Blades 2-0 Swindon


“I might have been nearly 46years ago, but we’ve still won 1 major trophy than them, despite all the money they have spent over the years”

“Oh well a blip on the way to the championship. I’m the most pessimistic fucker I know and I still think we’ll do it. Not many sides will get anything at bramall lane to the end of the season. We can afford this defeat.”

“We have a fantastic away record, but we cant win them all away. Its a shame we lost but Shef U are a decent team and by all accounts the result could of been different with the chances we had. I’d be worried if we didnt create anything and lost. WE’ve got 2 of our best players back for the next game”

One of those games today. Too many players not quite at the races. Didn’t take advantage of being well on top of them for most of the first half. Front men weren’t a threat of any kind and midfield ponced about a bit too much.

“Abysmal referee (supported by one of the most inept linesmen I can ever remember seeing). That said, the Blades should have had a penalty in the first half (Toffalo’s handball WAS in the box) and N Thompson might have got a red card instead of the yellow on another day.
Good turn out by Town fans.
That’s five defeats from five visits to Bramall Lane for me but I still like the place. It’s a proper football ground.”

“We started the match like we were the home team, applying pressure, but sadly creating few chances. We needed to turn that possession and pressure in to goals. I said at the time that it could come back to bite us in arse, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that. We did try to play football today, but I think that the lack of Mass and Yass finally caught up with us. Of course it’s hard to play football when the opposition are intent on fouling constantly.
Opposition fouling is something we can’t control. We are better than most (all?) the teams we play, so they try to hassle our young squad and disrupt our rhythm. However, it is presumably fair to expect the referee to apply the law and sort this out, but he was a clown of the worst kind. How their fat 21 wasn’t sent off is a mystery. He should have received a second yellow, instead got a very firm talking too…and then fouled again…a second yellow this time? No! And to prove that even Sheff U thought he should have been sent off, they subbed him. Late tackles form them, no booking, but a tiny little tug of an arm from Swift and he gets booked. A truly appalling performance from the ref.
A bloody frustrating day, but if you offered me a defeat today, and our squad remains intact after Monday, I’d have taken it. So fingers crossed for a quiet couple of days.”

“So it’s all the refs fault”

“Dirty bastards they were, ref bottled it against the home crowd.
Could have been worse if Tommo would have been sent off.
That fat piece of shit should have got a red, an absolute disgrace and lucky he was substituted first half.
They were nothing special. Needed to have a few more efforts on goal with all that possession.”

“Ref was shit for both sides and missed a penalty for each…cannot blame him for defeat.
Too much tip tap back and forth instead of tip tap tip…bang.
Just didn’t do enough to score….hit the bar, miskick in front of goal and didn’t cross enough until they went a goal down and by then Blades were happy to do a Doncaster and just pack out midfield and defence and stifle…job done… Hit us on the break and 2:0.
We didn’t play badly and a million miles better than last years embarrasment but just not enough.Nice finish from Murphy for the first goal. “

“they should have been down to ten men in the first half… Very different game if the ref actually does his job properly.”

“Its a disgrace. Everyone is against us.
I am being slightly sarcastic.”

“2-0 flattered them “

“Bramhall Lane is never a happy hunting ground for us.”

“Had a feeling we’d lose today. Never get anything at Brammall Lane irrelevant of form.”

“Well, normal Bramall lane bollocks then.”

“Blades are no mugs”
“Unlucky town disappointing to loose after doing so well “

“Not going to Sheffield again, loose every time I go there”

“Ref was a spectator wasn’t he ? Let far too much go and we should’ve had a pen”

“Played well but goals win games……over did it when sometimes a shot on goal would of delivered. Ref was appalling for both sides..”

“Sheffield Utd on a bit of roll at the moment so always a tough place to go!COYR”

“1 of toughest games over”

“Anyone who doesn’t understand that a good side is going to suffer the odd defeat now & then – especially away from home to sides like Sheff United – is either (a) new to football or (b) an idiot.”

“Result doesn’t do us justice we was the better side just failed to convert chances.”

” SheffU did a job on us… Fair Play.. Good luck on Tuesday, Extra time would be nice”

“We were bound to lose sooner or later, and away at Bramall Lane is no disgrace. Just sounds like it wasn’t ever going to be our day after dominating the first half and not taking advantage of it. I can see United using their cup runs as a catalyst to put a run of form together and chase the leading pack to a strong end to the season..”

“First half we were the better team, but didn’t take our chances.
Ref was amazingly poor for both sides.
When their striker didn’t get sent off (I have no odea why) taking him off was the best thing they did.
Second half they looked the better side (as we didn’t play our normal game)
Strange result though”

“Well done Sheffield United, there won’t be many to beat us this season – we are a top, top side for this level with some very talented footballers.”

“Sheffield United were the filthiest team I’ve seen all season. Higdon seemed intent on getting sent off, he went in that hard on Thompson he split Thompsons socks in half and his boot went flying, yet according to the united fans Thompson was ‘cheating’
Referee was awful for both teams, both teams had stonewalls turned down and the game just couldn’t flow.
We were the better team for the duration but didn’t capitalise on the advantage. for those Sheffield United fans calling us ‘cheats’ both teams were as bad as each other, remove those rose tinted specs”

” Given he was given stick for going down softly by Sheff Utd fans, you should see bruising & cuts around Louis Thompson’s left ankle. Nasty.”

“Fair play to the blades after their cup exit, seems like their squad depth paid dividends. “

“Congratulations Sheff Utd., seems Cloughie just about knew what he was doing after all.”

“We had to lose at some point and I had a feeling it’d be today. Was always a tough game. “

By Roy

4 thoughts on “VIEW FROM SWINDON”
  1. Swindon are probably the most balanced set of fans I have come across. Normally this blog is full of bitter comments from fans after we beat them. Fair play

  2. Swindon – best opposing team in the League we’ve seen this season so far. Ref was abysmal for both sides. Each had a genuine penalty claim dismissed. My only point is I thought Swindon players were trying to do a job on Higdon to try to get him sent off, but in fact his substitution brought on Murphy who then got both goals. Good Luck to Swindon though, like us probably capable of holding their own in the Championship.

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