Blades 2-2 Spurs (Spurs win 3-2 on aggregate) 

“Like a cruel mistress we gave them hope and took it away at the end. That was always the plan wasn’t it?”

“Fuck me they are raving about SU’s 2 chances (apart from the goals) which all game, bar one, in the last 10/15 mins as if they should have won it.
What about the 5 shots on target Kane had, the 2 Mason had and the 3 other Eriksen had on target besides his 2 goals?
Fuck me, we also had enough chances in the first half to make them need 6 goals to force ET. They, lie theirs, never went in.
It’s like they are saying they deserved to win and if it wasn’t for Eriksen’s 2nd, Flynn – with is 5-10 min cameo – would have been MOTM, despite all the chances we had down their right?
Robinson – the one ex spurs pundit they could pick from East Yorkshire and Beagrie the North Yorkshireman and former SU player are hardly neutral are they?
When Robinson said ‘that’s the sign of a keeper low in confidence” or something to that effect when Vorm had the ball knocked out of his hand by their players arm got my nut. I thought the rules were that if a keeper has the ball in both his hands he is in control of the ball. Isn’t it then a foul if it is knocked out of his hands when challenged by an opponent?
He obviously never saw the saves the ‘out of form’ keeper made recently. “

“See you all in the Green Man. YidArrrrrrrrrrrmy. COYS”

 “we switched off collectively for 10-15mins and handed them a lifeline. I like to think we toyed with them, gave them a chance and then said “nah, you’ve had your fun, now bugger off while we nick one at the end to get to Wembley….Wembley, Wembly”

“it looked to me at least like the ENTIRE TEAM switched off for about 10 minutes there when Sheffield was running rampant.”

  “wembley here we come!!!…intense match but we did it. “

“They exposed us down our left side. Eriksen was non-existent tracking back, Davies got beat so easily on multiple occasions he might as well have not been there for those last 10 mins.”

  “Well that had something for everyone to enjoy, the trolls got to say how shite we are so they’re happy, we’re going to Wembley so we’re all happy, I got to add a couple of arseholes to my ignore list so I’m even more happy. Yay! Well done Blades you gave us two really tough games you should all be proud – except Basham you’re a kunt. “

“To be fair, it never really should have been close. The tie should have been put to bed in the first half had we just put away one or two of the multitude of wonderful chances we had. But credit to the Blades for never giving up and fighting for a full 90. “

“Sheffield Utd fighting back shows less about Dembele & more about Paulinho to be honest “

“Great sub appearance for their young lad.”

“Well done for seeing it through in the end…delighted to be in the final but we made things difficult for ourselves (of course)
I still maintain the composure in this side is horrible. Amount of wasted chances was just silly and then to very nearly chuck it all away within a few minutes of play wasn’t good enough.”

“Whew. So glad we toughed that one out.”

“Well done to survive that in the end. Scary stuff. “

“Glad we came out on top. Sheffield was never push-overs – we should have killed this match long ago though.”

  “We conceded twice within 2 minutes against a league 1 side, of course people are going to be annoyed”

“A League 1 side who has shown the capability to beat good opposition multiple times. The cup record is very good under the current manager. They were never a push over. Stop throwing that League 1 sh** out there is a League Cup semi! “

“The dive from Basham was hilarious after…what the hell. “

“What was that f**king clown doing going to ground as if he’d been punched? Good on Walker just hauling him back up.”

“ Well handled by mike dean, but their players are going down over anything. Not expected from a rough and tough lower league division team… “

“They have a good cup record, they are no push over for sure but they looked dead in the water. We were in control and threw it away. Struggling to break down a disciplined league 1 side is one thing, dropping two in the space of a couple of minutes is another. With a full strength starting XI. “

“Class pays”

“I’ve lost another 10yrs off my life! “

“Are we through? I’ve been hiding behind the sofa for twenty minutes. “

“Just want to say to any Sheffield United fans reading that you were alright, kept going, fair play. But you were up against class players like Eriksen that you didn’t face in the other PL teams you beat, it was always going to be too much for you, even though we like to give every single fucking team we play every possible opportunity to beat us. But ultimately we were too good for you, but many teams are bigger cunts than you even if a few of you did get a bit cocky with your “giant beater” BS. Good luck to you. Oh, and you’re a bunch of cunts “

“What a turnout by the travelling army. Made most of the noise until they scored.  “

“came when eriksen hit that FK, shat myself when they pulled one back, punched myself in the dick when they equalised, then came again when we got the winner”

“Until they scored, the Sheffield United fans were shit. Absolutely shit. Didn’t hear a thing all game.  “

“They had a half decent 10 mins out of the 180 and really shook us “

“thank goodness for Christian Eriksen, how many more times is he going to save our bacon? “

“Wasn’t it their lot giving it the big’un about them being harder than us.

“Bunch of diving, moaning, pussies. 
Shame one them “

“Yes! FULLY deserved over both legs”

“Fuck me. I still feel abused “

“Lovely touch by the blades to have the white confetti ready ….. Snow u say???? No idea, I live down south “

“Shefield United, Making a meal of things since 1889 “

“What a pussy that Basham is, prick. “

“THAT away support tho!!!”

 “Look at the yellows given. And then look at that. And then the playacting.
And the English Football Leagues were supposed to be for hardmen. LOL “

“Fucking nasty sliding into the keeper like that. Fuck off sheffield.”

“I love how Walker held him, that fucking diving cunt flicked his head back and tried to drop like a sack of spuds “

“There are some pretty mean spirited comments on here about United. They are two divisions below us and ran us pretty close to the wire, and I thought were a credit to themselves, their fans and certainly to their league. I really hope they go up this season, a young English manager and a team full of young British professionals is good to see, I hope they do well.
Oh – and on top of it all, all of their fans that came on here were pretty good value and added a lot to the conversation – as well as giving out help where they could.
Well done Sheffield United. “

“Have to agree about the fans, hope they beat Preston and then give Man Utd a good fight.”

“Thank fuck for that.”

  “Didn’t see Campbell-ryce do anything”

“Great drama”

“Happy that is over tbh! “

“Shows the absolute gulf in class between the teams playing in this semi compared to the niggling, backbiting scumbags that contested yesterday’s with Mauricio Pochettino congratulating all the Blades players”

“We definitely should of been a couple of goals up, even by half time. We had numerous openings that we failed to take advantage of and it nearly came back to bite us on the arse. That’s frustrating, as our play on the whole merited a more comfortable scoreline.”

“They had the upper hand for most of the second half. “

“They didn’t have a shot on goal I don’t think ? And we looked like we would create Everytime we went forward? Paulinho comes on and we go backwards in possession and everyone dropped ten yards. Criminal”

“Overall, bar a freak 6/7 minutes from Sheffield United, it was a professional performance. We kept the ball well, didn’t give them much by way of chances really, and could and probably should have been 2/3 up at half time. People will talk about how great it was for Sheffiled United to take us all the way, but they only threatened for those 6/7 minutes and odd nothing more to the game apart from that time.”

“it wasn’t a freak and it wasn’t 6-7 minutes. It was 25 minutes, 15 before their goals and 5 after. “

“Yes, we were the better team by a street until the subs, no question of that, but how many times did we seriously test Howard? “

“That was incredible. Absolutely incredible. So nearly Spursed it up at the end, “

“Walker was an idiot for the first goal. If their guy doesn’t score, it’s very possible that they get a pen and he gets sent off IMO. His positioning was bad as well. “

“Chelsea lost to League 1 Bradford at home. Stop thinking that we have the divine right to beat this teams with ease.” 
“People bitching because we struggled to get over the line against a league one outfit. People also bitching hat when our best player came off we fell to shit. People bitching because we are bailed out by the same 2 guys week in week out. Not good enough. Wake up and smell the coffee “

“Boy oh boy, that took five years away from me. Typical Spurs, we always make it so difficult.”

  “I was on the verge of tears mate, not gonna lie. I saw that Sheffield Chance and actually thought we’d lose it. I was going to watch extra time if it happened. “

“I would have simply sighed at us dropping out, not much more because it would have been unspeakable to let in 3 goals to Sheffield United after leading 1-0 on the night and 2-0 on aggregate in the last 14 minutes of an 180 minute match. Nothing needs to be said after that, no raging or despair because we’d have gone out to a League One side with 14 minutes to go. “

“Who cuts Paul Robinson’s hair? his wife?? “

“Himself without a mirror surely “

 “we destroyed the goons. “

“Ask Chelsea about playing a lower league side with nothing to loose…. Crap last 15 but we got there.  “

“Well done Sheffield Utd”

“I feel a little dirty. “

“That was nowhere near a 50:50. It was Vorm’s all the way, ridiculously dangerous tackle by the guy. Just like Hunt’s challenge on Cech. “

“Relief in the end. Should have been far more comfortable. “

“Relief in the end. Should have been far more comfortable. “

“Should have been over at half time. Dominated 70 minutes of the game and nearly blew it in 3 minutes. “

“I’m happy we have got there but that’s pathetic. When will we learn to put teams to bed? “


“Well that went a bit shit for a bit, off to Wembley thank god, lucky that eriksen lad is a bit special.”

“Delighted were through, obviously, but still feel deflated for some reason. “

“Well done Sheffield Warriors. “

“Quite the cup tie, eh?
A little drama at the end. All good.

It’s football for f***sake. Enjoy it. “

“Thank fuck for Eriksen’s class. “

“Job done…just about. “

“And breathe.”

“ Thank f*** that’s over! “

“Glad that’s over. “

“ fair play to s united they gave it everything in the end. “

“if you looked at that average life span of football fan per team, tottenham must be the lowest!!”

“nearly shit myself “

“We always knew it was going to be a tough and open game. “

“Should have been over at half time. Dominated 70 minutes of the game and nearly blew it in 3 minutes.

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