“I honestly couldn’t give a shite about the FA Cup now, i’m certainly not taking time off work for this one.
Comfortable 2 or 3-0 win for Sheff Utd.”

“I had booked the afternoon off, I have since cancelled the holiday. Fuck that for a laugh. I also have no-one to go with. Plus I’ve been to Bramall Lane 6 times and seen us score once (and that was 3 weeks ago)”

“Despite the recent dross served up by the shirts I’m strangely looking forward to this – who wouldn’t be given we’ve a chance to play the biggest team in the world should we progress. “

“Not going but praying every night for a win. Would be amazing to host Man U”

“Im going to stay at home and build and watch a safety match burn, thats what will happen in sheffield”

“Football has a habit of throwing up mad results. That’s why I’m confident we will win this game 1-0 with a goal from Sylvan Eubanks Blake in the 79th minute, an overhead kick in front of 312 PNE fans”

“I’m going!
Sickened by recent results but this is one of the biggest matches of the season, so I had to go.”

“I fear a cricket score on Tuesday
Having witnessed the inept performances in January coupled with lack of strengthening I fear a real hiding on Tuesday that will totally derail us if it happens.We couldn’t beat sheff Utd who had some reserves in and they will be at full strength Tuesday but that said they could field a few with wooden legs and they would still beat us.”

“Sheff utd will only be 3 points behind us should they win their games in hand and with the signings they’ve made and are making, they’ll stand a better chance than us at getting promotion”

“Think we will Finnish around 8th 9th , i honestly can’t see were our next win is coming from , at the moment we are the worst team in the division and deserve to be .”

“Sounds like we are officially out of the race for Doyle too”

“Hopefully a couple of new faces in today, but I suspect we ll get the usual statement that any deal has fallen through.”

“Really hope we don’t sign Doyle… Sheff United you have him.”

“Deadline day my ass, we will get the usual “There is no rush, the loan window opens in five weeks time” and don’t forget FFP.”

By Roy

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