Blades 4-1 Colchester 


“Bottom four seem to be in a competition to see which one us is the worst in the league.”

“Sheff 4 – 1 Colchester Utd (U10’s). TH says the kids did ok considering most of them are eligible for the U9’s. TH and RC will be at Stanway Villa vs Colchester Athletic U14’s Sunday as they step up the search for an experienced defender to sure up the back four. 
Always look on the bright side of life! “

“Are there statistics anywhere for corner conversion rates? There can’t be many teams worse at corners. It must get to the stage where our opponents will kick it out for a corner rather than risking a throw in.”

“Depressingly predictable as always. “

“What a bloody shambles and an embarrassment this team has become!!!”

“I think we should win a bonus point for the amount of corners we have”

“Taxi for the defence.”

“Sheffield away; view from outside is that Col U are not expected to win.”

“ I’m putting it out there…. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Colchester”

“Absolute shower that was. Sheffield United weren’t even particularly impressive either, we were just abysmal”

“Sheffield United biggest ever win over the U’s – previous best has been 3-0 (on four occasions)”

“Travel all that way for that & manager & assistant not even acknowledge us at end prick !! “

“Hahahaha as if Humes made a change in the 89th minute when we were already 4-1 down. Great banter that is. “

“Despite all the good play in the 1st half we still came in 2-0 down and David Fox in his interview referred to them gifting them goals – in particular the goal which came from a Colchester corner and within two passes was in the back of our net – and some of our play as ‘schoolboy stuff’ but we now need to ‘scrap our way out of it’.”

“F*** Off You Utterly Clueless P****
My Message to Mr.Humes “

“Don’t think I’ve ever known a manager to criticise the players so much in interviews let alone every week. “

“another embaressing result tonight, Team selection wasn’t very good, relegation looks on ffs”

“ Humes blaming the defenders that he signed is priceless, Moron.”

“ Bad result, defended poorly, didn’t have enough going forward, changes too late.”

“Went last night and it was a disgraceful performance. Even calling it a performance is going a bit far. It was a complete farce. Last night was one of the most heartbreaking experiences I have felt supporting Colchester. It was Men v Infants all over the park and it is really quite hard to put into words just how awful we were. We started brightly and should have been 1-0 up after a minute after Sammie slammed a shot at their keeper from a few yards out. Great work by Massey to create the chance.But every corner we had was absolutely shite, powderpuff, so easy to defend against. Their goal was a joke, with Gordon starting things by making a ridiculous foul. The free kick went through everyone, David Fox did his best cabaret act of air kicking the ball and Baxter was able to just stab it home with consummate ease.We then proceeded to get the ball up to Porter or Massey as Gordon was an attacking non entity sadly. The second goal came from our own shite set piece, long ball over the top, Clohessy was left on his jack to defend and he was turned inside out by Done, who then calmly stroke it past Walker.Second half started like the first ended, we just could not get a foothold, our passing was wayward and we looked beaten. We introduced DSF who got stuck straight in, but minutes later we gifted their left back, who hasn’t scored in years to launch a daisy cutter from 30 yards which somehow evaded Walker. It was another woeful attempt at closing down. 
Please note that Sheffield United didn’t need to break sweat, we were playing that bad. “

“BBC’s match reports suggest Crewe had 3 on target and scored with all 3;
And that Sheffield United had 4 on target and scored with all 4; which is rather frightening.”

“Not exactly amazing strikes yet they all go in. “

“I  haven’t seen the goals again but first goal I think Walker could have done a lot better , hesitated in coming out and when he did was half hearted so led to fumbles with him and Clohessy?
Second goal Clohessy shouldn’t have shown him towards goal onto his stronger foot , placed into corner.
3rd goal was a case of the player closing him down slowly almost forcing him to shoot for it to be a good effort to beat the keeper , I think it was but I don’t think Walker was unsighted. 
Penalty straight down the middle , almost hard for keepers to stand there. “

“What is Walker appealing for at the first goal? Clohessy can f### off with his s### attempt at stopping Done , even worse than I remembered. Can sort of understand Walkers frustration for the 3rd but against quick to blame others. What a shambles :(“

“Despite our position, Sheffield United are the first side to double the U’s this season.”

By Roy

  1. Almost feel sorry for their fans having read that, and they don’t realise they’ve got Chris Porter upfront. 2 goals and they must think he’s going to do that week in week out, poor beggars

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