloppy at home lately.”

“Average performance, but a hell of a result! We ground that out. The Blades are a decent side. Fantastic energy and commitment early on. They should have had a penalty for the handball. They won all the 50/50s in the first half hour and their directness troubled us. It took their goal to wake us up, but even still (and missed
penalty aside) we were lucky to go in one down.
But we perked up and they got sloppy. Matt Done looked fantastic when he came on…. We were no better than them. I’d say they shaded it, but as an away side, you’ve got to hand it to our boys. Half a job well done.”

“I thought they were shit , a better team would of stuffed us but this is league one and we are all pretty similar”

“Hope the fact we rested our better players will really pay off on Monday, they seem to have a few injuries after tonight as well.
Gonna be nervous and could still go either way but if we can score first even their fans can’t see them scoring three!
Another away ground hoodoo broken, been a great season whatever happens, especially away from home.”

” tonight we weren’t very good. Luck was on our side at times. Some players need to up their game, especially if we move on a stage and encounter Beckford and Garner at Wembley. That’s if we get there. We still have some problems to address…..let’s not count our chickens…just yet.”

“Just got back home from Sheffield. Amazing second half, amazing atmosphere, amazing result. Fucking have that you Blades…..”

“The epiotome of a game of two halves. I would happily have taken the one nil and gone home at half time but Cooper sorted them out at the break. We looked sharper, hungrier and more aggressive After sleepwalking through the first half.”

” I just know it won’t be straightforward in the second leg but will fucking take that result all day long!”

“Clough – manager of big club under big pressure. Bound to want to blame someone else!”

“#twitterblades is top notch comedy for those who enjoy a side dish of schadenfreude”

“You fill up my senses, like an away win in Sheffield, like a header from Ricketts, and a long shot from Byrne..”

“Clough you twat”

“Clough is being a complete and utter wanker on sky ,moaning about s “disallowed goal” when the whistle has gone about 30 seconds before the ball has ended up in the net.bellend!”

“He’s a bit Steve Evans isn’t he? Must be something about playing Swindon which brings out the cunt in other managers.”

“Clough said that they should’ve had 3 pens…Fuck off !!!”

“Looked like some proper shit keeping from the Sheff U stopper?”

“He’d made some good saves up until that point. Hopefully his confidence has gone going into Monday.”

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Pre-Match View From Swindon

“Wouldnt read too much into our recent results. Its been mostly a team of young and fringe players.”

“Think our 11 picks itself. Good to see Louis T back with the squad today. Hopefully he may be available to play a part.
Judging by his reactions today to the crowd in the lap of honour I wouldn’t be surprised if he is involved. Didn’t look like a
man that’s done and dusted with us. Massive boost if that is the case. Good to see Williams net as well. He needed that goal
for his confidence.”

“Loving it that nobody gives a chance.”

“United would be my favourites now.”

“I was up there for the Sheffield away match this year and they just kicked lumps out of us all 2nd half.”

“Not sure we have played as well since Jan/Feb this year, but the potential is still there.
I think the key will be if at least one of the striker starts performing again.
It will be a tough match for us.”

“We have the quality. We cannot afford to start slowly. Anything can happen.”

“With our appalling record at Bramall Lane and their equally poor record at the CG penalties might be a good shout.”

“They’ll be expected to come at us first leg so that may suit us as we’re dangerous on the counter. Hopefully we can hold for a
draw first leg.”

“Going by the Sheffield United forum I fancy our chances of controlling the midfield if theirs is as bad as most of their fans
are suggesting.
For me, we go two up front, Obika and one other, the last thing we want to be doing is inviting pressure at a place like
Bramall Lane.
Go there positive and I think we can bring a decent result home, go there to nulify and we undoubtedly make one or two errors
that are always in us.”

“There is nobody left in the playoffs we haven’t beaten. There is nobody in the playoffs in shit hot form. We have as much
chance as anyone.”

“Glad Franchise are out of the way TBH, the other 3 are all meh”

“Strangely I think we could win this up at Brammal Lane. They will have to come at us and take the game to us which should give
us opportunities. 2-0 as has already been suggested be to much of a mountain to climb at the CG IMHO certainly based on current
It’s there for us to take if the players want it badly enough.”

“this team plainly has the ability but little of the heart, probably because it lacks any real leaders.”

“we finished 8 points above them,both teams are on a shit run but ours is partly due to “weaker” line-ups,theirs is
not.Therefore it is reasonable to belive we will prevail”

“Unbelievably, in the 8 games we have played against the 4 relegated teams we have amassed the grand total of 7 points out of a
possible 24″

“The whole season now comes down to who is motivated and plays to the best of their ability in the last 3 games of the season.
We know we can beat any of these teams with ease when we have motivation and application. This comes down almost as much to the
management as the players, motivation and preparation are vital.”

“Surely the odds just tell us who is being backed at the moment.
Sheffield Utd are a club with a bigger fanbase and as such will probably have more people putting a bet on them to win.”

“Blades knocked off probably before we did….we know they’re a good cup fighting team, and are used to playing big one off
type matches. We know they could have a big cup game v Spurs in the week and then make 10 changes and still beat us on the
Saturday. We know we’ve a terrible record at Bramall Lane. It’s quite conceivable given our defensive frailty that we could
be out of this on Thursday. Anything over a 2 goal deficit and I’d say game over.”

Cooper seems to want to go gung ho, from what he’s said…..think that’s right.

“If they were that good a good a “cup side” then they’d have won them all surely?!”

“They’ve dumped 5 Prem sides in cups over this season and last….narrowly lost to Spurs in the LC semi over 2 legs this
Of course it doesn’t mean they’re bound to beat us Thursday, because we know in PO’s anythhing can happen, but I don’t think
it’s outrageous to suggest we’re underdogs.”

“I’m rubbish at this lark. I just see the name ‘Sheffield United’ and think this will be really tough.”

“getting past Blades is going to be very difficult.”

“I’m thinking we could do Sheff Utd. Their form isn’t great. There will be a weight of expectation on them in front of 20,000+.
There won’t be so much expectation on us. We’ve got a few players with play off experience and a player in Luongo who could
really rise to the occasion. Surely, we’ve made just about every conceivable fuck up you could make at the back. “

“If you want cheering up, take a dip into the Blades forum.
Thought our lot on here were miserable, pessimistic old cunts.”

“Wow you’re right. All that pre-emptive wrist-slitting has made me more optimistic than anything else.Their fans could be our
13th man if things aren’t going their way!”

“looking at their entire forum it’s clear they’re not a happy bunch.”

“Our catastrophically leaky defence worries me somewhat. Kasim, Luongo and Gladwin showed glimpses in the second half at
Colchester and Obika and Hylton showed some injection of pace which I think we need at times and possibly going a bit gung-ho
might pay off. We’ll see.”

“Somehow, someway, somewhen, we will royally fuck this up.”

“Very nervous about this. As long as we’re in it by 1 goal I’ll be satisfied, have images of United scoring early and us being
out of the tie after the first leg with our defence, worst case scenario. Hope we’re not too insistent in playing in our own
half for this as I expect them to be all over us. Get it to our ball players in midfield asap and play from there.
If we score first im confident we can control the tie.”

“Looks like Clough is getting his excuses in early and seems as if he is content if they just don’t lose the first leg.
Negative vibes from Bramall Lane
Got a feeling it aint going to be close – we’ll either bomb them or get bombed”

“Clough said if they can’t win make sure they don’t lose.
Hardly the sort of thing his old man would have said”

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View From Chesterfield

“Enjoyed that think we made our point be interested to see what blades fans thought
Thanks for your generous clapping of our season. See you at Wembley?”

“Should have won that.”

“Shame for the league that they’re above us; the league table never lies, but it doesn’t tell whole truth!”

“I do think if each team can perform to their maximum, Sheff Utd are the worst in the PO mix”

“Is the official figure from us the 3,397 that the club put on Facebook?
Doesn’t really make sense as we were given 4,300 tickets and when I collected mine Friday afternoon I was told less than 100
were left.”

“They’re clearly not very intelligent in Sheffield, given that there was no A, B or C rows in the lower stand. I’m guessing
they can’t add up either.”

“Thinking back over the 35 years I’ve been watching Town, and I think that was the biggest league crowd I have seen us play

“Largest Sheffield Utd home crowd of the season
They only came to see the Spireites!! “

“Not bad turnout for a team that means nothing to em…..not a derby……ha ha……they got spanked especially 2nd half”

“From radio Sheffield.”Interviewer to cookie ,I think the best complement I can make is a sheff u fan said to me “I wish I could watch chesterfield’s style of football every week” cooks reply” We are only 8 miles away,come down and buy a season ticket” Love it just Love it. “

“Oh and as for annies song. How can they be out of their senses on barrel of magnet when they only sell sodding lager in the ground…..poor like their vocal support!!!! “

“Hats off to the team, mcnulty took their goal well, but overall we were better than them. “

“With Swindon blowing it, it could be a Spireites v Blunts final! “

“Well in that case get ready for championship football against those wembley bottle jobs “

“Preston & blunts both…..Preston 9 times in play-offs never won, Sheff Utd 7 times in play-offs never won. “

“I think the blades will be on the discovery channel…clough still does not know his best 11. “
“Like how they think they going to play preston in the worst 2 teams in the play off thread….idiots “

“Another thing to note was the panicking of MeEverley as soon as he had to cope with Armand. Something to store in the locker if we get em at Wembley.
We limited them to 1 chance which they took and then a deflection that flew past the post. They were awful to say they were at home. BUT SAYING THAT HOW BOTHERED WAS CLOUGH.”

“even radio sheffield said we were the better team “

“Should we have all gone in black ties today?
All we heard before the game and at half time were tributes to departed fans, and whilst there’s certainly a place for such stuff it was like being at a wake.
‘Sheffield United sponsored by the Coop Funeral Service’, perhaps.
And a mate of mine made a good point: was that pitch heavy after overnight rain or was the grass left deliberately long?
The ball just didn’t seem to roll truly which hampered the likes of Roberts and O’Shea, and as we play/ed far more football than a workmanlike Blunts outfit it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a cynical Clough tactic. Like having ball boys who left the fetching to Town players.
Either way Town were by far the more entertaining side, the only one of the two that actually wanted to win, it appeared.
Bottom line I’ve seen nothing to fear from Sheffyoo should we encounter them at Wembley.”

“I thought the announcer was spot on and even credited CFC Fans several times for our support and also our achievements this season.
He even said Good Luck and he looked forward to seeing us in the Final…..”

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Pre-Match View From Chesterfield

“Who would have believed at the start of the season this would be a nothing game for the right reasons?”

“In my mind it was a ‘good’ season if we weren’t already relegated and Sheff U couldn’t send us down on the last day. Going into it almost as equals means we’ve surpassed even my highest expectations. It’d worry me a little if we went into the playoffs without a win in 3 (and if we don’t score) but I’d understand Cookie (or indeed his caretaker 😉 ) resting players to avoid sendings off ….”

“I couldn’t care less who we get in the playoffs so this is just a party game/day for me. Still not sure how to work the pacman-mayweather into this session of a day.”

“I did initially want MK Dons, but the way they are playing at the moment I don’t fancy it. I’d prefer an out of sorts Swindon. On the flip side though I’d rather not risk injury to key players going into the playoffs. Tough to know how to play it”

“Best thing about this game is that we don’t have to give the Blunts a guard of honour on to the pitch, like i feared before a ball had been kicked.
Nice little bank holiday Sheffield sesh planned though.
Oh, and £29.00 for us exiles for a nowt match…i spat my cornflakes all over the iPad this morning reading that.”

“Not bothered about winning this one.”

“Suprise we’ce sold 2200 on first day of sales. Thought many wouldn’t bother. Day out in Sheffield is all I see it as, would like to beat em but not that arsed.”

“I don’t want to win on Sunday which is weird. Obviously I’d take it and be briefly happy but I couldn’t make a Monday night at Swindon. Plus , though MK are the better side (as per league table) our three wins against them have to be a minor mental edge.”

“Yeah i’d rather go MK on a Sunday.”

“Weird not wanting us to beat Sheff U, guess to make it feel like a win we could go 4-0 down and draw 4-4. Swindon on a Monday night won’t get the seal of approval im certain”

“I think we would have a better chance against Swindon, given their form, but as still think we would have a chance against Mk dons think I would prefer to finish 6th. However I still wants us to beat the blades so it will probably be Swindon. “

“We should always want to beat them and their big club mentality”

“I want us to do the double over the blunts”

“Would love to see little Chesterfield beat em in their own back yard. “

“I feel that we should try and manipulate the games in an attempt to play MK franchise in the play-offs.
Folks seem to be put off by their recent form but lets not forget that Dale nearly pulled it off the other night and defensively we are more than capable of beating them. Swindon/Preston more or less took us to the cleaners in our own back yard so I’ll take my chance at Wembley having banked the money.”

“Having watched us for more years than I care to remember, when we came up the first fixture I looked for was the blunts away and home… why?
Put simply I hate them! Always have, always will…probably because thousands of them ran over our pitch and tried to take our kop in the 80’s! Probably coz they can’t talk properly! Probably coz they are arrogant! Probably coz they wear red!
But for once I am off to ramall lane and couldn’t give a toss what happens…..because the only thing that matters is the play offs and stuffing them at Wembley and going up to the championship which would make my life complete! “

“Strange one for me…I know people differ but for me it’s Mansfield I detest ..Yes I look upon the games v the Sheffield teams as big games but it doesn’t have the same knife edge feel. Of course I would have been there in a flash but the fact the game was at first moved to Sunday, then became a bit of a damp squib regarding play-off qualification means I’ll be watching my lad play for his Sunday side. Of course in a way I wish I was going but in the bigger scheme of my life as a dyed in the wool Spireite I’m extremely indifferent to Sundays game..hope you have a great day mind you mate, and you bring home the “bacon”!”

“Quite simply I want us go there and win. We absolutely dismantled them in the home game and the scoreline flattered them due to them eventually working out we were basically playing rush goalie. We’re a better side than them and I fully expect us to show it on the day. We could do with the tonic of a win after two draw and a no shame defeat. “

“A loose family member of mine is a Wednesdayite, never really given them the time of day or enjoyed a conversation before today, funny what a hatred of the pigs will do!”

“I despise the Blunts and always have nothing so would give me more pleasure in a league game than beating them soundly playing football our way and sending all 20,000 plus of them into next week near suicidal.
Say what you like it would also give our collective confidence a massive boost before the play offs and would send a real message to the other 3 sides in them that we are not along for the ride
So let’s go over be loud, proud and give em a real tonking they won’t forget COYB’s “

“I’m going to abuse my body as much as possible and that’s all I’m bothered about, to be frank.”

“As long as we don’t get thrashed and/or get injuries or suspensions I’m easy.”

“remember the game in 82/83 very well as a load of sheffulders invaded the kop and smashed my head against one of those old standing barriers, its dead easy to say not too bothered until the day comes and we stand in the away end, out come our players, the whistle goes, of course we want to win, remember the win there in 89/90, Bruno double, lets go beat em “

“Heart says YES full strength side beat the Deedahs finish above them have a great day out.
Head says NO, Clough’s cloggers will be all out to cause injuries and suspensions to weaken us for the final and I don’t like the prize of winning, worry, worry, worry”

“Should we play Dan Jones?
Blunts will be out to wind him up “

“I will be happy with a draw and a narrow defeat wont be the end of the world, esp as we beat them at home. Its not a win at all costs game for me. I will enjoy not having to worry about the result. “

“I think it would be a shame for football if this team were to finish below Sheff Utd as I firmly believe we are a better side than that lot, let’s hope we make sure the league table tells the truth at the end of it! “


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