“Thankfully, the international break intervenes, to prevent Hull City from embarrassing themselves further in the Championship. Another lame performance from the Tigers ends in predictable defeat for the visitors”

“Poor again. Actually thought we’d get something today. I was wrong. Could of gone 1-0 up from a header, great save. Dicko scores but was offside. They got a pen. We’re also bottom”

“Well OK we lost, but not a tonking.”

“City played alright today. Deserved a point. Signs of promise, despite weird team selections.”

“first half wasn’t good. But 2nd we did alright but just didn’t create enough clear chances”

“Shame that, last 20 we looked alright, had them pinned back. Starting 11 lacked any cutting edge, nige almost as clueless as ehab”

“I think that was largely down to them managing the game and protecting their lead.”

“we don’t give away a stupid penalty we’d be talking about a hard earned point, Henriksen scores from a free header before their goal and we have a different game. All ifs and buts but, games all about fine margins.”

“Well struck pen – **** knows what it was given for”

“Definately a penalty, clear pull on their player. Our player who it was against just walked away without even looking at the ref he knew it was a Penalty.

“Was definitely a penalty, stupid pull when player was facing away from goal”

“Definite pen.”

“Elphick. ****ing idiot. Thanks”

“We are now bottom of the league and Sheffield United are top. Shows how poor this league is. Very worrying times though….”

“Adkins could / should have been a bit more positive with his selection, but to be fair, he almost pulled it off ….. if it weren’t for a player making a ****wit decision to give a stupid needless penalty away. You can’t blame Adkins for that.”

“Thanks Nige, we’ve lost to both of our local rivals in the last 3 games, if you can’t get the players up and buzzing for derby matches you can’t against the others, 1 goal by dodgy pen in last 3 games”

“NA is the kind of bloke who’d call relegation a positive…..The biggest surprise is that its taken 6th of October to hit rock bottom”

“Our team on paper is better than 10 teams in this division, so the conclusion has to be the manager isn’t good enough. It’s an international break and Blunts fans would love to have sacked him…”


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