“2 o’clock put my adopted son on the teamsheet and leave 2.5mill worth of players on bench.3 oclock witness first wellie up the field of the day.start clapping.tell my players not to challenge oppo just let them pass the ball about at will.start clapping.3.15 get my pad and pen out(seen em do it on tele).write down instructions.6 eggs loaf of bread and pint of milk.give it to livers.my son nearly touches ball I tell him to stop it.go 1 down massive 5 foot 4 striker with free header.half time no changes.get a goal out of nothing gregs scores a one on one.i bollock him for missing the goalies legs.livers sidles up and says it’s time to revert to 1 10 formation.stay in our half for rest of game waiting for the inevitable.while talking to livers goal goes in but carry on talking anyway.take son off congratulate him on not touching the ball all game.start clapping(sorry I can’t help myself).game ends sheep sing super Neil I clap.next week rinse and repeat.”

“A disappointing result after an improved second half display. We were running around with our tongues hanging out. Their McGoldrick was coming short, linking the play, turning into us and pulling some of the strings and we were finding it tough to get the ball. For the first fifteen minutes it looked as if it could have been a real afternoon to forget. Their Sharp was running all over the place. They ran hard to try and get back into it. They had a lot of help from the ref who was made of regular brown stuff. Right in front of us he gave two free kicks which were completely wrong. Gregory was totally baffled by the first and second which looked like firm challenges on Sharp who could fall over after the slightlest of contacts. Neither of those ref’s errors led to a goal so he gave them another chance. Some slick passing saw a cross into our six yard box and McGlodrick tucked it away.”

“The team should look at the performance of Shef Utd No 21 Duffy, he ran midfield And popped up everywhere.”

“second penalty was the most stupid thing Williams could have done, stonewall pen””We should put an advert out:”Come from a grim pronvicial shithole that will be even more fucked & depressing after Brexit, making you have to live vicariously through your football team to experience any joy? Do not despair. Enjoy a nice day out in London, which will be thriving after the UK leaves Europe and enjoy the best 10 minutes of your pointless life at The Den. Just ask the losers of Middlesbrough, Swansea, Leeds and Sheffield about their experiences.”

“After second goal their goal scorer ran to get the ball out of the net basically because they fancied getting a winner.
Amos held on to it as though to say we’d be happy with a draw.
Not great body language for a home team”

“On the third goal or defenders both standing either side of the goal scorer, they was both in the right place at the right time, the cross was perfect and there is not much you can do about that”

“Was a well played goal by them just so happened it was at the end of the game, make no odds about it the ref has really done us, he changed the game, everyone will remember the late goal due to the goals we have let in late in other games, but we didn’t play to bad Amos, Leonard, Gregory & Romeo played good, Shef Utd are a good team quick passes in the last 3rd of the pitch”

“My problem is when we went in front yet again we done that silly 10 men behind the ball thing that we do where we just let the opposition have the ball and say ‘come at us’ and again we’ve pissed away the points.When they scored that penalty only one team was ever gonna win that match today, and it wasn’t us. Sheff Utd kept coming at us and it was only a matter of time, they got their reward. I only wish we could be that brave when attacking a game, again we’ve been done by a team with better fitness, and more desire to get the points than us.”

“What we were doing was working. Sheffield were rattled.
Yes, they worked very hard and they have experienced, skillful players.
BUT, we stopped doing what was working, and invited them to hit us on the chin.
So, they did.To put it another way, if we have the ball in their half, even the refs we get can’t give penalties against us.”

“Sheff Utd for the taking but we run out of gas and ideas. I can’t actually blame the players, this is a game management problem from the touchline.”

“The difference in us and Shef Utd is, they was spot on with their passing, and today every second ball dropped for them, and the ref gave every 50/50 to them, only twice in the second have did the ref give us 2 free kicks, other then that they got everything from him”

“At the moment Bradshaw joined the club to score goals but does not play has he is similar type player to Gregory but Moro will play but he does not score so should we have looked for a younger Moro type player who scores goals rather than a Bradshaw type player as we already have Gregory until he leaves in Jan to join Sheff Utd as he is a Sheffield lad.”


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