“Looking forward to another decent trip on Saturday against Sheffield United. Up against another quality side chasing promotion. One of my favorite grounds as well.”

“Sheffield United > Sheffield Wednesday. Ground, fans, away day in general. All better. By a mile.”

“We’re gonna get battered if I’m honest. Hope it’s not 4 like last season”

“can’t see us troubling Sheff Utd at the weekend”

“Play Stewart and Henriksen in midfield that way we will dominate possession and have that added bite.
After playing Barcelona it’s going to be tough against Real Madrid.”

“i was reading a sheff utd ****s forum after their 2nd game against boro when they lost 3-0
fans were saying wilder has to go
he’s not the man for the job
that he’s done all he can, he can’t pick the righ tteam
now they are joint top of the championship Then again they then got Norwood”

“If/When Sheff Utd batter us Saturday, with the break coming up directly after… this must be the end for Adkins. Say what you want about finance,off field issues…we are getting worse progressively under him. I cannot see a scenario where he even nearly keeps us up.”

“Hull City’s biggest derby of the season is actually on Saturday, against Sheffield United. The Nigel Adkins derby Fans fighting over who was shitter under Adkins. An all out fight before twitter turns into a support group. Can’t wait.”

“this is least enjoyable Hull side to watch in 20 years. So so boring to watch. Slutsky got the bullet for being ten times more entertaining.”

“I’ve heard enough of Adkins bull**it, its tedious and on top of that I’m not impressed by his tactics, or lack of!
Personally Nigel, you walked into a firestorm, its raging around you and the flames are engulfing you, do us all a favour and go!”

“The over positivity is sickening and unnecessary. The long ball is mind numbing and ineffective. There are young talented coaches and managers that would come. We are down with bells on otherwise. We can’t play any duller fare and have nothing to lose.”

“More guff from todays pre-match conference…everyone wants to see the stadium full….doesn’t he talk to Enob?….the group is working hard….yada yada!!”

“He does some daft things, he doesn’t inspire and he talks utter bollocks.
Apart from that, he’s alright.”

“if he could have brought in some of his first choice transfers such has Norwood, McKenna ect we would be in a much better position than we are now. He has made some strange decisions but hasn’t a lot to work with, it dosnt help neither with the bad atmosphere around the club”

“give him the chance and then judge fairly after a reasonable shot at it. He did a great job at Scunny and Southampton. Not realistic to judge him on Reading given the circumstances. He’s a decent manager and a good guy who deserves much better.”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Hull”
  1. atkins managed sheff u he was poor same old dribble week in week out got sacked finished 10th worst place finish whilst in div one no one ever said out how bad about wilder every one only has praise for the man you will get stuffed gud proper sat

  2. Thanks Roy. Appreciate your honesty. Glad you prefer the Lane. I’ll be there with some relatives; Tigers fans. UTB.

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