“what a fantastic result. Well done everyone.”

“That Pub team.
This was how we were described on the Blades fans forum on our last 2 meetings with them in keeping with our many admirers in South Yorkshire. No mention of it tonight though”

“One poster on the Sheff U board compared us to dogs_hit, well they just got turned over by a Richard the Third”

Do you mean they didn’t batter us and the officials weren’t crepe etc……….. or is it only the big club on the eastern side of the M1 who do that?”

“A United fan on the Sheffield Star match report did call us a “village team” though.”

“Sean Bean where are you now? Your boys took a hell of a beating!”

“It is a very close thing as to who has the most gracious supporters between mighty Rovrum and Shef Utd whenever we beat them (and it is always undeserved). Must be a South Yorkshire trait along with breeding whippets and pigeon racing in between shoplifting at Meadowhall.”

“It sounded all United until the subs came on. Then woosh.”

“Best day as a Gills fan for ages. New manager, clean sheet, victory over a top team. And we’re now closer on points to the play-offs than the relegation zone.”

“It would have sounded like all United, the ref must have had them down for an away win by the decisions he was making for them but giving us nothing.
We had a fantastic game against a team of actors and their time wasting towards the end of the game soon stopped when we went one up.”

” the ref was atrocious. his decisions were made far worse by the play-acting and feigning injury by the Sheff U players, especially the northern monkey that hurt himself trying to do Dack as he went up the line, only to end up off the pitch, he then cynically crawled onto the pitch and stopped play.”

“Great atmosphere from the start. Good confident display with only one dodgy period in the middle of the first half. Strong finish and not really a huge surprise when we got the late goal. The second was just the icing on the cake.”

“Egan was a rock that Sheffield Utd couldn’t get past.”

“An absolutely fantastic result against a massive side who can afford splash out £2m on a single player.”

“Fuck you Clough, and fuck your team of cheats.”

“Fantastic result as our home record against the blades is pretty much rubbish, a couple of times I did wonder if their players legs were made of jelly as they struggled to stay upright”

“(To A blades fan saying the result was a disgrace) Sensationalist rubbish. Ideas well above your station if you think that’s a disgraceful result. You should be used to being nothing special in League One by now.An entertaining game which could have gone either way. Sheff Utd are another team of cynical cheats though not as bad as Oldham were, so it was satisfying to see them get what they deserved. Clough is yet another manager that spends all game whinging at the officials. Shame on him. Unfortunately referee Iain Williamson fell for United’s cheating time and time again in a very poor performance. Marquis and McDonald were the biggest victims of the ref’s bias towards United. Any time they went near a United player they were penalised.”

By Roy

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