“Thank god thats over..”

“Below par but let’s not panic. 25 unbeaten at Ewood, solid start to the season and came undone against a pretty good Sheff Utd team, played some nice stuff. We’ll have these nights throughout the season.”

“Rovers were not at the races tonight and Sheff Utd were in full control for most of the match and deserved all 3 points. They are a good side and the best team I have seen at Ewood so far this season.”

“Fair play to Sheff Utd tonight, they were much sharper than us, organised and stopped us from playing. Best side I’ve seen so far this season.”

“Best side I’ve seen at Ewood in over a year, can’t lie we played dreadful but can’t take that away from Sheff Utd.”

“Best side too have come to Ewood this season for me. They controlled the game and out classed and out played them. Too say Forest have spent a bit this summer, Sheff United are twice the team they are. We never looked like breaking them down. Dack was a no show, Graham had no service and when he did win a header they were first too every ball. The same when one of our centre halves won a header, they were always first to the second ball. It just shows you can be successful in this league without splashing the cash”

“best side I seen play against us this year.”

“can see why sheff united are up there near the top, they look really good”

“Beaten by a team we aspire to follow in the footsteps of. Well done to Sheff Utd. We go again”

“first lesson of the season. Out classed.”

“Out of our depth against a excellent footballing side. It was almost as if the players gave up due to lack of ability.”

“Outclassed, outplayed and we looked a league lower.”

“first time this season were we havent at least dominated half of the game.sheffutd decent side though”

“Very impressed with Sheff U. No shame in losing to a team that has just gone top of the league.”

“Well beaten by a far superior side.”

“we are a newly promoted side and the side we played, last season set the standard for newly promoted sides. That’s what we should be aiming for”

“We were beaten by a better drilled, stronger, fitter side.”

“Very poor tonight. Sheff Utd very hard to break down.”

Sheff Utd defence impressive”

Sheff Utd well organised albeit fortunate with their goals but deserved to win from all round play.”

“O’Connell is a beast. Did he really go on a free?”

“Letting O’Connell go and on a free was criminal. It was obvious he was gOod enough back then”

“Brereton looks a bombscare signing. Billy sharp showing exatly the type of striker we need for this league not this prima Donna”

“6 million for a kid who uses 2 mins to tie his shoelaces.. ”

“Brereton so far looks absolute shocking. Sheff utd literally just sat in till we gave them the ball and hit on the counter. They didn’t have to do anything special”

“2-0 flattered us big time .It really frustrates me because we were played off the park…and not by Barcelona or even Crystal Palace, I hasten to add…”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Blackburn”
  1. Quite simply the the most honest and flattering view from any opposing fans I’ve ever seen usually it’s sour grapes but I’m well chuffed with those..fair play Blackburn Rovers fans and thanks

  2. Thank you for those kind remarks about The Blades. This sides been transformed by Chris Wilder over the last three seasons. Playing good attractive football. Great to watch. Best united side I’ve witnessed in my lifetime of watching them.

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