“Time to get my ‘capital one cup winners 2015’ tattoo done then… “

“Might be a bananna skin if it were just the single game, but this is over two legs so I think we’ll easily be too much for SU in the semis. Wembley here we come, and it ought to be an entertaining final. “

“I’m normally a very vey pessimistic spurs fan. But on this occason, hotel at Wembley BOOKED!!!!! “

“Gonna be fucking hilarious looking back through these comments when they knock us out “

“If u knew anything about Spurs & Spurs fans then you know that most of us expect the worst. That said , you are 5th in the 3rd tier of english football, to hope or dare to think that we should win is no biggie .”

“Southampton was a big scalp, they are a decent team, but it was at your place so you had that advantage over them. The West Ham one wasn’t when they were in the top half of the table far as I remember. They are having a good blip but they aren’t a top seven side are they. They could go on to get relegated next year. My point is that you haven’t faced the likes of us in a fair matchup. I think we’ll be far too much for you. But I also think we need to take it very seriously and not think we’ve already won it. “

“Went to the West Ham vs Sheffield game and West Ham had a reserve team / boarder first team players playing alongside a few first team regulars. Doesn’t really tell us anything. “

“How many yids do we reckon will be in Sheffield at a guess then ? Heard quite a few will be sitting in there end “

“Not sure if the Spam and the Saints took the game against you for granted but believe me every Spurs fan is not underestimating the challenge and knows your boys will be up for it big time, we want our full sqaud playing against you. “

“I really hope that we prove too much for them at WHL and just close the tie down in the first leg. Even at their place, if they are three goals down their confidence will be erroded. Two goals down and we’d only need a goal more I think, but we might struggle if we conceeded first. Although they have beaten a number of prem teams, they have been struggling teams who have gone on to get relegated, and finished mid table or below. There is a big difference in class between such teams and a top six or seven side. There is no doubt that we will prove a much sterner test than what they have faced previously. Kane recently destroyed one of the best defences in the country pretty much on his own, Eriksen is different class, as is Lloris. We should win this comfortably, but it is all important to make the most of the advantage of being at home, not underestimate them, but to begin with the right attitude and get a decent result. They are in league 1 for a reason and we are a prem league top six side for a reason, let’s go out there and show them that. “

“They comfortably beat Southampton. “

“Here is a roundup of who they’ve beaten.

Fulham, who in the same season got relegated, and are now a mid-to-bottom half team in the Championship. None of their players would make it into our squad.

Aston Villa, currently 14th which is their level. Benteke would make it into our squad, but would anyone else?

West Ham, who they beat on penalties – current form notwithstanding, they are a bottom-half of the prem team, and have even spent some time in the Championship in recent years.

Southampton under Koeman – this is the only one where you can say that some of their players would make it into our squad. This was a decent result for the Blades. But they were at home at Bramall Lane.

Oh yeah, and QPR. You know, the team that everyman and has dog has beaten. They’re bottom of the Prem and will be playing in the Championship next season.

They haven’t won all the premier league ties either though. They failed to beat Hull at Wembley, losing 5-3. We just beat English football’s league leaders 5-3. Hull were better than them, and we are better than them too. Hull are currently sitting in the relegation zone as well.

So I think we have every reason to be confident about this tie, we are definately better than them by some way, and this is an even tie, not a single game at their place as Southampton had. But they are a decent league one side, they have belief, and will give it a real go, so we need to be ready, take it seriously, and take the game too them and win the tie.”

“It’s a game we should win easily on paper. But that’s all it is. On paper. The reality is that the blades are as close to a cup final as we are & probably think they got the best draw they could too. I’m sure that over two legs we have enough in the tank to do the job, but to Have an eye on cup final day is a fucking big mistake “

“We need to take a 3 goal lead to Bramall lane otherwise it could be a bad night..
They have this unbelievable belief against prem clubs in the cup and will make it very difficult. “

“This Is a league one side we’re talking about here. Take a 2 goal lead to theirs, score 1 away goal and they’d have to score 4? “

“Can’t wait for this, it will be rocking. “

“Difference being, we will not underestimate them as others have to their peril. It’s a semi final, both teams will be up for it, both team will give it all. This is normally a nutraliser and the games of this nature are normally close. The difference will be quality of some players and Im sure we have far more quality players than them and should over two legs get the result we desire and if we play well, deserve. “

“Our players have a great chance of getting to Wembley for a major cup final, but if they don’t succeed the chance will possibly come again. For Sheff Utd players this is probably the only chance they will have in their career so you would assume they will give beyond everything.
All I am saying is this is not the Gimme that people are saying. if we win 1-0 or 2-1 then I would watch the 2nd leg from behind the sofa and expect the worst. “

“Wow, by the looks of it they are bringing 19 coaches full of their fans down to WHL. “

“Buzzing for this let’s hope the yids take over Sheffield ! “

“4000 Yids in Sheffield on a Wednesday night with no trains back to London, love it! “

“Losing to sheffield would be so spursy”

 “The same club who allowed a convicted rapist to train with them, whose owners described the public outrage about this decision as ‘mob justice’, whose fans made threats to rape Jessica Ennis (a national icon, who no longer wanted to be associated with you, because of Ched Evans) and were heard chanting:


I cannot respect any club or its fans that have this sort of mentality, you are down there with anti-sematic, racist & cunty West Spam supporters, as being the lowest of the low.

I hope we thrash your lot at least 7-0 on aggregate. #COYS #YIDARMY “

“when we lost to Pompey a few years ago, they were a premier league team, they now play in the same league as Sheffield United having lost every good player they had, so there is a huge gap in quality. I have respect for Sheffield United, they have knocked out two prem league teams – albeit ones that have finished lower than us for the last five, ten, years – but still, it’s a fabulous achievement for a small club having already knocked out two prem league teams already. But, we are a bigger club than Wet Spam and Southampton. This is over two legs. I just don’t see us losing, and there is nothing wrong with that. You can still respect a club while acknowledging the gap in quality. Why should we think a team two leagues below us has any chance over two legs? We have a lot more quality than they do. Would any of their squad make it into ours? Even on the bench? The two legs protects against freak results. I think over two legs we’ll win by 3 or 4 goals. Sorry if Sheffield United fans don’t like it, it’s nothing personal, just realism.”

“ Can’t wait to smash these whippet walking, flat cap wearing, Carlos Tevez blaming, rapist supporting, third rate shysters. COYS!
( no offence to Yorkshire, Yorkshire_Spurs, you’re mint)”

 “LOL at Bramall Lane terrifying us. We’ve been to Besiktas, Istanbul and Partizan, Belgrade away already this season. 
Sheffield will be the one to terrify us doe”

“We’re off to Wembley for sure. Sheffield can do nothing but cutlery. “

“If the players are as over-confident as many of you lot are then I fear for the worst. But I believe that Poch will make sure they aren’t and that they will go into the these 2 games with the “proper” attitude… “

Where is all this overconfidence/arrogance coming from?
It’s almost like we’ve never seen Spurs fuck something up before…. “

“They hammered QPR at Loftus Road the other day, and have taken quite a few PL scalps over the last couple years. Clough has made a proper cup team out of Sheffield United, and I have every expectation that we’ll see a strong performance from them come the day. Unless we’re on form, there’s every reason to believe they could make the tie very interesting. “

“Sheffield is probably not much worse than Milan. Apart from the very centre Milan is a shit hole! “

“Bramall Lane’s a shabby stadium but has a great atmosphere “

“That’s what I like about both Sheffield stadiums. They’re old, got character but they’re also big. With Tottenham in town and a sensible ticket price, it should be a decent crowd in there in terms of numbers, unless we batter them 6-0 in the first leg!”

“ Smash em at home, reserve side 2nd leg assuming we have enough of a lead. If we can get 3 goals up in the first leg, there is no way in hell our 2nd side would lose by that many in the return leg. “

“Think the first leg at home will be a tricky one if Sheffield sit back – likely result is a small win so we’ll need to score goals in the 2nd leg when I expect Sheffield to go all out to win, they’ve nothing to loose then. “

“If Mason is available I think I’d still leave him out of the starting XI as Sheff Utd will be physical.”

“Sheffield United will work tirelessly, be combative and look to disrupt our play. We need to impose ourselves from the first whistle and take a healthy lead to Bramall Lane. I would not want to head there in a week’s time with a slender lead. “

“Personally I would play the first team get a big lead”

“Sheffield have nothing to lose, everything to gain . They will be up for it and want to surprise us.” 

“Looking at their forums it took me a while to realise that UTB didnt mean Up The Bum”

“All those Blades fans calling us cocky for simply acknowledging that they are the rank outsiders to win the thing based on league level/form and then using outdated cliches and stereotypes to dismiss us such as the notion that we’re crap away from home and are just a bunch of Johnny Foreigners (even though our top scorer is English and 2 of our Englishmen came through THEIR academy).
Hmm, I know which sounds more cocky to me. “

“It’s just fans isn’t it? If we were playing Real madrid, we’d probably be critical of their ‘arrogance’ if they were equally as dismissive of us.
Nobody really likes to believe that their team is set for a pounding, expecially if they have decent recent history of beating PL teams in the cup.”

“I’m not taking them lightly but the teams they have beaten have been reserve teams of poor sides. 
We will cruise through and face Chelsea in the final, repeat of 08?”

“ I don’t think it matters which league they are in, this is death or glory for them, there will be no prisoners taken and if we switch off we could get penetrated up the tradesman’s entrance with no lube and definitely no reach round!
The Blades have already knocked out 2 Premiership sides from cup competitions this year, they beat QPR to get to this semi-final and Southampton to progress in the FA Cup, anyone thinking this will be an easy games is a numpty of the highest order. “

“Sheffield United head to White Hart Lane hoping to claim their sixth Premier League scalp in the space of 12 months “

“Whats not to like about United?
They hate West Ham as much or even more than we do. Chalk one up in the plus column. “

“Just out of interest I checked the League One form guide.
Surprisingly Sheffield United are currently 19th out of 24 over the last 10 games. Obviously doesn’t count for much given how much of a charity we are to any out of form team, but it undermines the notion that they are in a good patch of form (which I also believed). “

By Roy

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