Blades 4-0 Scunthorpe 

“No passion, no goal threat, no creativity, no defence, no tactics, no ideas.
No hope?”

“Robins was more interested in Sheff Utd then he was with us. i have a few mates who are sheff Utd fans and they admitted to me they’re nothing special they even said our defence made them look good and that we were the worst team that they have seen play at the lane all season but even if so they’re still a league 1 side same as us they’re not exactly Barcelona so to have 2 shots all game and none on target is inexcusable really.”

“Sacked twice in a season – not good for the CV but its got to happen.”

“Well done tonight lads, you’ve excelled yourselves.
The hardy 745 away fans should all turn up at GP tomorrow and demand a refund.
Robins OUT.”

“He started with the same formation (4-5-1) that didn’t work against them ten days ago.”

“Disasterous night for Scunthorpe. Rhe performance was awful & so was Robins interview. An insult to fans intelligence.”

“cloughie didn’t need to give a post match talk he just replayed robins bigging sheff u up”

“He’s such a dickhead, but that’s the most defensive i’ve probably ever heard Mark Robins”

“The least I would expect after a pathetic 4-0 pasting is an apology. It sounds like Robins was creaming his pants about an average Sheffield United”

“Well ….. That is now likely to be the last time we see Miguel Llera in a Scunthope shirt. “

“Listening to MR it sounds like the players are still having their day off tomorrow! You couldn’t make it up.”

“Why hasnt anyone apologised for that gutless excuse of a performance? Robins comes out and instead of apologising to the 750 fans decides to cream his pants over a very average sheff utd live on air.
Its not acceptable and the fans shouldnt have to put up with it. The honourable thing would have been to say sorry and admit our terrible performance was to blame. We wrrent playing Real Madrid FFS”

“When listening to his post match interview i shook my head in disbelief, he contradicted himself, they supposedly put in a championship performance and were the benchmark for the division, yet we beat Swindon and could and should have gained a point against Bristol City, despite having a CB in Boyce playing in goals for nearly the full game.”

“They had centre halves who released the ball quickly to midfielders who were looking for it and we had centre halves who passed square balls to each other and then Caravan hoofed it to our big centre forward Paddy Madden!!! was this the real reason Mark Robins that we lost the game. I think Mark was watching another game today as we were shocking and they were above average only.”
“Macrus Williams and Eddie Nolan must be fuming today, dropped for that useless lump Clarke on the left?”
Player Of The Year but left in teh cold by brain dead Robins”

“Marcus is a million times better than Townsend and Nolan, given a fair chance is a million times better than Clarke.”

” Llerawas certainly thrown into the deep end. Obviously it ended badly for him but up to their 3rd goal I thought he was doing ok. His distribution looked at least well meant as opposed to Canavan’s aimless lumps.”

” Llera hasn’t even played a reserve game. Throwing him in not match fit was Robins’ way of saying “look how bad he is”. It’s a disgrace.”

” Llera definitely played like someone who’d not had any football in 2 months, looked awful.”

“I think it was unfair to throw him in, as bad as Sheffield were against us the other week. He hasn’t been playing and he hasn’t got much pace at the best of times so to be unfit as well is beggars belief.”

By Roy

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