“I am guessing McEveley hasn’t been watching highlights of Soldado’s finishing”

“I think the problem isn’t with a poor performance is with the stupid unrealistic expectations of some on here. They reached the semi finals FFS they’re no pushovers.”

“People were shitting it pre-game. We won to nil.
Take it. One foot in the final.”

“Well, on the basis of that performance everyone from Levy down should be fired.
I never know quite how to react to these games….
Sheffield United parked the bus and tried to hit us on the right wing, they never got a shot on target but successfully stifled us. we were too narrow at times and missed Chadli and neither Kane or Eriksen were in their most effective positions, we did enough to win it, it wasn’t pretty but it was never going to be.”

“Yeah, they didn’t really threaten at all. I know that they’d be expected to do better at their place, but their shots were woeful, many going hugely wide or high”

“they did not manage a single shot on target, we could have put Friedel in and it would make not an iota of difference.”

“what happened outside in the Park Lane after the game…? All got a bit ’70s nawty with some of the Yorkshire types didn’t it… Most surprising!!”

“Fuck it, still in the tie, they get an early goal next week and things will get a wee bit sweaty”

“They had 0 attempts on target today”

“Townsend = Ben Eltons love child.”

“Fuck ’em. We played badly and won. At this point in the competition, it’s all about winning. Couldn’t give a shit if we have another stinker next leg but draw/scrape a win, then have a stinker in the final and scrape that too.”

“Sheffiel was very organized and we played very poorly. Decent result.”

“Astonishingly poor performance. I’m embarrassed.”

“Glad we won, but thats the only postive that can be taken from today. Absolute shit.”

“Sad thing is the media will only concentrate on the ‘great’ perfomance by them not the shit one by us”

“Pochettino is actually performing a mastery of the act of trolling. First leg only 1-0. Sheffield think they have a chance, but no, second leg, we time waste the fuck out of them. FT: 0-0 and Pochettino gives Clough a smile and a big thumbs up.”

“This is Spurs, the club that manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
if they score 1 goal against us, we’ll implode and panic. Nearly there, but could quite easily be nearly out, knowing us.”

“Great cup tie. We weren’t brilliant but dominated for the most part. Sheffield Utd raised their game & matched us in parts. It’s the perfect result for sky in both matches. One dead level between “2 giants” (as the commentator said in the opening few seconds) & this one finely balanced. Narrow advantage, but playing away against a side who have taken a few scalps. It’s almost scripted”

“Sheff United had nothing to lose tonight except the game which they did and get lost in traffic.”

“Not the game I expected. We didnt reach top gear, and they were no threat in attack whatsoever. Thought the ref was shocking, didnt give us a single thing, just lucky their were no bid decision momements. Penalty was impossible for him not to give thankfully.
I thought we were very professional, Poch basically treating it like a normal tie rather than a potential banana skin. I think he is probably happy with the advantage we have. Taking a goal with us to theirs, I’d be surprised if they could overturn us. They need two goals do they, because of away goals?
They have to attack us now and that means we counter them. Also, they have a game at the weekend too, but our fitness level is clearly higher than theirs.”

“So as long as they don’t get crazy luck…you know, against Spurs…then we should be alright”

“Poor poor game from us.”

“Bramhall Lane a proper stadium? Hillsborough yes…..not Bramhall lane, shot ground and the Blades have a much higher than average ratio of pikey supporters making it a shit place to visit.”

“Only 2 teams worth mentioning in Sheffield.
Sheffield Wednesday, and Sheffield Wednesday reserves”

“Win’s a win, but that was awful. Pretty worrying considering we have another 3 games in 10 days.”

“We play better away so we will smash them “UP NORTH”!”

“The thing is, speaking to Sheffeld United fans in person they’re not that bad, on twitter and forums they’re some the biggest drips, weapons and troglodytes going.”

“Awful performance and only just got there with the result.”

“important thing is we didn’t concede.”

“I hope their not referring to Bramall Lane as a ‘proper ground’…fucking shit hole piss toilet”

“Clough just looks like a whiney cunt”

“Take that you steel bothering flat caps”

“Expecting Townsend to do a tep over before the pen”

“I expect to see that Blades corner tactic sweep the top flight. Take note Stoke”

“Nigel Clough can fuck off as well, the smirking giggling wee cunt.”

“Nigel Clough looks like the type of guy who is a real cunt to his wife and shouts at her in public.”

“Our fitness has to show in this”

“Fuck sake, embarrassing.”

“Eriksen played like a League One player.”

“3-0 is the least we should be getting against a League One team. Fuck who they’ve beaten before. They got beat by MK Dons a few days ago.”

“Crowd sounded good”

“Why would you believe we’d get 3-0 against them? I think we’re underrating them, they know how to play and beat prem teams.”

“Townsend stepover drinking game…….”

“An insipid performance”

“They really are a bunch of pansies for all the big talk.”

“Townsaid plays football in real life like how i play fifa.”

“They played like warrior poets from Braveheatt.”

“I think we all knew how they would play and it’s all about taking advantage next week when they try and attack us, leaving themselves more open over the pitch. They worked their arses off tonight and made it very difficult for us.”

“For me, It was a really good match up tonight & showed that there are no “favourites” to go through in any cup competition. I would show the opposition some respect for that.”

“Some credit needs to go to Sheffield.
Were people really expecting us to spank them. They gave it all, were very organised and set their team up to stop us scoring. We dominated possession and didn’t let them have a shot on target. Started Ade aswell which did us no favours”

“We were not playing Sheffield! We were playing the small team from Sheffield, the Blades, United, not bloody Sheffield”

“I honestly didn’t hear their fans at all during the game… apart from the flare, and a bit of rowdiness outside afterwards, I genuinely forgot they were there!”

“I thought Sheffield Utd played a very good game. They didn’t play scared at all. They were committed to challenging knowing Spurs can turn it down the pitch quickly. They simply expected it.”

“If you were watching that as a neutral, you would have come away entertained. That makes it a great cup tie in my book. Not a great result or performance from a Spurs point of view, but I think to say “we were shit” actually does a disservice to how well Clough’s lads played tonight.”

“It wasn’t the prettiest, but I think deep down we knew it was going to be difficult. It will be another hard slog at their place, but we can do it! COYS!”

“In all honesty, two Championship teams, a Championship level match… A step up for Utd and a big one down for us.
The commentator was saying that there is a 46 position difference between the two teams but it didn’t look like that”

“Absolutely pathetic. Bill Shankley said of one of his players” can’t tackle, can’t head, can’t dribble, can’t pass, can’t shoot, apart from that he is great ” just about sums us up tonight”

“Next weeks game is going to be interesting, we know we can play better, and blades cant sit back so there is a good chance we can take this, but why have I that feeling that its going to go to penalty’s”

“Fair play to Utd, they worked their socks off and deserve to only be a goal behind.”

“Anyone who thought this would be a comfortable win must have not seen us play at Home this season and must have not seen the Blades’ performances in the Cup so far.”

“Think a bit of respect is due to Blades rather than knocking the Spurs players performance. Wasn’t the best game from Tottenham but certainly wasn’t the worst, Sheffield United on the other hand played like Premier League opposition. They defended diligently and with great organisation to limit chances for the likes of Kane, Eriksen and Ade but also attacked with a lot of energy and endeavour which made it hard for the full backs to send our team into full on bombardment mentality. I think the bigger question from it is how are Sheffield United 7th in League one, rather than how are Spurs 6th in the Prem”

“Shefield United were very good.”

“We were awful, that was one of the most boring games I have ever watched, we cant create chance against a team who are struggling to win a game in league 1, “

“Sheffield United: 10 out of 10. Completely surprised me”

“They were ok for a League 1 team, nothing special. Even a midtable EPL side like Spurs should win this one pretty easy.”

“Painful to watch”

“All credit to United,. They were fantastic”

“Another embarrassing perfomance”

“kudos to Utd.”

“Walker is just getting worse and worse with every game. More than willing to allow him time but we can’t afford these declining performances”

“At home against Sheff Utd and we are talking about our centre havles and our limited deep lying water carrier all having decent games! Says it all”

“Walker was awful”

“That was just an awful, lacklustre preformance, no pressing, poor passing and zero creativity, Kane and Eriksen were poor, but Walker, Davies, Ade and Townsend were atrocious. Erase that game from memory and move on.”

“Complete crap performance all round.”

“Fantastic result. Earlier in the season we were losing to bus parkers -now we are winning. 4 home wins in a row scoring 12 goals-it’s all about Andros.”

“One of those nights where I don’t think anyone came out with any credit really, particularly Poch. From a tactical perspective I was totally unimpressed, bored even.”

“If the blades play like that next week we win, no contest. They came for a draw, they fucked up, they are 1-0 down. Now they have to score 2, they didn’t even have a shot on target, the couple of shots they did have showed us how shit they are, there is absolutely now threat at all, none, nothing.
Absolute piece of piss to put 11 men behind the ball any good manager can organise his team to do that. different ball game altogether to set your team up to win a game. If thier shitehouse of a team had any quality in it they would have set up to play football, they didn’t set up like that because they are shit.”

“Honestly terrible night out. Nothing to do with the football either, though it wasn’t sparkling. The negativity where I was sat in the Park Lane was unbelievable.

One guy shaking with rage yelling at Walker that he was a wanker all game. Some guys behind me yelling constantly, “it’s all fucking sideways passes” then when we play a ball long, “WHY ARE WE PLAYING LONG BALL AGAINST THESE MUGS”. I’ll never forget that Sheffield United are in League one considering how the guys around me carried on continually about how we couldn’t handle a facking league one side.
It was honestly an exhausting experience. I think I’m going to put a hot towel on my head and have a lie down. I actually have to write an essay now and think I’ll enjoy it more than the game.”

By Roy

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