“Much better performance on Saturday: brighter, quicker paced and better all-round team play.”

“Everything relates to Wembley at the moment of course and our last League One fixture before next Sunday sees us entertaining Nigel Clough’s Blades, but their recent form has suggested more of the Blunts than Blades, to be honest. They signed Steven Davies (striker) on loan from Blackpool a couple of weeks ago but even he was substituted last Saturday. The Walsall contingent signed by Clough have all gone their separate ways so there won’t be any ex-Saddlers celebrating a la Grigg. Leading scorer McNulty has 12 goals to his name, but remained on the bench last week-end . Their return of 6 points from the last 18 is nowhere near promotion material and is only 1 point better than ours, but it should be remembered that United did bring off a 1-3 win at Ashton Gate on Valentine’s day which at least shows that Bristol City are not impregnable. think that with everyone trying to impress and stake their claim for a Wembley start we could re-invent Fortress Bescot and win this one 2-0, with goals from Hiwula and Sawyers (who is due for one!!).”

“About time we won. 1-0 us, in a game with no top gear.”

“Think we’ll win. What should see us needing one win in nine to avoid the drop. Hopefully we’ll get a few more than that – a top half finish would be great!!”

“Cant believe Florent Cuvelier Signed for Burton Albion 😯 I don’t know what wages they pay at Burton but surely he’d improve us for the last few games of the season could have been the difference between finishing top six or bottom half”

“The Flo that played for us 3-4 years ago definitely would. Is he as good now though?”

“What a player Flo was when he first came at the back end of the 11-12 season. He pretty much kept us up that year as a 18/19 year old kid!
Maybe it’s something we should revisit in the summer”

“He’s way too good for league 2 level, from what he showed in his loan spells here he’s boderline championship level but obviously the many injuries since then have probably knackered him.”

“He’s too good for league one and two”

“He was with us in 2012. That’s 3 years ago. Why do people think that he’s the same player now as he was then. Let’s bring back Kyle Lightbourne he could score some goals for us!
His career so far has been blighted by hamstring problems interspersed with patches of good form and patches not so good. It would be a backward step for us IMHO to bring him to Walsall again.”

“He would have been a good championship player but for a really bad injury run. He may still get there if he can maintain some fitness, but for another team (given that Hasselbank has picked him up from the ‘have it’ cloggers at the Blunts I’d say someone might get a lot more out of him).”

“whenever Sheffield United pitch up I wonder why on earth Jose Baxter is so highly rated, he just looks like he’s just turned up from Sunday league and never seems to do anything.”

“I work with a Blades season ticket holder, and he is less than complimentary about Baxter,(as he is about most Clough signings!) so don’t think he will cause us many problems tomorrow!”

By Roy

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